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  1. For me since I like staying on the Dev Branch I just copy the Addons directory to the RAMDISK everytime there is a Dev update and I want to play. Takes about 2 minutes at most. My RAMDISK program, SuperSpeed RamDisk, creates/keeps my 12GB RAMDISK everytime I boot up.

    My -mod line is: -mod=r:\Addons

    That is it. ArmA 2 or 3 will read the .pbo files from the -mod first and then if it can't see them there it defaults to the hard drive Addons directory.

    Some years ago during early ArmA 1 days I only had 8GB of RAM. Back then I just loaded the island/grass/etc... pbo's into a RAMDISK. The vehicles and such I left in the hard drive.

    This is a really simple solution to alot of gripes you hear from players about the BIS games. "I have this super XYZ computer with..... and this game runs like .@#$%...."

    Pass the word. This is how to make the game playable.

    Maybe someone can make a wiki with a cool procedure and links to free ramdisk programs.

  2. You don't need that @ram_files. Just <drive>:\Addons. Don't "move" your .pbo files. Just copy them. It will dump back to the hard drive Addons folder to get the files that are not in the RAMDISK Addons folder.

    Alot of the RAMDISK programs now have a save/load feature. Once you get your drive setup up you save it. Then if the computer gets rebooted it auto loads your RAMDISK.

    Until they move the engine to 64bit this is the best way to play the game.

  3. Just copy the Addons directory to your RAMDRIVE. Then change your -mod=<ramdrive letter>:\Addons . Make sure is first in your -mod line.

    You need a 12GB RAMDISK to hold the whole directory.

    You want to test that it is reading from the RAMDISK "cut-n-paste" the Addons directory to somewhere else on your hard drive. Then start the game. If if yells at you then it is not reading from the RAMDISK. If the game starts normally then all is good.

  4. Get yourself some more RAM. 24GB - 32GB is best. Create yourself a 12GB RAMDISK. Copy the Addons folder to the RAMDISK. Change your Arma3 startup line to put the RAMDISK Addons first. -mod=<drive_letter>\Addons .

    No more stutters. No more nothing. Play the game like it was meant to be.

    Stop fooling around and just buy the RAM. Otherwise tell BIS to change the game to 64bit and then have some program system that loads .pbo's into RAM.

    **Link to free RAMDISK program** http://www.softperfect.com/products/ramdisk/

  5. Been having a bloody hard time with the new campagin compared to the first one and previous Arma campagins. Did you guys do anything to change the amount of damage the CSAT and AAF could take? As im having a stupidily hard time killing one rifleman yet they are making swiss cheese out of me. Ive actually had it where ive gone through a full 30 round magazine at a distance of less than 50m from the CSAT 6.5mm rifle and just watched as survived to then in turn fire one burst kill me. then ive been struggling to hit the broadside of a barn at 100 meters while they are scoring headshots on me from 300m+ while ives dropped the enemy skill down from 60 to 20.

    For the record when i fire, I'm always prone (because its the only way i can score a hit, standing and crouching never hit for me in this campagin. I'm not breathing heavily to stay that im exhusted.

    I had none of these issues with the Survive Campaign either

    I am having this same issue. Especially when everyone is wearing that "extra armor" grenade vest. They are like Terminators.

    At the start of the mission where you hookup with Miller at the house after driving past the road checkpoint everyone one of the CSAT is a grenadier. Near impossible to kill them.

    I did not see a memory leak. I run all the .pbo's from a 12GB RAMDISK.

  6. Hi

    I tried setting up a RAMDisk containing all the ACR and all the plant/tree addons I could find, but this did not change anything and I still get the LOD transition. It appears to me as if all LODs are being scrolled though each time there is movement or zooming with a scope etc..


    I do not have ACR or the lite ACR. But I have a 25 GB RAMDISK with all .pbo's (arma2/OA/BAF/PMC/mods) loaded. 680 GTX 4GB VRAM (pci gen 3 enabled). i7 3770k "ivy bridge". Nothing overclocked. Full Steam version.

    ArmA settings: 10k viewdistance, everything at max except postprocessing disabled (I hate blooming white cows). 1920x1080. smaa full.

    Nothing LOD switches. EVER.

    *Switch this engine to 64bit and use the RAM.*

  7. Today we decided to roll back our servers. We spend the weekend testing 1.62 (incl. available betas) and reached the decision that 1.62 is step in the wrong direction. We had a long discussion and as much as we understand and accept BI's interest in DayZ we can not follow the decision to make the game compatible to an "alpha state modification". Until 1.62 all available mods, addons, islands are grounded on the game, and not converse! We know that BI always supported 3rd party mods and addons but in the end we paid for a modifiable milsim, not a for a modifiable Zombie mod.

