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    Music Recommendations

    music was a fairly a important part for OFP, so i created this thread to see if anybody had listened to any good albums they may have just got. Today, I picked up MCR's new album "Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge" and it's very good. anyone interested can watch some of the music video's on the group's web page in the media section http://www.mychemicalromance.com/ i highly recommend watching the music video for "Helena", it's the best song on the album.
  2. red oct

    Which car would you rather own?

    I already have the best vehicle a person could own... a jeep wrangler
  3. red oct

    UK leaves Europe

    So does anyone in the U.K. think this might cause the Scots to reconsider staying in the U.K.? What about Northern Ireland? Didn't folks there mostly support the E.U.?
  4. Boston Dynamics has its Atlas robot moving with out its tethers
  5. red oct

    Elite: Dangerous

    I couldn't get into this game, I saw the potential in it and I wanted to like it, but I ended up hating this game and regretted buying it. The trailers lured me in because they showed all this activity of players dog fighting around space stations exploring but what I saw was a universe devoid of other players for the most part. On the rare occasions I found other players they usually chose to grief me while I traveling or trying to collect bounties. The missions are very dull and are a grind fest of resource farming, bounty farming and flying from A to B. I was hoping the update Horizons would help me get into this game, but I found out that Horizons isn't so much a update but pretty much a re-release of the original game that comes with the update. So you have to buy a second copy of the game in order get the update and yes you will pay the full price of 49-60 USD. Seems like a very underhanded way of milking people for their money
  6. red oct

    Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/Daesh) Discussion

    ISIS, making a claim it beheaded a Russian CNN, article: http://www.cnn.com/2015/12/02/middleeast/isis-russian-beheading-claim/index.html
  7. red oct

    Fallout 4

    I like the game over all. The glitches are annoying and some are game breaking. I was going to finish the game's main story with the Railroad faction, but after destroying the Brotherhood airship, that Idiot NPC Tinker Tom managed to crash the stolen vertibird and get himself killed and I wasn't able to complete that quest line. So I had to reload to a earlier save only this time I sided with the Brotherhood and shot that same NPC in the face with a gattling laser for making me invest all that time only to wreck that quest line. What I don't get is where is the Boston accent? Would of been kinda funny to hear super mutants speaking in a Boston accent.
  8. I thought the marines were already getting a new vehicle that rolled on tracks called a AAAV. Did that get scrapped?
  9. red oct

    Diplomatic incident between Russia and Turkey

    I duno, what kind of damage to its rep do you reckon Turkey will suffer? Its not as if the EU was about to finally grant the Turks full EU membership or that it even had much of a favorable view from Europe to begin with and given the state of the economies of Europe I doubt they would even want anything to do w/ EU membership now. They seem to have good support from the Saudi's and other wealthy Sunni Arab states so I doubt they have anything to fear from possibly getting kicked out of NATO either. I think they realize that and are happy to assert themselves knowing nothing will happen to them that they can afford to do with out.
  10. red oct

    Diplomatic incident between Russia and Turkey

    I can't really fault them though for wanting to look out for their own though, after all Russia invaded 2 countries and annexed territories from both under that pretext. I think if Europe had just allowed Turkey membership into the Union some years back, they wouldn't feel the need to go and try to try to expand their sphere of influence east towards Syria.
  11. red oct

    Diplomatic incident between Russia and Turkey

    I doubt anything will come of this.Turkey isn't some little poor country that can be pushed around. I read somewhere that the area where the incident occurred was populated by ethnic Turks.
  12. red oct

    The space thread

    kinda felt we needed something related to space and i wanted to share this video of the Orion capsule reentry that I though was pretty neat. and here is a wiki about the SLS rocket vehicle that will be sending it into space and to mars. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Space_Launch_System
  13. red oct

    Ukraine General

    than maybe those mysterious green men can suddenly appear in the region to help them out
  14. red oct

    Ukraine General

    i think instead of sanctions, maybe the west should try exploit this siberian independence movement. i think the possibility of having 2/3 of his country breaking away and become independent might cause putin to leave his neighbors alone. otherwise whats good for the goose is good for the gander.
  15. red oct

    AK-74 vs M4/M16

    I own a Yugo imported ak and used to own a Stag Arms AR 15 rifle. I sold the latter and used the money as well as tax return money to buy a PTR 91 .308 (its a G3 clone). Sooo... imho at least, I think its got the best of booth guns and then some.
  16. red oct

    The Camp

    man i am really hating this goddamn mission! all i get is this pissant squad of 4 to command and im tasked to protect this engineers who walk around allowing themselves to get killed as they take their time just building a camp. the enemy is aways aware of our positions so they are able to naturally kill us all w/ one shot magically seeing through trees. the furthest i've been able to get w/out my squad or myself from getting killed, is the mission failure screen. tried all the strategies i could think of. tried sending my machine gunners to the flanks w/ my sniper and rifle man in the center. half the time they get gunned down before they even make it to where i send them. i don't suppose theres any spawning cheats to spawn a APC is there?
  17. that robot reminds me of the scene from robocop 2:D its movements even look similar to the movie robots http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJDztqCG91g
  18. red oct

    PlanetSide 2

    I for one love this game. The objectives for capturing a zone is simplified enough, like destroy a generator here to make some shield protecting the capture point at another location go down and the result that I often see is there is always huge groups either defending their zone or attacking it making a fun if somewhat chaotic mass battles. I found all the vehicles and classes fun to play w/ and didn't find myself being bored filling any type of role whether it was being a medic or engineer, or ferrying people to battles in a large galaxy transport. Only real complaints I have w/ the game is the devs are playing the whole micro transactions A little too hard, it takes a lot of grinding to earn enough points to buy anything useful and so they are temping people to spend a bunch of real world money instead to get those unlocks faster so it kinda has a "pay to win". Other complaint is mostly just about cosmetics like how each of the 3 factions share some of the same vehicles like the galaxy transport, quad bike, the sunderer ect.. I would of like for all the vehicles on each faction to be unique in appearance as well as maybe see each of the captured buildings take on a unique theme depending on who's controlling them. But overall this is probably got to be the best ftp online shooter since tribes 2 came out.
  19. i second that. when i got bad company 2 off steam, the game worked properly like all the other games i bought off steam. i finally got the game to work when i found out that origin needs IE9 installed and even still trying to join a game is troublesome since i keep getting locked up alot as i try and join a game
  20. so i get home from work and i try to start this game up and first EA's stupid steam knock off won't work so i had to reinstall that. now i cant get origin to activate the stupid game so now i have to uninstall it and download it all over again. on the plus side there is some amusing ranting threads on EA's forums. this one is my favorite so far http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/7658626.page
  21. im still waiting for the game to finish d/ling. is anyone able to tell me how well the game runs? im hoping it will run and look as good as bad company 2 did on my machine.
  22. red oct

    Which guns do you own

    pics of my small arsenal Yugoslavian ak47 (semi-auto only) 12 gauge FNH TPS sig sauger p220
  23. red oct

    We all love a bit of Duke!

    well if gearbox was asking $15 instead of $50 for this game, i would say go for it and buy it. but since that isn't the case i would suggest waiting till you see this game on sale and spend your money on something better like crysis 2 or bulletstorm which is kinda like duke. i would even suggest if you own a 360 to just buy duke nukem 3d off xbox arcade.
  24. red oct

    We all love a bit of Duke!

    i think i'll pass even on that after seeing what their latest brothers in arms game is goingo to be like. im just glad i had time left to cancel my DNF pre-order.
  25. red oct

    We all love a bit of Duke!

    the reviews have come out and so far... its pretty bad :( IGN review http://xbox360.ign.com/articles/117/1175639p1.html other reveiws http://blastmagazine.com/the-magazine/gaming/reviews/duke-nukem-forever-review-retro-crass-and-dissapointing/ http://n4g.com/news/784618/d-pad-magazine-duke-nukem-forever-review the complete game is as bland as the demo. i was really hoping the gameplay would be like what the 2001 trailer had envisioned only with slightly better graphics.