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  1. I don't think guns should be allowed to be bought by civilians. Yanks may laugh and say they can protect their belongings from getting nicked, but hey, what's gonna stop a robber buying a gun? In the end its either let them nick your stereo or have a massive firefight and put your family and yourself in major risk. When every person in America can have a gun, then wtf is all this protection thing? Criminals will be able to get guns just as easy, and smart people should just give up their wallets rather than shoot. Especially since in america people get sued for farting in lifts now, i'm pretty sure someone who shoots a robber will have to put up with some lawsuits.

    I mean, you can say that countries that have gun laws still have high crime rates, at least, less people are killed in crime. If Dwayne or whoever gets robbed in the subway and woops out a .44 he immediatly puts loads of people in danger of getting capped. You can give a civilian a gun and say he can protect himself, but if he suffers a hit and run attack, he might shoot off into a crowd of people because he's furious and wants to wax the guy,m plus his aim will probably suck ass.

    And of course theres the entire school shootings thing.

    I think everyone knows now that more people are killed in shootings on the streets of LA per year than in most african cities, the places where you expect people to be carrying WW2 MG42's around on shopping trips and driving Panzers to work.

    The world would probably benefit more if people couldn't retaliate against robbers, thats what police are for. The retaliation and attitide is what gets people killed (as evidenced statistically in America)

  2. </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (KingBeast @ Aug. 15 2002,12:23)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">Hmm would seem youve been thourougly taken for a ride  biggrin.gif

    Police wont do much, all you need is someone with a good udnerstanding of the legal system to go and say big words to these people and scare them into giving you what you deserve.<span id='postcolor'>

    We live nearby some guys from the Army Legal Branch and they'd probably be happy to give us a hand smile.gif

  3. Last year, using money from 4 summer jobs, birthday money, christmas money and money i'd made in school doing cleaning, i bought a new pc for 3689DM from german pc retailers PC specializt. Two weeks after i bought it the ASUS Geforce3 was knackered, although it was hard to explain, i eventually proved it to them (which took 2 hours of them fucking around with my computer trying to fix the problem, all the while with me telling them i'd already tried it all) and they sent it off the Korea or wherever so ASUS could check it out. Temporarily they gave us a Geforce 2 MX.

    Well, That was way back in September, and on Wednesday we recieved a phone call telling us to come to the shop. When we got there we were told our card was knackered and we could have any replacement card we wanted. Because the Geforce3 we had previously cost 1178DM, they said we could have a card around the value of 600euros (As we understood - ASUS had sent us a certificate or something saying ''Give these guys 600Euros for a replacement card and to make up for any inconvenience''wink.gif, just as soon as we brought my computer so they could swap the cards around.

    Next day we got there and the same guy said we could only have a card valued at 246.34 Euros. Asking why he said he'd deduced labour costs, Tax, Postage and Packaging and various other things. We were gonna get a Geforce4 Ti600 at 500 Euros and we told him that the day before but now he gave us a choice between a geforce4 ti200 and some Geforce3's, and we took the Geforce4 valued at 220 Euros.

    We then waited 2 hours for them to install the cards. It took 2 hours because they realised my Power unit at 300watts wasn't powerful enough for a Geforce4, and was only barely powerful enough for a Geforce3. So, they charged us 84 Euros for a replacement, despite the fact they had acknowledged that this faulty unit was probably the reason why the Geforce3 was biffed.

    Just to rub it in, they'd taken the games and disks out of my computer and left them somewhere, so when i realised this (and since my coursework was on the floppy disk and i had the essential Shogun Total war in the CD drive i had to) i had to cycle 7km to the shop to pick them up (and they of course took about half an hour to find them)

    Just to summarize - our Geforce3 cost the equivelent of 600Euros last year, we only got to play it for 1 week before it broke down. The pc shop takes more than half a year to get things sorted, and then they allow us only a 240euro card as replacement - this means i have lost 360 euros. With this i could have bought the best available card (just like the Geforce3 was the best available when i bought it) and have had 100 euros to spare. Then, they tell us that their mistake was the reason this all happened in the first place but still charged us for that. That means we have lost 400 odd Euros. I got a Geforce4 now and my computer is much improved but that is not the point, 400 euros is a lot of money to lose like this, especially when you're telling the guy you think he's conning you but you can't do anything about it.