    We hope that BI will soon seperate DayZ from ArmA again. But if not, 1.60 is our final ArmA2:OA patch as it still the best patch that ever happend to the series.

    Sorry to hear that. Game works perfect and even better for me. I run the game from a 25 Gig RAM DISK. No load times. NO LOD switching. Everything in RAM !!!!!!

  8. The AVR-2 was introduced in roughly '92-'93. I do not know if all Army units got them. Floyd might have some pic's of the 1-7th ones. When I got the 1-7th after the Gulf War they did not have them. Then in late '92-early '93 they got installed.

    I believe all units had the Laser Spot Tracker. They just never put them on. My Attack unit in Germany kept theirs in secure storage, and then we only had about 4 of them for the 7 Cobra's.

    Nothing is put on because it "was laying around". That is not how the Army works.

    You may find it weird, because the Army may have bought and scheduled to have something installed years before. Then in the meantime they decide to go to a different platform (58D for example), but that schedule still goes forward. So your equipment gets upgraded and then "turned-in" one month later!!! As the saying goes, " Your tax dollars at work."

  9. The real Ah-1F had no flares. The only countermeasures it carried was the IR jammer over the engine and chaff dispensers on the tail. I was going to give it flares but the Ah-1F pilot who was advising me told me not to bother. Plus, I think it gives an important game-play difference between the Ah-1 and the Ah-64. I have put some thought into how to do jammers but the answer is not forthcoming, especially a non-scripted solution.

    I don't know why Floyd would tell not to put on the dispenser. The F model did have a dispenser. The F's he flew in the 1/7th had them before the unit switch to 58D's. I was in the 1/7th before him doing 58C's. It is the M130. It sits on the tail opposite the rotor.

    Here is a website showing it. http://incolor.inetnebr.com/iceman/pilot12.htm .

    I think you are making a mistake not including it.

    The F model also had the AN/AVR-2 Laser Detecting Set.

    This you could probably leave off.

    Maybe he was talking about the AVR-2?

    **Also the only time I saw the Laser Spot Detector (the one in the doghouse) was with the 2ACR in Desert Shield/Storm. They were used in conjunction with the 2ACR 58D's. The 58D's would lase the target and the Cobra's could track to it.**

  10. And one other note for once you get to releasing UH-60s... AFIAK the Army never uses miniguns on a regular UH-60. Just for the 160th and their fancy birds. If I had to guess, anything from about 2007 and onwards would use M240Hs to replace the M60D.

    That would be correct. In the 160th they use maximum firepower to shock/overwhelm the enemy so that their clients can be inserted/extracted quickly. They are not a sustained fight unit. Get in, get out.

    You imagine you are the enemy and all the sudden your world is being rocked by the miniguns, or D.A.P., or AH-6. 2 seconds later operators are taking you down or all is quiet and the operators you were shooting are gone. You are like what the hell just hit me?????

  11. If your mobo can go to 32 GB RAM I would do that instead. RAM is super cheap now. With that amount you can load all the PBO's and pretty much anything else in a ramdisk.

    This is what I do. The game plays like it should.

    Remember for all you potential ramdisk'ers out there make sure you save 4GB for the game and at least 1-2GB for Windows/teamspeak. All the rest for your ramdisk.

    With that setup you will have no problems.

  12. well, enlighten me with your infinite wisdom sensei

    Arma does not decide what is paged and what is not. Windows does. Also, arma is LLA, meaning it can use 4GB ram. Arma doesnt do it, but that's how arma is programmed.

    I actually tested with a ramdisk a year back. With a tool that logged all writes and reads to the harddisk. If you have 2GB of "free" ram nothing will go to the pagefile.

    Moving the pagefile to ram is useless and is only asking for trouble. Although the risk of a cock-up is quite small because if windows needs more paging space it will simply make a new pagefile on the fly on your harddisk. Then it will alternately page a block to the ram pagefile and the harddisk page file making everything slower.

    I agree. That is why I keep saying to have about 6 GB free for Arma2/OS. All the rest in a ramdisk.

  13. @jiltedjock

    What res do you play at ? I've tried all PBOs on a RAMDisk, and Fancycache in various configs, but never a mix of RAMDisk and FC - did you experiment until you got these settings ? I have been leaving around 4Gb for the OS and Arma2, but still get a periodic freeze which started to appear after 1.6. I have everything on an SSD, but something is paging somewhere and causing the freeze, probably due to the amount of data needed to feed the three eyefinity screens.


    I have mine set for 4GB for ArmA2 and 1 to 2 GB for OS.

    When they implemented the LAA (Large Address Aware) you need to keep 4GB free for game and some for your OS or the game will crash at some point on a 64bit system.

    Remember Folks this is only for people goofing off with RAMDISK setups on 64bit systems.