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  1. very impressive work with the models and textures Fox :) Will all your projects be released in arma3 or will be release in A2 also ?
  2. Raj

    US Marines

    Nice work Binkowski, the marines are Awesome... thks for those badasses :)
  3. Raj

    daveygary's Rangers

    Very awesome Rangers..they look kickass.:yay:..totally AWESOME daveygary1979.
  4. Raj

    daveygary's Rangers

    They look awesome daveygary1979, the headgear are very impressive....:yay:
  5. Raj

    New Russian Soldiers

    Very Nice Tankist001, they look awesome. hey are the Nvg fixed or you used the setidentity function
  6. Awesome job ziiip, they really look Awesome...
  7. Very nice to see you guys back :yay:
  8. Very nice Fox '09, love them :)
  9. very nice Fox '09...anychance of a mounted NVG helmet in the near future...that would be kickass... thanks
  10. very nice work Fox '09, they look simply beautifull...
  11. Raj

    The Code Blue Thread

    awesome newz BronzeEagle, glad to see that u are working on those badass...
  12. Raj

    Predator Mod

    hi Charon Productions, the code does not work, the AI still cloacks..:(
  13. Raj

    Predator Mod

    very nice Charon Productions...they are awesome and very hard to kill:D:D how can i disable the AI from cloacking? Many thanks for the release
  14. The units are awesome Rhodesy ..thanks for the release..
  15. Your ACU texture are awesome, very good job fox '09 Fox, Is it possbile to add mounted NVG on the helmets...that would be badass too.. Thanks
  16. nice textures Fox '09. Can u please make a config for arma2. i still havent receive my copy arrowhead yet...:(:(:(
  17. Awesome work STALKERGB, they are awesome :yay: Many thanks for the hard work:)
  18. Nice units ardvarkdb, the headgear are really impressive.. I tried to use them using the setIdentity command with its class name..no result.. this setIdentity "class-name" Is there a way to equipe a unit with the headgear apart from the profile menu?
  19. Both cover are great..but i like the ACE one..
  20. Awesome work ardvarkdb, the units are simply the best SF so far....Thks for sharing those....:yay:
  21. Very good work as always ardvarkdb :yay:
  22. Very nice release ACE team...Downloading asap.. thks
  23. Raj

    Post-Apocalypse mod

    Very Nice canis lupus, they look awesome.