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  1. All the LOD switching//popping/stuttering in the large cities has completely stopped for me now. I can drive real fast through the towns/cities now and not see the LODs/textures pop/switch/stutter. Even when looking around quickly with the trackir. THANK YOU !!!!!!!

    But I still have one issue:

    Red/orange trees.

    These trees are the biggest stutter/FPS problem in the game. I tried this beta standalone, then with the @Proper mod, and then with the Summer vegetation mod.

    beta/no mod = stutter/low fps

    beta/Proper mod = way less stutter/low fps

    beta/summer mod = waaaaaaaaay less stutter/low fps

    Please BIS let's change the seasons.

  2. It is stutter though.The stutter is visible when FPS drops down.And I get building textures missing and then popping into view.

    Yes SSD is faster yet some people are reporting amazing results for USB.And I wonder if 3 usb is better than.They sell 3 pack USB sticks.Spread Arma2 across it maybe?Or I may buy another SSD drive and keep game seperate from OS.I don not wanna bother with the Ramdisk as that seems complicated.

    Ramdisk is the easiest method. Click,click, start playing and there is nothing faster than RAM. No SSD, no USB can ever compare.

    It takes me literally takes me 2 minutes to get my Ramdisk with the ArmA2 files up and running.

    If you are not using the new Superspeed ramdisk program ($99) that lets you save/use your ramdisk like a vhd just make yourself a "copy" directory. The copy directory is a copy of the ArmA2 files that you will copy over to the ramdisk.


    1. Create ramdisk using your favorite ramdisk program. Takes me 1 minute.

    2. Follow the instructions in this thread to copy over as much of the addons directory as you can to the ramdisk.

    3. Make a directory on your hard drive to copy back the contents of your ramdisk. Mine is called ArmA2 files for RamDisk.

    4. Create a shortcut with the appropriate -mod line. My ramdisk is always R: so I have a -mod of -mod=beta;R:\AddOns

    4. Now when you want to play ArmA2 with your ramdisk you just have to copy the contents of that directory and not keep drilling down into the ArmA2 directories.


    If you have the RAM don't waste any more of your money on SSD's/USB's. Save it for a better video card!!!

  3. some of the non working missions should now work with this build ...

    I tried the official mission where Petrya is supposed to come in his car to get you for the finish of the mission this morning with the last beta and he never showed up. Ran around like a chicken waiting. Hope this fixes that.

  4. There is still a memory leak somewhere like the last beta. After playing for 20 min I crashed out again.

    Win7 x64 Pro

    8Gb ram

    285gtx 1Gb

    BIS I will say one great thing about the beta's is the -exthreads. This has made the game so much more enjoyable now that the texture popping is exterminated with =3. To me with setup this is the greatest thing yet. The game may stutter here and there as it loads stuff from my HD, but game killing texture popping from standard 1.05 is dead. Thanks.

  5. I am trying that 313 Beta right now so:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\arma 2\beta\arma2.exe" -cpucount=2 -mod=beta;R:\AddOns;@Proper;@Summer -nosplash -exthreads=3

    R: is my ramdrive. @Proper is the Proper vegetation mod that loses some of the tree LOD's for faster FPS. @Summer is the summer vegetation mod because it gets rid of the ugly orange/red trees.

    My rig:

    HP xw8200 with:

    2x 3.4Ghz Xeon

    8Gb RAM DDR2 800Mhz ECC

    1TB SATA HD with 32meg cache

    EVGA 285 GTX 1Gb

    Windows 7 x64 Pro

    TrackIR 4

    ZBoard Merc keyboard

    Saitek X-52 Joy/Thrott/Pedals

    23" Samsung Widescreen 1920x1080

  6. Lol Punisher o.o I never heard of it ! Can I set it to work only when I'm playing game? I cant have it 24/7 most of the time my pc eats like 15 gb ram on graphics u_u

    You can load/unload the ramdisk vhd anytime you like. Free up the ram you need load up your Superspeed ramdisk vhd. Double click your Arma2 icon which points to it being installed on the ramdisk and bam!

    I only have 8Gb ram so I have only a 4Gb ramdisk created with SuperSpeed (x64 version). So I am just restoring my ramdisk vhd that contains as much of the addons folder I could squeeze in there. I want to thank qwertz for showing everyone how to do this.