    We put a complaint to the manager but i wouldn't be suprised if he changed that 600E thing to 249E so that won't do anything. Is there any legal action or any way of stomping on these guys? I'm pretty sure if anyone looks at our case they'll be convinced we were fucked, so could we get the police involved? I got no experiance taking on big retailers so i have to ask before i go do anything.

    Ps. Sorry for the long post + spelling mistakes

  4. I use Grokster and i download all sorts off it, however i think in Groksters case there should be some government imposed bans on it. The system is knackered, for example i wanted to download that Russian tank movie ''The Beast'', and what came up? Lots and lots of beastiality movies. There have also been instances where my searches have brought up kiddie porn and rape video's (alledged anyway). I searched for Band of Brothers and got files with descriptions like ''8 year old girl gets raped by 10 guys while crying for mom''. It's like even if you search for teletubbies and put all the filters on the stuff still shows up. I think its this, not the music, that'll shut these sites down. I don't use Morpheous or Kazaa but i know Grokster is severly in danger of getting shut down because theres so much illegal stuff on it.

    The whole downloading music and games shouldn't be touched though, the music industry is extorting the fuck out of us. And if people are like me, they'll download the music, like it, and then maybe buy the cd later when it gets a bit cheaper knowing it kicks ass. But like i said theres probably a lot of other things the government can use to justify shutting them down

  5. Yes i did, and quite uninteresting it was too. Maybe if you didn't have your head so far up your ass you'd realise i was only refering to your post breifly.

    I also feel compelled to point out your moderator status is no excuse for being a dickhead.

  6. </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (Intruder @ Aug. 08 2002,12:47)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">Who was the guy who sent the pic in (the bad guy) and claimed the prize?<span id='postcolor'>

    It was November 1999 issue and was three half life pics in comic form with a scientist peeing himself (actually getting zapped in the nads with a gauss gun wink.gif). A guy called Daniel Berkley got the credit, maybe he was the guy who ran the half life life site where i nabbed it from biggrin.gif

  7. </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (PFC_Mike @ Aug. 08 2002,02:37)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">read all about it... CNN colombia terror bombings

    I hope that in four years, every FARC member or supporter is DEAD. And not simply shot, but nuked, naped, or bashed to death with bricks. FARC deserves the same international revile as Hamas, the PLO and Al Qaida. And btw, I am an American without tolerance for murderers.<span id='postcolor'>

    I'm pretty sure they all want the same to happen to americans, and they probably have the capability (since americans don't murder and tolerate murder etc...) So i think you should avoid at all costs trying to take them on wink.gif

  8. I once sent in a piccy to pcg way back when gamer snap was only just 2 months old, it got printed too eventually, but with someone elses name on it sad.gif I e-mailed pcg and they said that about 15 guys had sent them the same piccy sad.gif Damm my lack of imagination sad.gif

  9. Whats the point in using todays standards to judge something that happened ages ago. Its pointless, what does it matter if america nuked someone, who would stop them? Who would stop them doing it again today? No one. As far as i see it, the A-Bomb ended WW2, if they hadn't used an A-bomb, then it'd easily be another 2-3 years of war, and in that 2-3 years, many more people would die. No one if they are honest really cares about those Japanese civilians, all that people (humanitarians more specifically) care about is having a pop at the human race because we're all so barbaric and evil and they're all great and just etc...

    I for one believe we should just leave this alone and accept it was a major atrocity, a mistake? No, i don't think so. I for one am thankful the US dropped the bomb. IT was a tragedy, we can all accept this, we should should all know only comiserate the dead rather than debate how evil the human race is.

