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  1. Raj

    The Code Blue Thread

    Thks for the reply...yeah lots of work for them to be playable in arma2..i still learning how to make models 3ds Max...hahah..its damn hard...:D:D The units look great code blue team...Very AWESEOME job...I will definetly install OFP just to play those units..:yay:
  2. Raj

    The Code Blue Thread

    the units look great guys.....very goood work.. is there any future plan to bring those badassess to arma2.?
  3. Raj

    RH MGS wpn pack 1.1

    very nice RH..thks for the scars..they are awesome.
  4. Very nice work Johannes, they look awesome...:yay:
  5. Awesome release...:yay: thks for the port and for your effort ardvarkdb indeed..the new helmets looks cool but a bit odd (coz i'm used to play the Arma1 version :D:D) If you could please change the helmets back to the arma1 version as a next update....that would be great Once again many thks for you effort ardvarkdb for porting thse badass PMC in arma2. happy new year
  6. Glad to hear ardvarkdb , the MGS was one of my favorite infantry ingame....cant wait to try them out in A2 :yay: many thks newz....and merry xmas..
  7. Very nice weapon...Christian.1987 ..many thks for the release... hey Christian.1987 what about the scars...have you stopped working on them...??. merry xmas
  8. Raj


    Nice work STALKERGB, the units are very nice.. many thks for the release..
  9. @ Bad Benson Very nice units....keep up the good work..
  10. Thats true even without ACE, the super_AI is really ruining the gameplay:(:( ---------- Post added at 07:22 AM ---------- Previous post was at 07:15 AM ---------- hi, i have tried the sixupdater method thrice already..its not working :(:( The dos window appeared after i clicked on execute and the it stayed idle for hours..the last line on the dos line is " Trying rsync://arma2.armagoons.com/rel/ace. " and on the other dos window it says "Permission Denied - Production.log " It stayed like zat for hours...can any1 help me please...
  11. Raj

    The Code Blue Thread

    thks for the answer.. i hope u get ur PC for ARMA 2 then :D:D
  12. Raj

    RH Hk416 Pack ver 1.0

    Very nice Hk416 Pack RobertHammer..they rock :yay: thks for the addon
  13. Raj

    The Code Blue Thread

    Very nice units indeed..Those ACU are awesome.far more better than the Arma 2.. i will definetly install ofp to try those out.:D any plan for arma2?
  14. Very nice work Christian.1987..the scar look awesome..:yay:
  15. Nice units ba2...those new models are awesome:yay: many thks
  16. Nice helmets STALKERGB.....your arma1 brits rocks..looking forward for arma2 brits:yay: many thks for your contributions
  17. nice units Nixo91..downloading them asap. thx
  18. That would be coooll. Nixo91, you can ask the permission of .jhonny (creator of awesome US SF), he designed some awesome backpacks too
  19. Raj

    US Army 2009 Units

    cool new backpacks..awesome newz Binkowski..:yay:
  20. super great stuff BWMod team... was waiting for those awesome units...:yay: ..best units ever.:yay: thks for this addon
  21. Very nice work Nixo91..the pics are awesome...the backpacks looks cools too :yay:
  22. Awesome job Vilas..:yay: big thks for your addons.
  23. Raj

    OFP photography - Questions & comments

    Indeed..with Arma 2 and OFP:DR (which su**) OFP Rocks and thks to the huge dedicated community. BIgs Thank to evry1 who contributeb in making OFP such a great game
  24. Awesome Work Nixo91..the helmet really look nice:yay: