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    ArmA is just ... disappointing

    Why, oh, why? Being a true admirer of OFP, I bought ArmA hoping that it will be OFP but with better graphics and without the bugs of the earlier game. I got home, installed the game and decided to patch it. Well, lookee here, 1 Gb of patches. You gotta be kidding me. That's like 1/4th of the damn DVD! Nevertheless, I downloaded the damn patches, installed them and ran the game. Long story short: The AI is just pure BS. My soldiers are just dumb mannequins waiting to catch a bullet from the enemy AI which is almost god-like. My AI co-pilot is completely useless (just like he was in OFP). This results in me having to fly, target (which is just annoying since the keyboard config is confusing) and destroy at the same time (while evading enemy fire, since my Cobra can be shot down with a slingshot). There are many other annoying flaws which exist even after patching up to 1.08. This is unacceptable. I already had to download 1 Gb, how much more will it take to make the game enjoyable? I really didn't want to start my career on this forum with moaning but I am gravely disappointed with this game. It is fun and I want to play it, but there are just too many things which diss me off.