  10. THink about what would happen if nukes weren't invented. We'd probably have discovered them a few decades ago not knowing what impact they could have on human life. They'd be used eventually, it just so happens they got used on Japan killing millions. Maybe people would prefer if we nuked japan today (27million and rising people in Tokyo). Nukes would be around today if they weren't invented during WW2, only today we'd have no idea what the consequences of using them would be, plus instead of destroying a million lives, we could destroy several millions lives per city.

    I mean, there comes a time when you have to stop whinging about the past and trying to be politically correct, if the A-bomb wasn't tested in Japan (Ending a war that had already killed million and millions of lives), it'd be tested somewhere else more recently where it'd kill a lot more people. Maybe they shouldn't have been invented, but hey, they were. Today they prevent wars and protect countless people, but because everyone is scared of being killed by nukes they think we should just dump a couple thousand of them underground or something (how would you prefer to be killed? killed instantly in a nuclear blast, or dying underneath your smashed up house as Russian tanks pour into your country killing everything). We need to stop whining about the past saying how awful the human race is

  11. </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (PiNs_Da_Smoka @ Aug. 05 2002,21:21)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE"></span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote </td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">because their label has advertised to a mass audience, with full permission of the band<span id='postcolor'>

    Now THAT is a joke, right? I mean come on, its pretty damn funny. Do you really know anything about the music business? Now, i'm not saying i do, because my band is struggling right now, and we sure as hell don't have a record deal. But a few of my friends do, whom of which got signed to RoadRunner Records last year, Five Pointe O is their name (shameless plug biggrin.gif). And you would be suprised at how much gets done WITHOUT the band. And they are nothing close the Slipknot as far as fans and record sales. But they are on the same label, and they know what goes down. And it isn't confined to RoadRunner, god no. All record labels do just about everything without the band. You know what the bands job is? To play the shows and record the albums. Thats about it. Do they do the advertising? No. Will they? No. One main reason labels push it out to farther audiences, is simply to try and make money. Its not the band, its the label. And good lord, i have yet to see Slipknot on some girly magazine. I'd like some proof on that one.

    And even if for some fr off reason, you see some little girl with a slipknot AND britney spears album, that don't mean a thing. Have you ever been to a Slipknot show? Seriously? Because, when i saw them here in Chicago, the show was pure insanity. Not a single 13 year old girl in sight. Nothing but alcohol induced meatheads, which is, unfortunately, the core audience. Things like records sales, who they go to more specific, don't mean as much to a band as who comes to their shows. Why are they doing what they do? Because they are musicians, and they love to play. Thats all their is to it. Don't blame the band for what the record company does. You really should try and learn a little something before you judge it so quick. Seriously man, i've seen this happen. I have no reason to lie. Take the truth for what it is before you speak lies.<span id='postcolor'>

    Well, surely if the band, especially a band that say that they would never sell out, and are in it for the music, would want a little input before little kids can buy corey masks in toys r 'us and the full range of slipknot dolls become the focal point of any toddlers fun. Clothes, cd's and posters are one thing, but all the other shite in the slipknot marketing scheme is a totally different thing. What other bands i ask you have had dolls made of them (that have been sold in toys r ' us and other such places), take that, backstreet boys, well, thats all i've seen but i'm sure theres lots of cheesy pop dolls. I'm pretty sure Slipknot know whats going on with all this, and if they were truly against becoming teeny metal, they'd probably want that stuff taken off the shelves and burnt, or at least sold only in magazines and not in toy shops. Surely roadrunner records allows slipknot some input into into advertising, being there star band. Maybe not giving the label a fully comprehensive marketing review, but shit, even WWF wrestlers are given a list of merchandise which they can say yes or no to.

    I've seen slipknot play in Cardiff ages ago. I go to concerts and stuff regularily in Germany where i live. Haven't ever been to America either, so i haven't seen any big bands before they're famous.

    Unsuccessful bands play for the music, because if they admitted they played for the money, they'd look pathetic because they wouldn't be making much and would look very small time. Of course, all big time musicians love the music too but money is a massive part then.