    Win7x64 = roughly 1-1.7 GB ram (depends on what you have loaded)

    ArmA2 play = 2Gb ram (I make sure there is 2.5GB ram free to play game.)

    ramdrive = as big as you can get it. (20GB you could install the base vanilla)

    When you start adding mods and such it could get tricky if you have it installed to the ramdrive. ACE takes a bunch more.

    Now Superspeed is a commercial product. But if you can afford it, it is worth every penny. There are freeware/shareware ramdrive programs, but I don't think they do what Superspeed does with vhd's. I could be wrong.

    This setup is the ultimate rig for ArmA2 until they switch to 64bit engine and it no longer constantly streams for your hard drives.


    Gobs and Gobs of RAM

    ArmA2 installed to ramdrive.

    kick booty video card.

    and throw in nice internet connection.

  7. I am running Xeons with Win7 x64. With the 1.05 patch you do not need the -winxp or the -maxmem switches. The -cpucount you do need.

    With the 24+Gb of RAM you can run the whole game (vanilla/no mods) in a ramdrive. With a ramdisk program like SuperSpeed Ramdisk 11. You can use it to create a ramdrive virtual hard drive. Superspeed lets you save/reload it like a vhd. You install the game into the ramdrive. Set the ramdrive to start whenever you start up your computer or whenever you want to. Fastest ArmA2 on the planet!

  8. I agree. With the increased RAM amounts the PCs comes with now people HAVE to use 64-bits.

    And as stated by Microsoft: Windows 7 is the last 32 bit OS. The next OS is scheduled to hit 2012. Microsoft is telling OEMs/vendors to load Win7 x64 as the default OS unless there is a really good reason not to. (I work for a OEM).

    All the Microsoft server products are now 64bit only. 2008 R2, etc, etc...

    It is time BIS. Make the move. Reap the benefits!!!

  9. Just tried build 70100 and same stuttering problems as before. Only way to get it somewhat playable it is to set Terrain Detail = Very Low, so on my rig it seems to be the grass and/or terrain detail thats causing this bad stuttering.

    Windows XP Pro

    Intel C2D E6850 @ 3.41 GHz

    2 GB RAM @ 1066 MHz

    2 x Seagate ST3250620AS SATA-II 250 GB HDD

    GeForce GTX 260 896 MB with drivers 191.07 WHQL

    As previous this simple test was done on Utes with me as infantry walking/running in terrain, no other units/scripts/addons running. Back to build 63826 for me.


    The 197.45 drivers give me way better performance KeyCat. I use to have stuttering too, but not with the newest WHQL ones. 191.07 are really old.

    I can now set the video memory setting to very high too. When I was on those old ones I could not.

  10. wow someone tell me bis is going to start using cache now. 100% streaming simply doesn't work on the average harddrive.

    Why not just have the next engine be 64bit and use all the RAM you have instead of "do this, do that, copy here, move there, read post from this or that forum, somebody said try this"?

    I hope BIS will come out after Arma2:OA and tell use they are moving to a 64bit engine and will kick butt with it.

  11. Thanks! I did everything but the detailed pages of each scenario which have been pasted from qwertz analysis excel sheet.


    I had a blue screen with my 2gb ramdrive on 64bit Win7 with 4gb ram while running Arma2 but it also might be a result of to much overclocking ;)

    You need more RAM. You should never have a ramdrive with just 4GB. Win7x64 takes roughly 1.7GB at idle. Then Arma2 takes 2GB. Which leaves you 0 for a ramdrive. That is why you blue screened.

    Read the other threads on using a ramdrive with Arma2. You should have 12GB to make it stable. 8GB you can just get away with it.

    YOU DO NOT NEED A PAGE FILE WITH VISTA/WIN7 X64 WITH 6GB OR MORE RAM. Turn it off. It is useless for 64bit. If you think you are going to use more than the 4GB free (1.7 taken by OS) then buy more RAM. Google search it pagefile = useless for 64bit with ram.

    Remember that Arma2 is a 32bit program. It will never, never, ever, ever use more than 2GB. It can't. Even with all the mods added in. BIS has done a good job with getting all that data streaming in from the hard drive to constantly fill that 2GB. With the new beta it is getting better.

    The SSD helps BIS with this as they are one of the fastest ways to contantly fill that 2GB. The ramdrive trick with 12GB+ is another.

    Until BIS comes with a new 64 engine in which they can fill all that beautiful ram to their hearts content, then the SSD/ramdrive are your two options.