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  1. Rogue2020

    MAJOR news on the e-mail virus being sent around!

    They can send me viruses all they want...I have about 10 in quarantine......the viruses can dance all they want on that prison area of my hard drive.
  2. Rogue2020

    MAJOR news on the e-mail virus being sent around!

    I also have got 2 in about a week.....they infect your system the second the letter comes into your box but I have a virus scan so it stopped it.
  3. Rogue2020

    Real DAMAGE!!

    The s**t happeneds.....in swat 3 I shot a guy in the head and the bullet hole was in his ass....
  4. Rogue2020

    Suggestion - Snowmobile

    ATV's would be cool but you have to keep in mind this is a war game...at least that's probably want BIS as you call them or him/her think.....someone needs to hack the game....lightwave may work with the game...or maybe 3d studio max.....or meya.
  5. Rogue2020

    Add some animals

    No I want sheep to catch a bullet...... Animals isn't a bad idea....make some rabbits to lung gernades at.
  6. Rogue2020

    miision: Incursion

    I just went all the way to the water on the right side to get around the fence headed for his house busted a cap in everyones ass around there and made a break for it.......I also managed to steal a chopper one time.......
  7. Rogue2020

    Operation Flashpoint 1285

    I don't think so...I wouldn't mind trying that mod coming out for future combat with lasers and stuff though.