  12. Sin Cities 2 on Bravo, it has everything, nudity, tourist guides, a funny host, attractive birds, people getting pissed... Jackass as well is pretty funny but i've seen each episode like 10 times now and its not that funny anymore, still watch it if nothings on though

  13. </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (PiNs_Da_Smoka @ Aug. 03 2002,22:09)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">I love when people say that bands sold out. Its great stuff. Let me ask you this, why do you think they "sold out". In your opinion, what is the exact definition. From waht i see, here is what happens when people say a band "sold out".

    Well, lets start slow. A band, lets say Slipknot, as someone just said, they sold out. Lets check out their short lived career. I am, first off, a fan. The release their first album, full of angerd guitars, pounding bass lines, and furious drums. It was an album like no one ever heard before. And before someone says, Slipknot are just a bunch of early 20 morons that supposedly have fake anger, they are all over 30, if not over 35 or so. Back to the album, they release an album like no other ever before. And they start to tour more heavily, other then ozzfest, and bring it to a wider audience. After a nice little wait, they make another album. What does it have on it? Angered guitars, pounding bass lines, and furious drums. It was an extension of their first album, which avoided them from the sophmore jinx as so many bands have come upon. So i ask you, where did they sell out? Hmm...because they have a video on MTV that barely gets played? Possibly because they got out of 300 person clubs and started playing for tens of thousands of people?

    I'm in a band, and if i had the chance to release a major album and make millions of dollars, and play for thousands of people, as opposed to 200-400 people, then i would. Would i be selling out? HELL NO!!! I'd be making a living at what i love to do. It jsut so happens that it pays well. But according to small minded fools, doing all this is selling out. Because they have to pay an extra $20 for a ticket to their concert.

    Another example, and better, is KoRn. I am HUGE fan of their old stuff, and love the new stuff. Their music is so powerful its ridiculous. And thats what i love. But once their self-titled debut came out, they made it big. And because they made some TRL appearences and released tons of awsome videos, made millions, and also play for thousands upon thousands of people every other night, they sold out? Thats just dumb.

    Lets take this example and make it a little more fitting for this board. Ok, so BIS make a little game called Operation Flashpoint. They LOVE to model, program and create things on computers. They finally find a company to release the game for them (we all know that little mistake biggrin.gif). And it gets released, its an instant hit. We have seen what some of the guys have made before, atari games. So, because they released this game, made tons of money, and had their hard work shown to millions of people, they sold out? Because what they love to do was shown to more then a few hundred people, THEY SOLD OUT!?!?!? Come on people, if you sold Hondas all your life, then got the chance to sell Ferrari's forever and make tons of commision, would you not do it? Or would you keep selling hondas for prides sake? come on people, think before you say someone sold out. You are not in their shoes, you do not know how it works. The music business is a bitch, and its alot harder then it seems. There are hundreds or GREAT bands out there, that won't, and will never get a record deal. And you know they want it. If they were offered one, they would all take it, you know why? Because its what they love to do and they can get paid for it. Sold out? Think again people......<span id='postcolor'>

    Like i said, Slipknot may have sold out but the music still kicks ass

    I may have a different opinion to you on this, but the way i see it they have sold out. First, a massive merchandising campaign, obviously clothing and stuff is not at all a bad thing, but slipknot have so many different corporate images and brands that are thrown all over thousands of bits of clothing. Now i know a number of young kids who say they are hardcore slipknot fans, but really, they're into beenie man and the baha men, with a bit of Kylie chucked in. When impressionable teenyboppers go out and buy the merchandise of a band they don't even listen to, thats when you think the band have sold out, because their label has advertised to a mass audience, with full permission of the band. No longer is slipknot a band for the metal community, its a band for everyone. And quite frankly, many, including myself, don't want the music to blend with pop, because pop sucks.

