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  1. Better AI system. I want to see more intelligent enemy AI and less accurate enemy AI shooting at me!
  2. Patrocles

    ArmA 2 on PlayStation 3

    I certainly hope BI makes ArmA2 for the PS3 and Xbox360 (in another thread they said that ArmA2 is confirmed for the Xbox360!
  3. Patrocles

    ArmA II on Xbox 360

    Awesome!! I can't find any info on this confirmation! Can you give me a link? Thanks!
  4. Patrocles

    ArmA is just ... disappointing

    Overall ArmA is a fair game IMHO. It has potential but it is buggy. Hopefully, they will keep the patches coming! I do not plan to buy the addons or sequels until reading game reviews and player comments. For now I fall into the ArmA is just disappointing camp but i reserve the right to switch camps if the game improves.
  5. Patrocles

    ArmA2 Discount

    "Placebo - For now features of the game are being kept quiet, but we're getting closer to what we can share about it, for sure the game is definitely turning out to be more than the anticipated Opf v1.5 (with the next big game being known as “game2â€), this game is really developing into a "game2" of its own standing, maybe we should start calling the other one "game3"" LOL
  6. New ArmA player and poster here. I play mostly Coop games since I have a low to nonexistence 'twitchfactor' and that makes me useless in head-to-head play! hehe This ArmAgame is definitely addictive but so buggy (read: crazy superkiller bots!) that I don't recommend it to my friends! I did a search but came up empty for answers to my question...so here goes... I thought this game was supposed to be realistic, but for the life of me I can't seem to be able to suppress enemy bots with a machine gun. I often spot an enemy and start firing at his position. He will note where fire is coming from (my position! :o ) smoothly and calmly point his gun and kill me with one or two shots. And the enemy bots can even do this after I wound them! :crazy: second...how the hell do the smileys work? I click on the smileys on the left of the post screen, but it is only showing the html text...is this feature broken on this forum? Thanks!
  7. Patrocles

    Does supressive fire work in ArmA game?

    I downloaded the file but I'm hesitating on installing it at this time. Does this 'suppression script' work with Coop play if the other players are NOT running it? Thanks!
  8. Patrocles

    Does supressive fire work in ArmA game?

    Thanks for the prompt response and the link. Pardon my ignorance, but are you saying there is no suppressive fire in the Default game? If so, will this be included in an official patch or the expansion? I would think this would be a game priority. I'm not a military expert by any stretch of the imagination but I thought warfare was based on suppression and manuever? You suppress enemy and then outmaneuver him...or sumfink like that! Oh, and does this suppression work in the opposite direction? I don't think it does in my short exposure to the game. I guess this would be trickier to implement since all ArmA players will claim to be rambo/greenberets/elites and that they can NEVER EVER become suppressed by gunfire directed at them! haha Thanks! :) edit...now the smileys are working?! haha what a wacky forum!