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  1. I think the "Evolution" servers and the hackers killed a lot of new American players to ArmA 1.

    When ArmA 1 came out it, about all the public servers had the non MHQ Evolution. The new players got turned off by the "drive for a half hour to get shot and start over again at the airbase" gameplay. They were expecting something like BF2 with spawn points with a ongoing see-saw battle. (That did not come until WarFare was released.)

    And then we all remember the hackers destroying every server out there in the beginning. So here you are a new player and for about a week you try to play online but everytime you join a server it gets destroyed by hackers. You get frustrated that the company has no "Punkbuster" so you stop playing. I would not blame you.

    Let us hope history does not repeat itself.

  2. I can confirm too that Windows 7 RC 7100 x64 runs ArmA perfectly.

    Also Punkbuster has started working in a bunch of games. Seems they released some updates to the various games. You need to go to their website and get the pbsetup.exe. Then use it to manually update your game. I got no issues with BF2.

  3. I wish I could help, but I am just a player. I play single player 2.5version a lot. It works for me. I never even played those others. Too many addon cars and such needed. I have tried 2.5 version with various iterations of XAM, ACE. If I play ArmA I usually play Quarantine.

    So far the best combination I use is 1.16 patch,@Proper_Plants,@zGuba compact fixes,@ArmAeffects, @HiFi sound mod,, the needed RH weapons, yomies moded with the TCP_anims. I don't get any crashes with those.

    If you need a beta tester I could help. I loved the 2.5 version.

  4. Thanks for emailing me the mission.

    I gave it a quick whirl as a single player sniper. Thanks for letting me get the m24 right away from the ammo crate. I like the basic loadout you give. Rifle, 3 at's, and a satchel. So even if I did not go to the ammo crate to switch to the m24 I have the basics needed to get to tower.

    Maybe you should delete the Terminator MHQ hunting UAZ squad? Case in point, I ran out of m24 ammo on the hill. I did not have enough points yets to call a ammo crate. So just as I turned to run back to the airfield. Bam the Terminators are there blowing up my MHQ! And I have no ammo!!!

  5. Thanks for the info.

    1. Is there a way you can make it so anyone can drive the mhq at the very start? That way your group/squad can get in and move to the battlespace right away. So if someone joins they are not surprised by a group of uaz right outside the hanger door when they start.

    2. On the sniper issue. If you look at your weapon loadout before you hit continue to start the mission you have the m24. Then when you start you are just given the m16 and you have to go to the ammo box to get the spr.

  6. Thanks for the mission. I tried a quick take at it last night single player/local server. Some questions/comments:

    1. Is it right that 3 uaz/squad show up at the base every 10 minutes or so? It is like clock work. I collected all my points just sitting there waiting for them to show up.

    2. When I picked sniper as my class I saw that you would get the m24, but when the game started I was given the m16. I went to the ammo box but there was no m24 just the spr.

    3. There is lots of air cover. Is there always 2 SU's or KA's over the town? If you shoot down the 2 SU's then 2 KA's immediately appear. Then if you shoot those 2 down, 2 SU's take their place.

    My setup: 1.16 beta;QueensGambit;zGuba1.15fixes;Proper_Plants;HiFi_sound;ArmAEffects.

  7. I downloaded and played LAN that 4.96 version. It is good but I ran into some bugs. First bug is the enemy aircraft. Holy bejezzus! They are everywhere and kicking the crap out of you! They are virtually invincible. I had two AI and me shooting SAM's, and one AI shooting the vulcan. How many chaff/flares do these guys have??? I shot 6 SAM's at one airplane and he still would not die. If you jump in any vehicle, even in the base, they are on you like flies.

    The other bug is sometimes when you die/respawn the death/unconsciousness effects carry over. So there you are in the base still screwed.

    The good part of the version was the right amount of enemy per town. I didn't feel overwhelmed. I could sneak into the cities and have good battles. Ambushing vehicles was fun.

  8. Thank you for the work Eble.

    The pilot fires the guns/rocks/stingers Eble. Not the Hellfires. The copilot/gunner fires the Hellfires. So take away the ability to fire guns/rocks/stingers from the copilot.

    The pilot can move the MMS (Mast Mounted System) to a fix forward position only to display on his MFD (Mult-Function Display). The copilot has all the Hellfire/Laser/TV/Thermal/ATHS controls.

    Maybe someone can come up with a Mandole artillary addon for the copilot to use the ATHS (Automatic Target Handover System)

    Mission makers please start coming up with some cool missions for the best helicopter in the world.

  9. Thanks Eble. I like how you are getting the basics done. I like your method of releasing a "base" OH-58D and then from there if you or anyone else wants to "upgrade" it you/they can.

    Can't wait. Keep up the good work.

    Note: You can ask on our website for sound. I know someone would record the actual sounds for you if you asked.