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  1. Redkid Joker

    ArmA 3: new ARG - Things we know so far.

    I noticed that http://m26.node-42.rv4a3.org/ has the title TERMINAL M26 "alfa-sign". If this is referring to Mike 26A, then Mike 26B would logically be M26 Beta, not Bravo. Don't know if it has any significance.
  2. Redkid Joker

    Swedish Army Mod

    Since you are so heavily leaned towards ACE, have you considered working with them and going "ACEX" so to speak?
  3. Redkid Joker

    The Unsung Release 1 (Alpha)

    The Unsung is proud the present The Lowlands. This "new" island is a cut down version of In Country, made to make the the mod more playable for the players out there with lower spec computers. A single player mission is included. Enjoy! Download link: www.armedassault.info - Island www.armedassault.info - SP Mission
  4. Redkid Joker

    Please make the patcher prettier.

    I can feel the love already.
  5. Redkid Joker

    Muzzle flash needs variation.

    FLOWER POWER! I agree, judging from the videos it does look a bit... shitty. But I would be happy with just a 5 degree rotation and it going back and forth between those two.
  6. The Unsung Mod is proud to present our R1 (Alpha) release for Armed Assault. We have tried to keep in mind all the different specs of machinery in the community. We hope we can give a pleasurable jungle experience to everyone due to this. After hard and long work for the past years and months, the time has finally come. Yes troop, you get to hunt or be hunted in the jungles of South-East Asia! What does this release have? Well it has 3 islands to get fragged on in any of million ways. They are called "Kham Duc", "Ngok Tavak" and "In Country". On them you can sneak around as a member of the US Special Forces and shoot at the hardcore Vietcong or the even more bitter NVA. Or you can even be one of them and kick some SF ass. Fly around high in the sky with some Huey's and pile on from above, walk on the ground and develop a 1000 yard stare. Run, walk, crawl, fly, shoot to kill and get your fill in a Unsung made Vietnam environment thrill. Happy gaming people! And remember, keep your head low, your 16's on rock and roll and the world will turn! Thanks to all who contributed in any way to the mod and made it all possible! Download links: www.armedassault.info www.armaholic.com Other links: Unsung Mod website Unsung forums on OFPNAM
  7. Redkid Joker

    Tree/Vegetation Graphics problem

    Perhaps you should try lowering video memory, unless you have a gig or more.
  8. Redkid Joker

    Quad core testers are needed

    BlueSteel, could you try one core as well? I think this is all interesting stuff. :)
  9. Redkid Joker

    Quad core testers are needed

    Skeptic, I think Suma means to manually set the affinity in Windows, to make sure the game does not "overflow" onto more cores than you want it too. In other words, I believe BlueSteel got it right. EDIT: Also, I thought going from one core to two cores would have more of a performance change.
  10. I think a merge of EricMs suggestion with bravo6s suggestion would work best. When close, a call using left-right etc, but player centric. When far, calling out using compass and distance.
  11. Redkid Joker

    ARMA 2 Launch Plans

    Congratulations BIS!
  12. That probably won't be possible. All games I've got so far that works independent of Steam, and have been added to Steam later on, have not been Steam "addable".
  13. This idea seems an awful lot like the industrial revolution and mass production. Take the work made by craftsmen and split it up for several people to do one thing.