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  1. The Stingers are only used in training in real life. But since this is a sim then I would leave them on for mission purposes.

    Kiowa's operate in teams of two Kiowa's or in "Pink" team with Apaches. So the load out could be mixed depending on your mission target/threat level. I would put common load out as one with Hellfire/50cal and the other with rocks/50cal. Some teams have been running with rocks/rocks in place of one of them.

    Also Kiowa's have been shooting M4's out of the left seat. It is part of the training table and there have been many successful engagements in Iraq. But it is a weapon of last resort.

    Number one weapon of the Kiowa is the mark1 eyeball. Find the enemy, fix the enemy, utterly destroy the enemy with all means available ( Artillery, tanks, fighters, Apaches, infantry, and your own weapons systems if necessary).

    Hopefully a later version you make will have the doors off. It has to be really cold to fly with them on and I mean cold.

  2. I don't know what you mean by Kiowa's flew limited in late 80's. I flew the crap out of OH-58 A, A+, C models. Even OH-58D models were flying in the TARPS platoons at the time. The OH-58A/C was the backbone of all Cav squadrons and Attack companies. The Kiowa's flew way more hours than the AH-1's and AH-64's due to their reliability and cost per flight hour. All Army missions begin with the Scouts (air or ground) out front. No Scout or Attack mission was ever without one or two OH-58's, even in AH-64 Attack battalions

    Find the enemy. Fix the enemy in place. Utterly destroy the enemy with all assets available. That is the mission of the OH-58 then and now.

    Scout's Out!!!

  3. Why is there a TH-55? TH-55's were only at Fort Rucker for IERW (Initial Entry Rotary Wing). Never was there a TH-55 in units. Plus they stopped using them in favor of UH-1's starting around 1985. The last of the TH-55's were sold off in late 1988. I know because I saw the last of them carted off on my way to the Shell flight line back then.

  4. Wow, this mission is just getting better and better. Wish I had the skills to do what you are doing. I cannot thank you enough.

    Some questions I have for anyone is how do I change the zeds to the tcp_anim ones and would this change their behavior (use ladders,etc...)? I like their look better. Running/hauling ass zeds just does not look right to me, but the behavior of the current ones are good.

    I am not a un-pbo'er/script changer so any files would be appreciated.

    P.S. Anyone use the SLX mod with this?

  5. Hmmm..... This mission always blows out my Zboard keyboard config. I have to save/abort/restart arma/resume mission to get it back. Also I can never get my initial weapon purchase to load bullets. For example I buy a USP and the USP mags but my counter always shows zero so I can never load a magazine. No matter how many times I restart/start new mission. I have had both of these even with the earliest versions of Quarantine. I chalked it up to a bug in the mission but it has happened still in the newest version. Something is amiss. Nothing else in ArmA or any other game has done this. I have even totally blown away my ArmA installation but to no avail. It happens even with or without any mods.

    What is in this mission to make that happen consistently? Anyone else with a Zboard MERC?

    P.S. If I quit out of Quarantine and go into another mission everything returns to normal. Weird.

  6. In another post I said I finally broke down and went to Walmart to buy the gold versions just to get the QG stuff. One for me and one for my son. $40 each.

    I did not want to ruin our perfectly running 1.14 versions so I thought you could just install the QG stuff. Nope. There is no setup.exe or anything just for QG. So I just copied over the QG directories and files. Unzipped where appropriate. Changed my icon addon mod path and now all is well. No codes or anything needed.

    I like Steam, but Atari/BI need to really to get this up and running like it should.