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  1. Mr. Tea,

    That is the beauty of Steam. You don't have to buy from them. I NEVER HAVE. I buy the retail box for the same reasons as you and Steam then let's you input the license code. This lets you all the awesomeness of Steam.

    My main reason for loving Steam is that you can load/reload YOUR games on any computer you are at. Examples are home/work computer, or when your computer dies and you have to reload Windows, or when you are upgrading to a new computer. Cannot get any easier than that.

    Another reason is Clan/Guild/friends join feature. When you are on Steam it will tell you where your Clan/Guild/friends are playing and you just simply click to join the game they are on. Just plain awesome.

    BIS should have done this from the start. Their user base would have been huge.

  2. Finally it is on Steam. Thank you almighty. Two things though:

    1. Let us registar are current code on Steam.

    2. Queen's Gambit damnit !!!!!!!!!!!

    Tell me, is there anything easier than Steam?

    Sit at ANY computer.

    Load simple Steam client.

    Download and play your games!!!

  3. 1. Atari Retail DVD english version.

    2. Hmmm.... maybe you could change that? I was thinking that I was safe locked in the vehicles and screaming like a little girl like in the movies. Maybe you could have the yomies do very little damage to the vehicles over time. Like in Shawn of the Dead, where everyone hurries up and gets to safety in car and are scrared sh$tless and know it is only a matter of time before the yomies break through. Would add to the movie like atmosphere greatly.

  4. I cannot find the QG for download on the Atari website. They do not offer it. Only the original ArmA or the Gold version and I am not "RE"buying the whole game just to get the QG.

  5. Just some things to report.

    1. Could not get the menu to buy at ammo crates or cars. The bank worked but was very hard to find. 1.09 with RH_Pistol and yomies.

    2. Yomies walk right through vehicles and kill you. Happened to me in the blue civilian 5 ton. Yomies walked right through the back of truck and killed me.

  6. All U.S. Apaches will be upgraded/rebuilt to D models. It was budgeted last year. This will be accomplished on Aviation unit resets and/or phased overhauls per airframe. It will also be accomplished by selling the A models to foreign nations and purchasing new D models to replace them.

    The FCR is removed on all U.S. Apaches in Iraq/Afghan due to it being useless in that type of conflict. The weight savings is used for more avgas for station time. The millimeter-wave radar guided Hellfire is not therefor needed in Iraq/Afghan. The improved laser-guided Hellfire is used excusively and is much more accurate. The Hellfire has about a 8 KM range but is typically fired between 1.5 to 3 KM's. The average range of a Hellfire shot in Iraq/Afghan is 1.2 to 1.7 KM's. This is due to the need to absolutely identify the target in coordination with the ground forces they are working with. The price tag is roughly $100,000 each. So if you see a video of an insurgent being taken out by a Hellfire his/her life was worth $100,000.

    The Arrowhead upgrade is being pushed as fast-as-possible on all U.S. Apaches as it is light years better than the PNVS.

    Also budgeted last year was the life extension of the OH-58D to 2016/18. This will be accomplished through software upgrades, satcom radio, and upgraded TV sensor. The new ARH-70 will be rolled out per Aviation Unit reset when it comes online.

    The paint used on U.S. Army helicopters is called C.A.R.C. ( Chemical Agent Resistant Coating ). It does not help with IR/heat only the easier removal of chemical/nuke contaminants. It is sort of a rubbery latex. It does not weather very well. It is usually repainted when the aircraft goes through a major phase maintenance cycle. The paint is highly carcenigenic <-spelling in it's liquid form and the applier must be fully protected when appling.

  7. Ok, stupid question here. Most EVO blue games go in city order. What happens if you attack the enemy airbase after the first city instead? No more enemy aircraft? No more reinforcements? Will it make the rest of the game easier?

    Has anyone tried this?

  8. I say change the speeds of the helicopters. Going a bizillion knots is not realistic and makes them very hard to control at NOE. Helicopters are not fighter jets.

    Limit the Little bird to about 90 knots max. The AH model with full bag of gas and ammo can just about achieve that speed in real life. The helicopter only goes about 110 to 120 knots (with doors on, that does make a difference) in real life empty weight and at that speed it vibrates really bad. You have the feeling the rotors are going to rip off.

    The Blackhawk should be limited to about 120 knots max. With a full bag of gas and stuffed to the gills with PAX (passengers for you non-flyers) 100 to 110 is a acceptable cruising (and I mean str8 and level) speed. When I flew L models I only acheived 130 and above in a dive with a empty cargo and all doors closed.

    The Cobra should be limited to 120 knots too. The normal attack speed is between 80 and 110 knots.

    BIS please change this. Military helicopters are not AirWolf.

  9. That excuse of scratched CD/DVD's is utter BS!!!

    There are many cheap "skin" products for CD/DVD's that prevent that. I use one on my ArmA DVD and have no read/scratch issues with ArmA.

    Hopefully BIS will ban you and then track you down and prosecute you for hacking oChaos.DNJ. You just admitted to the crime in your post.

  10. One glitch hit me.

    I was playing Blue and attacking Cayo from the southwest. I kept getting a brdm/bmp coming out of the town and then disappearing only to reappear at its start point over and over and over. It just kept coming, disappearing, and then coming again. Blew the crap out of it a couple of times but never was credited with any kills. Finally when I moved into town it stopped.

  11. Admins I know it is tough out there but please watch who you are kicking for "cheating/spamming".

    Last night I was on a Evolution server and KFC can now spoof your username and spam the chat window and such. So of course when my username went flashing by a million times, I was kicked.

    My suggestion for admins out there is to kick any one not on a TS/Vent with you. No talkie, no playie.

  12. Hmmm... okay. I guess I just have to wait and try it out.

    Just some more questions about the HALO spawning.

    1.Will the AI shoot at you in the chute?

    2.Will the superman hearing and sight of the AI know where you have landed and be on you like stink on #@%t?

    3. Seeing that only SF do HALO's and 99% of military does not have jump wings how is this being realistic for Evolution play?

    I hope you take some of the ideas about spawning in my earlier posts in upcoming versions. I like your Evolution play and can't wait for the tweaks.

  13. I would like to have a respawn point other than the base. Driving half way across the map is really boring. I think this is what turns most people off to Evolution. It is boring. 1. Drive long distance. 2. Get shot by uber-hearing AI. 3. Respawn and repeat.

    My suggestion would be to have a Commander, highest rank or something like that be able to set a FARP/respawn point somewhere. Make it a infantry only respawn point with a couple of Hummers or something. All others respawn at the base to get there respective vehicles and such.

    Maybe you can set a trigger for this. Say if such and such was captured then you can chose to respawn there or have ability to setup a respawn point.

    What do you think?

  14. Actually the 58's have no chaff/flare dispenser. That is a ALQ-144 Infrared Jammer. I don't think ArmA/OFP ever modelled the ALQ.

    58's have a Laser warning system, and a RADAR warning system. For defence there is a the ALQ-144 Infrared Jammer and tactics/pilot skill.

    I look forward to your model. Hope you can make the cockpit fully functional.