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  1. I think in this "game world" Dslyecxi, helicopters have no weight or some helicopter aerodynamics. 0 to max speed in 1 second is just wrong. Max speed should be hard to attain. In real life, and I hate to compare, there are maximum speeds you should be at depending what your load/aerodynamic profile/environmental conditions are. When I flew it wasn't about max speed. If I could get good speed I was like "Hell yeah". Instant max speed is for airplane fighter jocks.

    Here is one example in the "game world" compared to real life. Using the MH-6 with with a full load of guys on the rails you can virtually instantly pull max power and at be at top speed of the helicopter in 1 or 2 seconds. In real life the MH-6 with a full load of operators on the rails is probably limited to 60 knots max and takes some time to get to that speed. Weight, aerodynamics, and safety of the passengers are factors. If you could do what can in ArmA your passengers would say, "Don't do that again you a$$hole. You nearly killed us. We were hanging on for dear life even though we were strapped in".

    Dslyecxi, I never played the early versions of ArmA, but I heard the helicopters were "sluggish". Maybe they had it right and changed it to what it is now for "game" purposes. So the only complaints I have ever had and posted about the game are the speed/weight issues.

  2. Well I went down to WalMart and bought the Gold version last night for $40.00.

    I did not want to uninstall my current 1.14 Atari version as it is working perfectly. So I copied over all the QG directories/files, uncompressed them, then changed my icon to include the dbe1 QG mod folder. Started up ArmA and it shows the QG stuff. I did not get the chance to logon to a QG server to test it out fully but will do that this weekend.

    Anyone think I missed anything? I thought I would have to install it or use the Gold code printed in the manual but I guess you don't.

  3. Neon said, "The Apache for example can be a real bear to get airborne when fully loaded in a hot environment like the desert. It can hardly get off the ground and will only really be able to gain much altitude when moving forward. In mountainous/higher elevation environments you have to be careful with it and hot weather as it won't be able to maintain altitude in a hover and will start to sink"

    Where did you hear that? It's not what I have been hearing from land of eternal dust. Even the my former bird, 58D, is not doing that with the little power margins it has. The 64D has a two beast engines and a transmission to pump it out. The only thing the 64D's are not loading up in the desert is the FCR as it is a useless piece of gear in that conflict.

    I have been laughing at this thread for awhile. The flight model is fine except for the stupid flight speeds. Let's hope the Mod's close this thread soon.

    Scout's Out !!!!

  4. It was a running joke between us pilots Blacknight. You would have to understand that the Cobra's (AH-1F)sat on the pad overweight. No ammo, just a full bag of fuel and all the gizmo crap (laser detectors, etc...) the Army could throw on the old bird. I would do traffic patterns (OH-58) or do more mission planning to wait for them to burn off fuel so that could pull pitch. Now that they burned JP8 to take off they still had no ammo. So the joke was that we could always blind our enemy with the laser.

    Scouts Out!!!

  5. Thanks for the reply D.Murphy. I really enjoy your mission. I hope you or someone could add the zombie anim in. I am just a gamer who enjoys the fruits of your labor. Keep up the excellent work.

    P.S. Wonder what ever happened to that chainsaw addon I saw.

  6. Kiowa's have the ability to carry two hellfires and one "Ma Deuce" (M2). The three-barreled .50 cal gatling was tested and is authorized for the Kiowa but sadly is not used. It will be the default armament on the new ARH-70.

    Hellfire carrying AH-6 are actually MD500 Defenders. The 160th does not use them. If you had ever seen one you would notice the hellfires are carried on a UWP arm (universal weapons pylon like the Kiowa) not that straight looking board attach pylon. Read the above posts about 160th maximum firepower. Think to yourself about the light helicopter armed hellfire, you are shooting your entire wad in one shot. Then what? Oops, time to fly back to the FARP, thereby leaving the unit you were supporting with no cover. You tell that to the SOF unit pinned down behind the lines counting on your support. Sorry I am all out of bullets!!! Be back in 30.

    20MM are not primarly used on light helicopters due to structual stresses. Remember they are LIGHT helicopters!!