    Well, its kind of hard to avoid the blend of the genres when slipknot, and a number of your other favorite bands appear in teen magazines such as smash hits alongside Boyzine or whoever - why, because they want to appeal to a much wider market, the pop industry, which the fans don't want, but who cares about them because theres shitloads of money involved. I know it happens because it happens sometimes with me, but bands like slipknot used to be ''your'' band, in that, you and only a few others listened to them and maybe related to them, but as soon as they see little girls with both a Britney and a slipknot cd in there little see through handbags, its no longer ''their'' band. Eventually slipknot will forget what their fans will like and instead move onto what the pop industry likes - less noise, more love, no masks, more poncy swearing etc. It may be a cliche, but the fans got slipknot to were they are, they had cult status way before iowa, but i'm sure like me, a lot of their fans are a bit naffed off about slipknots marketing scheme. I'm pretty sure you'd like to sekll out, but chances are you're band is nothing like slipknot, who had a massive following even before Wait and bleed, they could've just expanded this fan base within the metal community instead of going straight for the pop industry, they'd still make their millions with millions more from all these solo efforts coming out.

    Korn i don't think i said they sold out, i just said their comeback has sucked along with their new album. Which is true.

  14. Personally i quite like Stalin. He's honest, i doubt theres any politicians who give a fuck about their people, its just most of them fake it and hide it whenever they decide to fuck people over, Stalin didn't do that, if he wanted to stomp on people who were trying to fuck with him, he just had them killed in public. He spoke the truth about death. I see the civilised world acting like they give a shit whenever a fat yank called Bubba gets killed while in Singapore or wherever getting his rocks off with 4 year olds. The man just didn't sugar coat anything. I admire this. Obviously theres a bad side to Stalin, but i probably ''admire'' him more than any other leaders. I think Winston Churchill kicked ass as well, and Bill Clinton kicked ass too. Otherwise theres really no leaders who i really like/admire

  15. I would say System of a Down, they may have become more commercial but i can't hate such an amazing band, considering their first album is one of the best metal albuyms ever made, and that they all seem like nice guys and Serj has facial hair (and is the best vocalist in music imho)

    Prodigy are good as well, they're the only dance type band i like, i haven't heard their new album, but i got 3 others and they all kick rear

    I would say KoRn but not only has their comeback sucked ass but i'm not really into their old music anymore.

    Will Haven have always kicked ass and are probably one of my favorite bands.

    And i'm afraid i have to say Slipknot. Even though they've sold out spectacularily, the music itself is great, apart from the more commercial tracks, their first albums are still classics.

  16. i for one find tk'rs to add a unique element to the game. They piss me off immensely, and if anyone tk's me without apoligizing i'll tk them. When you spawn its kind of like a rush to find the tk'r before he tk's everyone, especially in dod para maps, everyone starts looking for the tk'r and as soon as possible he gets lit up by like 8 guys, lol.

    These games are fun if you can take the bad elements and bring some fun out of them, even cheaters can be fun because if you kill them just once you can rip the piss outta them for ages, or indeed just tk them, which is great fun if you're in a tk slay server because they'll die every round (and miss a few as well) and will probably just leave after a while.

  17. I like counterstrike, a lot, i've been playing it for ages and ages. Its all too easy for people to say its naff based on the fact every time they enter a public server they get raped. Of course, as is the case with roughly 96% of all people who say cs sucks because of cheaters, they'd rather blame their crapness on cheaters (lets remember the ratio of sad people who think all cs players are cheats to actual cs cheaters is about 273:1).

    If everyone actually played the game for a while and got fairly good at it, then it'd be a great game. As it stands, cs has way more talented players than say, opf because theres people who play it all day, or have played it for years and years, or indeed cheat, therefore if you go in public servers y6ou get raped. In that case use uk2 servers, they're good for beginners i find. The big problem cs has right now is n00b's go on and have a quick game, get completly raped, and then those n00bs hate the game forever and go around bad mouthing it.

