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  1. Red Spar

    ArmA2:Oa Patch 1.54 released!

    How can you set the burst rate and spread of the artillery in the artillery computer?
  2. I'll ask again...Where are all the ACE public servers? I be damned if I can find any.
  3. I've been away from playing ACE Arma2 for a few months and I just came back the other day and bought Arrowhead. I installed ACE CO for it immediately and with giddy excitement looking to jump on one of my old ACE Warfare servers only to be disappointed in not finding one...Or even ANY Ace server for that matter. Where did all the ACE servers go?!?!?! *sniff* *sniff*
  4. .DLL issue is now fixed. I think Sickboy came to the rescue in the nick of time. Sixupdater now updated with no issues.
  5. Both my friend and I are getting this error too.. ugh
  6. Being a former RL pilot and a dedicated hardcore sim pilot, I don't think the blackouts/redouts aren't ready for prime time yet. Many times you will get a redout while pulling a positive G turn (which you shouldn't get) and you'll get blackouts on a negative G turn (which you shouldn't get). The duration of the redouts last too long, many times over a minute. It's not very realistic and really takes the enjoyment out of flying. I think the effects should be taken back out until they work correctly. I like the idea of the pilot class negating these effects but since most Warfare servers I play on don't have this class available I'm stuck with the broken effects. Sorry for the negative rant, 99% of everything else in ACE is awesome.
  7. Still have constant server crashes on XR even after the 202 update... :( It is lucky to stay up for more than 30 min
  8. Thanks Orlok, just found this on youtube Seems to work great. Just make it work for wheeled artillery it will add a new dimension to gameplay.
  9. Since we're all wishing here and everyone has a wish like everyone has an as*h*le, I want towable objects. Nothing would be cooler than hooking up a wheeled arty piece up to the back of a truck or hummer and towing it to a strategic location. I have no idea if the Arma2 engine can handle this but it really would be awesome. Even if you could load it in the back of a large truck somehow that would be nice.
  10. Red Spar

    V-22 Osprey rudder authori-tay

    Not true. This video shows a yaw rate comparable to helicopter. Arma2 is MUCH slower that this...maybe only a few degrees/sec.
  11. Red Spar

    V-22 Osprey rudder authori-tay

    You'd have to or it would be pretty worthless for landing in all but the most open spaces. Right now the Arma 2 V-22 is impossible to get in and out of tight LZs in any timely fashion.
  12. Red Spar

    V-22 Osprey rudder authori-tay

    Ugh, so is there any acknowledgment from BIS on this issue?
  13. Either I am doing something wrong or the V-22 has almost no rudder authority. I have plenty of yaw when I use the rudders on helo but almost none while hovering in the Osprey. Is this a bug or something else?
  14. Red Spar

    1.07 beta 8800 GTX texture bug

    Well I tried changing the - HDRPrecision set to 32 and nonlocalvram set to "0" Seemed to work but cut my framerates by almost 2/3rds. With 1.05 I was getting framerates in the 60s, now with using the above changes They are in the high teens and single digits looking thru a scope or tank optics. Why is it worse now?... 1.05 was great for me graphically. Just the other bugs needed to be fixed, Argh!