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  1. Awesome newz for the demo....i have already built my new PC just for AA2..:yay: i thought just for a sec that you guyz were talking of Arma 3..:D:D:D
  2. very very nice surprise.. congrats for the huge mega release...downloading asap..:yay:
  3. Same problem here with a gtx260. The texture gets really bad when flying or from a long distance.... The island is great though....
  4. totally awesome....:yay::yay downloading ASAP..:bounce3: thks Jackal326 teamz...
  5. Raj

    Valhalla Mod - WIP

    Best scary island ever....great with zombiz around..:yay:
  6. Raj

    Vilas' addons

    Great work Vilas....had been waiting for the p85.....:yay::yay:
  7. Raj

    AAN - ArmA Naval Units

    AWESOME WORK Gnat.....:yay::yay:....coolest addons ever ... cheers..:)
  8. Raj

    Multicam Special Forces

    Very nice work ardvarkdb..They are really great:)
  9. Great pics... very very nice job....
  10. Raj

    BTR-80 and Crew Beta 1

    Nice work datakill....
  11. Raj

    Razani, N. Waziristan Map

    Very nice.... ..downloading ASAP..
  12. Raj

    US Infantry - 2005

    Awesome release cam....downloading them ASAP..
  13. nice work Binkowski!! Just one thing your units look way too(exaclty) similar to CameronMcDonald acu bad-ass.. It would be nice if you could come up with some new kind of bad-ass model...
  14. Raj

    Mercs and Civilians

    nice work Schnapsdrosel..those mercs are bad-ass... ..downloading thoses asap...
  15. Raj

    Battlestar Galactica

    AWESOME..release.....mate.... the "hugest" addon i ever seen...
  16. Nice release..downloading..thnks for the nice christmas present..
  17. Raj

    British 3 Para

    Damn thoses units are AWESOME..great job mate...an excellent Xmas present..
  18. Raj

    British 3 Para

    WOW...too awesome...Nice troops...downloading now..
  19. Raj

    FDF Mod 1.0 for ArmA

    Awesome work...guyz..Thanks for the huge works  !! downloading ASAP...
  20. Raj

    CSLA3 Phase1

    Great works guyzzz...downloading ASAP..
  21. Raj

    Suchoi Su-34 Replacement

    Nice work..sky of arma gonna get busy.. awessome clouds.....how do i get thoses clouds in arma..???
  22. Damn ARMA 2 looks simply great..a must buy game for 2009.. Nice job BIS..i'm very glad that many features that the community was claimig for was showed on that awesome vids.. hey guys..don't know where to discuss zat but i'm already planning to upgrade my old pc...i'm planning to buy a twintech gforce 9800 512 mb GT XXT for arma 2..will zat hold...
  23. Those vids are just awesome..especially the parajumper one... Nice work module..
  24. Raj

    1st Infantry Division

    hmmmmmmmm i thought zat cammy released an update..