    I'm pretty sure if any of you were playing opf and got totally owned for about 10 games in a row you'd all stop playing it and blame it all on cheaters. for shame. Everytime i'm in a server and i suspect cheating, i just join that guys team or leave the server

  18. </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (denoir @ Aug. 01 2002,14:01)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE"></span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (Ruud van Nistelrooy @ Aug. 01 2002,13:45)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">I think if someone could combine and make a modern film about the russian front it'd kick ass. Brutal fighting (Urban fighting, massive tank battles, civlian brutality) and the insignificance of human life, all on a massive scale with many main characters from both sides it'd be amazing, especially with the special effects of spr for example. I think the russian front was probably thebest example of how terrible war is, so what could be a more effective setting for a WW2 war movie? It could potentially be an epic, and would probably rake in millions if done right<span id='postcolor'>

    Enemy at the gates is a modern movie and about the russian front. Unfortunately it was in my opinion very weak and not very convincing.<span id='postcolor'>

    It was a sniper vs sniper flick, something on a bigger scale would be wicked, such as something about Kursk

  19. </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (Antichrist @ Aug. 01 2002,13:55)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">Since we are talking about war movies.... is Windtalkers any good? Cause I was thinking going to see it tomorrow.<span id='postcolor'>

    I've watched the first half of it and its alright. Hardly an epic and boring sometimes, but its ok i suppose, hardly a classic

  20. i think unbiased war movies have proven to be the best anyway (Stalingrad, Platoon etc...). SPR and BoB have great action, maybe the combination of both could become the ultimate war movie.

    I think a war movie would benefit greatly from getting rid of naff cliches. I mean, i always think how realistic it would be if the main character, who has developed throughout the movie, who the audience like etc... is just walking along when his squad gets ambushed, and immediatly he gets shot in face and dies instantly - no heroic speeches, no god bless america, no soppy shite, just shock, and i'd assume with all the fighting, soldiers would experiance shock a lot more than sadness (of course, in times when sopldiers have a break you can do the whole sadness thing). I think that'd be a lot more effective than what spr did with hanks for example, because its more realistic and a brilliant way to convey the sense of war - you make friends, often they become like your family, and then one day, they get shot and die instantly...

    I think if someone could combine and make a modern film about the russian front it'd kick ass. Brutal fighting (Urban fighting, massive tank battles, civlian brutality) and the insignificance of human life, all on a massive scale with many main characters from both sides it'd be amazing, especially with the special effects of spr for example. I think the russian front was probably thebest example of how terrible war is, so what could be a more effective setting for a WW2 war movie? It could potentially be an epic, and would probably rake in millions if done right

  21. Its often the case it seems that modern hollywood directors will make these kind of series/films. Wat back when the best war movies such as platoon were made, they couldn't do an american glory movie simply because the americans got raped in vietnam, and to make a glory movie about it would be fairly disrespectful, plus the american public wouldn't neccessarily like it. In modern day though, the introduction of better special effects and sounds means that WW2 movies could be fantastic action films, and they are. But since yanks all believe they single handedly won the war, directors can safely make american WW2 glory movies. America didn't get raped in WW2, and no doubt history lessons in america consist of the brave americans fighting the evil germans and the hobo like russians while at the same having to put up with the brits and every other allie accidentally dropping bombs on them. God forbid with all this ''knowledge'' americans wouldn't accept seeing americans getting raped in WW2, unless of course its a heroic rape which will make the audience sympathetic to all those americans casualties in WW2.

    I mean, lets face it, american directors wouldn't make money off a film that shows germans being the equivelent of americans. I mean, how many americans would claim to have had grandfathers in WW2, to see the Germans in any kind of situation where it shows that they actually suffered more than the americans would be dishonoring all the intense fighting and effort they put into WW2.

  22. killing is a major part of the human history. The world would probably be a drastically different place if everyone was a scum humanitarian. Its a mental thing for some of us, in the same way it is for animals. Most of the time, war is just a group of people who dislike each other sending their ''employee's'', who are not just there to kill, kill, kill, my dads been in the army for 27 years and i know he didn't join to stomp on Argies or something. Its easy to say - ''yeah, everyone who starts wars or kills is total scum'', does that mean people who don't are great? this is mass segregation and in the end humanitarians are just like extreme religious folk, its like ''Ok, so you're like, gonna go over and kill some afghans because your country wants you to, thats like, wrong man, what have afghans ever done to you? you should be exactly like us and like, be a vegetarian (because eating meat is evil for some reason) and like, not go to war''. Basically what is constantly said is, what hippies deem to be evil people (eg. any leaders, any soldiers, anyone who thinks about killing, anyone who guffs in a lift, anyone who leaves the toilet seat up) are scum, while they themselves are great and perfect humans, they don't realise that killing has to be done sometimes. I personally hate humanitarians, they blindly follow their dumbass views not considering the consequences of their actions.