    Helicopter transmissions are the key in any new design/upgrade. Nearly 99.9999% of the current engines in helicopters are power down rated via the transmission. That means the engines put out more power than the transmission can handle. Beefier more heavy duty transmissions equals more weight which goes back to what I said earlier about weight/time/ammo. When engineers design/upgrade helicopters they do two key things. One is to make the new engine more fuel efficient. Two is to upgrade the transmission which equates to more lifting power.

    Remember kids when Ma Deuce speaks everyone listens!!!!

    Scouts out!!!

  7. I have seen those threads. The youtube is of "Test" bed helicopters. That gatling is the .50cal gatling. It was tested on the 58D and is the default gun on the new ARH.

    Remember everything is a trade off in helicopters. More ammo/missles equals less fuel for station time. More fuel for station time equals less ammo/missles. More blackboxes to shoot ammo/missles equals less ammo/missles/fuel. High/hot conditions equals less of everything.

    When I was flying 58A/C's my Cobras used to sit and burn fuel or literally bounce down the runway to get into translational lift to get off the ground when loaded up with all the goodies.

    Two Hellfires is plenty on a Kiowa Warrior. The mission is not to destroy as much as possible. The main mission is to find/fix the enemy so the heavy hitters like arty/tanks/apaches/fixed wing can blow the bejesus out of them. Others include supporting ground troops as light attack overwatch.

    AH-6's / UH-60 DAP's of the 160th Night Stalkers support the SOF. They are not attack birds. They are not Scouts. They use maximum LEAD on Target for support. Things like shock and awe, overwhelming firepower to help SOF break contact or initiate contact.

    Scout's Out !!!

  8. I think the flight model for the game (and I mean "game") is just fine. They just need to fix the speed issue and the flimsyness issue.

    Would I like to have it more realistic like FSX, sure, but this GAME is not meant for that.

    My cred's on the subject: Former U.S. Army CW2. OH-58 A,C,D's and UH-60A,L's.

    It is a game. Moderators please close the thread.

  9. That would be nice for the AH-6 except IRL it would never be able to pull pitch. Too heavy. Hellfires and the gear to run them are a weight issue. 160th does not use Hellfires on their AH-6's or DAP's. Speed, station time, and a whole lotta lead to overwhelm the enemy so the SOF can break contact is what they have.

    As a former Kiowa pilot I wish someone would release a working 58D. I have seen a couple WIP's but never a finished product.

    Scouts Out !!!

  10. Finally, a excellent MOD. I have been holding off with all these "super" mods (ACE,etc...)

    I used the mod in conjunction with the new Schmalfelden map and the HiFi sound mod. Things I noticed:

    1. Smoke / dust. I could not see crap through the dust kicked up by tanks in front of me. My whole FOV was brown. Can you lighten up on the dust?

    2. When running my character was bent in a L shape like the hunch back of Notre Dame.

  11. I am a former CW2 in the U.S. Army. I flew OH-58 A, C, and D's plus sometime in UH-60's.

    That is why you will see me bitch about the helicopter flight model on here from time to time.

    Scout's Out !!!!!

  12. Dwarden,

    I played with you on your server this last weekend and I would have to say your EVO version is the best I played. Thank you. I liked the unflip vehicles thing and the enemy AI skill was perfect. They were aggresive but I did not feel like I was getting my ass kicked.

    I only had one problem and it was probably due to 1.12. My computer did a hard reset. First time that has happened to me in ArmA.

    My setup:

    Dual Xeon 3.4Ghz

    2 Gbyte RAM

    8800GTS 512Mbyte (latest WHQL driver)

    Full X52 setup (stick, throttle, pedals)


    NO ArmA MODS (just beta)

    No maxmem settings (never needed it)

    1680x1050 16:xx widescreen set with all settings on max and 5200 view distance.

    Please keep up the good work.


    P.S. PLAYERS: If you like the work people like Dwarden are doing, tell them. That way they know players are enjoying the hard work they are doing and will continue.

  13. I have the full X52 setup (joystick, throttle, and pedals) plus the trackir4. The X52 pedals and trackir4 help out tremendously.

    You have to setup the pedals as keyboard input to make them work.

    The only downside to all this awesome setup is the responsiveness of the helicopters. As stated in other threads the helicopters don't fly like helicopters. They fly like airplanes. They go from 0 to a bizzilion miles per hour in 1 second. They have no "weight" so the blackhawk is the same as the ah-6. They are just too fast.