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    Official ofp stuntman thread

    Ok, im still waiting for Sentinel to reply to my e-mail but if he says yes for the hosting then i may need some santas little helpers...... Im currently looking for modellers, skinners, map makers etc to make high quality shit for the site and to maintain it, and to obviously bring some impressive vehicles to the game.
  2. I didn't know where to post this so i guess i will post it here... I need a modeller that could make some simple but fun easy models for me that may be part of a new site im designing... If you can model and skin then please e-mail me at sotwolf@opflash.org Thx I will tell you what im wanting after you e-mail me. It shouldn't take more than 1 day do to this if you know what your doing. And i may ask you to be part of the team.
  3. Rob

    Official ofp stuntman thread

    Lol, thats pretty cool and new
  4. Rob

    Official ofp stuntman thread

    SHIT DUDE! i made like a 1 second avi and the file was more than 6!!! MEG! there has gotta be a way to size these things down... Press F9 (if thats the activation key you want) to get it to start then again to stop... And the file is saved where you installed the thing. I'm not impressed with the file size though, thats pathetic.
  5. Rob

    Official ofp stuntman thread

    As far as i know there is no program that can take multiple shots like a recorder would take individual frames. But we're going to have to find a avi or mpeg recorder and try and get some of the stunts on vid for the site...
  6. Rob

    Official ofp stuntman thread

    I simply take the shot, minimize the game and copy it into psp7. The shots of my bro doing a 360 are real but i had to do each one seperately making him do the 360 again and again to get the right shots taken.... half the time he would tip over at the end lol but it was cool, i have many more and we're going to be doing them on nagova soon.. But the more i put up the less i can get credit for them....
  7. Rob

    Official ofp stuntman thread

    Yeah, i had these great ideas too about the map downloads, including the addons that have been released for good stunts, we could make forums etc... Its going to be sweeeet.... All i have to do is get victor to help make it in php, which may take some time But it shall be worth the wait i guess.... O and i may want some helpers too with maintaining To post news etc....
  8. Rob

    Official ofp stuntman thread

    OK GUYS MOTHER OF ALL MOVES! how about you trying a seatstand?
  9. Rob

    Official ofp stuntman thread

    Anyway, dont you just hate it when the topic is turned around so quickly? *looking at Leone* On a higher note looky at our 360
  10. Rob

    Official ofp stuntman thread

    Ok, heres an update of the screenshots we have so far lol... Heres two of me and my bro once again playin multiplayer with my stunt map.... Inside view of ramp jump. (My bro being driver because i was too hurt to walk) And heres me attempting that satchel charge for the second time obviously with a nice sidewards flip to go with it i will keep you updated but i still need more backup with this site idea people
  11. Rob

    Official ofp stuntman thread

    Hey guys! think big stunt site here, i need ideas!!!! What features, How to lay it out Design ideas 100s of pics needed
  12. Rob

    Official ofp stuntman thread

    First i need info, and for people to jot down here what they would like to see on the site etc and design ideas. I wanna make this good... I'm going to ask sentinel if i could possibly get the site hosted He always said he was looking for something different so i finally came up with an idea to make our site even more popular but he didn't take it instead, i will get hosted
  13. Rob

    Official ofp stuntman thread

    O AND YOU WANNA DO SOMETHING REALLY COOL? Set up the ramps like on the pictures, place a satchel charge in the middle and get back on your bike, as your jumping, in airtime, activate the charge, you will flip and spin like you've ever seen and if your lucky you will come back down and land Edit: I tried to place a charge on the end of the ramp and when i jump off, i will activate it, thinking it would boost me, but i did it too soon and ended up on my head  lol
  14. Rob

    Official ofp stuntman thread

    LOL!!! DUDE it was an idea.... i dont have a site yet but i would love to make one... and get some people from this thread to help out, but i need the website first, BUT! i may get it at opflash considering i work there... But first i need some more ideas on what it should contain and what it should look like. Â
  15. Rob

    Official ofp stuntman thread

    Lol we need a site now..... hmmmmmmmmm.... I have many images too, even including wheely's with the kawasaki lol, here Wheely 1 wheely 2 (dif angle) Multiplayer with my bro over lan, Me catching some huge air
  16. Rob

    Official ofp stuntman thread

    You know guys you should really consider making a ofp stunt site with all the stunts people have done... I already tried to persuade Sentinel to help make a ofp stunt page in the form of a magazine containing all the stunt photos and maybe little stories to go with it, but he said that wouldn't work... So, i thought i might as well tell you that we need to get these stunts published somehow
  17. no matter where i go i can't find a bloody thing to activate my outros or even a simple script to help. if u know wot ur talking bout plz explain it slow. don't even say goto concept-5 cuz i have searched there plz help me i want to get it on the net and maybe get it on PC gamer but i can't becuz the mission looks stupid without the endings and that could boost my chances of getting it burnt onto disc. (Edited by Rob at 2:24 pm on Sep. 28, 2001)
  18. Rob

    Coming soon

    Please get this sorted out so that i can see if its worth posting on our site, thx
  19. Rob

    M82a1 barett sniper riffle

    Wow quaker, thats one hell of an impressive weapon, im not posting it on opflash.org
  20. wots the point of having a config radio when u can simply use a normal sound and make the sideradio? is there a difference?
  21. Rob

    Delta force - black hawk down

    yeah i admit sometimes it can be unrealistic, but COMEON! what game out their is to REAL standards? I dont care, its one heck of a step up for the stupid company than 1, 2 and 3.
  22. Rob

    Candidate turned himself blue

    HAHA my friends dad only just told me about this yesturday. I didn't think it was recently   I'm blue dabido dabida!
  23. Rob

    Best monty python movie

    Deffinately the "Quest for the holy grail"
  24. Rob

    Sharp develops 3d flat screen

    sounds sweet to me
  25. Rob

    Empire earth expansion:

    Personally i think its crappy, it doesn't help much when thats the only weapon you have at close combat lol