    Killing has to be done, most of the time it is done by men who aren't evil. Of course, serial killers are scum, but honestly now, the only reason people really care about say, how many vietnamese died, is to be politically correct. I don't care about them, quite frankly, i won't lie because i don't spare a thought every day, week, month or even year for Ping Pong Jook who died in vietnam. WW2 is different, i probably speak about WW2 victims with more respect given the nature of the conflict, but i still don't cry about it, nor do i think the human race is evil because of it, mainly because i'm not a humanitarian, nor am i religious. If indeed humanitarians fin d the human race to a big collection of cow pats (apart from themselves of course, they're just perfect and in no way evil) then why do they care about the world anyway. I doubt they really do, most humanitarians, like most people, are covering up the fact they don't give a fuck about death, just like about 90% of the world, simply because they want to look like they're above other people. imho.

  23. </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (Tovarish @ July 31 2002,16:12)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE"></span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (Ruud van Nistelrooy @ July 31 2002,14:55)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">the A-bomb is good because it effectivly ends the threat of wars between the world most powerful nations.<span id='postcolor'>

    Do you have any idea how many times in the last 50 years someone came close to pushing the button because of a false alarm?

    Have a read<span id='postcolor'>

    So what, as i recall no one ever has. Besides, in most cases it'll involve just shooting down targets (i mean, even if America see's a large unidentified plane flying about they wouldn't immediatly nuke France or Brazil would they?). Either that, or the use of small nuclear weapons. Not all nukes are made to destroy places the size of Germany, most cases, there'll probably be small nukes taking out small targets that may be deemed as a threat. I don't fear nuclear annihilation b3ecause i don't think about it, and yes, i doubt very much i'll get nuked one day. If i do nuked, i'd like to die safe in the knowledge that the cunts who nuked me and my family will be nuked themselves by Britain or its allies. Besides, what'd you prefer, being nuked, or succumbing to horrible chemical attacks? A-bombs may be nasty, and yes they are one of those things we want to diinvent, but right now they are probably the easiest and most efficient way of destroying on the large scale. Maybe if they hadn't been invented, we'd have other ways of doing this, nastier ways such as the ebola virus or AIDS bombs or what have you.

  24. People may disagree but imho the second world war was one of the greatest things ever to happen to the world, think how far back we'd be technologically without it, and also, i doubt most european countries would be friends without it. It's also an interesting piece of history, something that the entire world can look back on and try to prevent happening again. The A-Bomb was also a product of WW2 - the A-bomb is good because it effectivly ends the threat of wars between the world most powerful nations. We wouldn't have Nuclear power, engineering and mass production no doubt benefitted as well, plus everyone in the world can now look at the church as the extorting, immoral cunts they have always been.

    I mean, millions upon millions of people died, but there are still many benefits WW2 brought to the world, i'm glad Hitler wasn't shot in WW1

  25. For me the bike ran out of gas right in the middle of nowhere. I like to play the game realistically so i had to run for 10 minutes to find someones car to nick sad.gif and when i found one, i felt all bad and stuff. The bus came down the road i was stuck on as well and the git wouldn't stop and almost ran over my bike sad.gifconfused.gif then later i crashed the car i nicked into a electrical tower thing cos i was driving all flash, and that meant i had to walk for ages to find another car to nick mad.gif Then i crashed that one because as you go over the bridge theres a little dip which i flew over at high speed and i flew into a light and crashed and died sad.gif So i had to do the mission again, this time i got some gas.

    I parked the bike on the porch of the building victor works in, and when the ruskies invaded i ran outside but i couldn't get in the bike, so i was there for ages trying to figure out what was wrong, so by the time i legged it the spetsnatz were everywhere and owned me sad.gif so i had to do all that again sad.gif the bike has been nothing but a curse to me