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  1. Hello guys, I just discovered over Armaholic forums that someone actually ported whole arma2 universe to arma 3 :) the forum is http://www.armaholic.com/forums.php?m=posts&q=20905 the tutorial link to the forum I did not do anything just relaying the info :)
  2. I got my copy of A3 this morning and OMG BIS really did some loving with arma 3 :) I got goosebumps when lauching the game :P i wonder what the game will like when it will be released :yay::yay: Feels totally different from all previous titles and its awesome. I have tested and i must say the alpha contain less bugs when Arma 2 was launched and is AWESOME. THE GOOD * superb Graphics * Optimized ( i mean more than arma 2) * Amazing units/units/models/textures * Awesome Animations (we had a preview on A2 with Smookie :P ) * diving Master piece :) * love dynamic light & nice laser effect at night * AI is difficult but still needs improvement ( take advantage of the environment and i havent seen the ai uses the different standing instance ingame) * driving is much better but still needs improving * sound is improved and much better. Gun fire has more weight. * nice muzzle effect/ * explosion effect is well designed we can see mud on the screen if we stay to close. Nice small debris during a huge explosion * makes battlefield and COD looks like $%^&£$ :) * AI is not as accurate as in A2. In A2 the AI can e take a head shot 600 m with his ak47 ironsight :( THE BAD/SAD * Same problem as In A2 Terrain textture become horrible from a long distance, kinda kill the charm & the ai seems to disapear in the ground (from far away) * 3d editor (maybe in the finals) * chopper landing still same as in A2. LAME!. The chopper takes too much time to land * environment is just overbright even when i tweaked with the brightness.
  3. BAF and PMC DLCs were made by BIS and yes arma3 DLC will probably be like these
  4. So what you mean that i will be able to purchase arma3 in 29 days ?
  5. the url states 29 Days left and countdown :(
  6. Raj

    Force Recon

    Great work Binkowski :) many thanks for the hard work and hope to see you in ARMA 3 :)
  7. haha would have never imagined that, will definitely give it a try :)
  8. Raj

    Arma 3 plans for 2013

    maybe china too :P
  9. Raj

    Arma 3 plans for 2013

    Great news BIS, will certainly buy ARMA 3. Since the news time really slowed down :( I'm not big fan of steam, but will the game be downloadable worldwide on steam or certain countries only?
  10. Great work guys downloading now :)
  11. hey ardvarkdb thanks for the addon :) reminds me of the ofp days, time passes by too quickly :( Thanks for the hard work n the release :)
  12. Raj

    ExA RG-31 Mk5

    Early Christmas :D Many thanks ExA and Stiltman for your awesome work ;)
  13. Congrats on the release Meatball0311 :) downloading now...2 hr to go :( And many thanks for the little surprise and your effort :)
  14. very nice Lao Fei Mao, do you know the pistol animation names for Smookie pack?
  15. hey Hogthar, those models are awesome..... i'm having texture probems..black texture on the gloves and back pouch..i have removed all other addons but still same texture problemes :(
  16. nice work Hogthar, downloading now... many thanks for your marines :)
  17. Hello Fox'09, will you be releasing the units in the beta form they are right now? thanks
  18. Awesome work Meatball0311, very good progress since you first release them ;) Looking forward for these badasses
  19. awesome release guys, highly detailed units...still missed the ofp days with all the RHS addons :) Arma 3 can be delayed as much as they want now :P:P Thanks for the release and the level of realism, awesome work ;)
  20. hi http://www.multiupload.com/RPLQ6SEX2S
  21. Thanks for the reply Da12thmonkey, i took the ammo from the UKF crate and it seems the 200rnd ammo is not compatible with UKF L110A2. I can't use the UKF 200rnd ammo on defaut bis L110A2 either:(. However i can used bis default 200rnd ammo on the ukf L110A2 :)
  22. nice work, weapons are great. i have alittle problem with the m249 mg, it uses 30rnd magazines :( it cant use the m249rnd :(
  23. i saw the armaholic banner and i saw so many pics, i thought the units were released :P:P haha nice work Fox, they look awesome :)
  24. Thanks Fox. nice units as usual :)