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  1. Punisher5555

    Offload more work to GPU?

    I agree with that. I think most of the issues come to that. Heck I think the first thing people do when they get a i7 is to overclock something. My stock system has never had any issues with the OFP/ArmA/ArmA2 series other than the stated ones by the devs.
  2. Punisher5555

    Devs time for a 64BIT version???

    Your crash is not the pagefile. You don't need a pagefile with Win7/Vista 64bit and that 8GB RAM. Most of these crashes are encountered with overclocking/SLI/bad memory/bad other chips/beta video drivers/etc... Don't need the pagefile with x64.
  3. Steam/BIS just changed the _runA2CO. Anybody got any ideas on the steam startup properties?
  4. Punisher5555

    Devs time for a 64BIT version???

    Thank you for the info Suma. So from users point of view the engine uses the LAA after some period of time. Say large, long, missions. The engine does not dump certain things. Is it random what engine keeps? If not, are you experimenting in your beta's on what to keep and how much to keep? Thanks again for your answers. They are clearing up a lot of confusion/questions that people are having on this issue.
  5. Punisher5555

    Devs time for a 64BIT version???

    Suma, can you give a quick example of how the engine uses the LAA for "file caching" instead of the hard drive? What does it take to go past the 1.5GB? You had a nice FPS test mission file you posted, anything for this LAA? Thank you. I love the game and will continue to support BIS.
  6. Punisher5555

    New beta for OA 71952

    That is what I get for not reading. :butbut: Thanks. No more errors. Here is my line for the Steam combined ops runA2CO :run "%_ARMA2OAPATH%\EXPANSION\BETA\ARMA2OA.exe" "-mod=%_ARMA2PATH%;%_ARMA2OAPATH%\EXPANSION;ca;EXPANSION\beta;EXPANSION\beta\Expansion" "-nosplash" "-cpucount=2" "-exthreads=7" "-mod=@CBA;@Summer;@Islands" %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9 ENDLOCAL
  7. Thank you 5133p39. I loved the slow (romero) type yomies.
  8. Punisher5555

    New beta for OA 71952

    Same thing. No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgVehicles/All artilleryTarget.' message and others throughout game play. Playing Steam combined.
  9. Punisher5555

    Cipher: Valleys of the Takiban

    I love your Cipher missions. 1.41b is awesome. On your new one for OA I ran into a issue when the "zone" was by the airfield. When I got to the zone everyone was dead because of the overflying friendly choppers. They killed everyone except the tanks. Needless to say I was much obliged, but the mission was super easy then. Also I stole a bmp from one of the side missions and proceeded to run over some enemy but they would not die. It was cartoon like running back and forth over them.
  10. You have a public key for this?
  11. Can you or someone else explain how the engine is using the LAA (Large Address Aware)? Does not have to be too technical. I am just not seeing the game using more memory than before. Is there some additional setting/parameter we might have to set?
  12. Punisher5555

    ARMA 2 OA 1.52 :Bugs

    I will second this.
  13. I have been cheering for you all the way Pufu. Any way I can help to see the best and hardest working helicopter in the world come to ArmA2. Scout's Out!!!
  14. This site here gives you the basic dimensions of a OH-58D (I). All you need to do is change it to a ® by adding/changing the air intake (which I see you did) and adding the uwp's and ALQ-144 (you have sitting too far back). http://www.inetres.com/gp/military/ar/rotor/OH-58D.html You can also get the OH-58D Kiowa Warrior Walk Around No.50 book by Floyd S. Werner Jr. at http://www.squadronsignalpublications.com .
  15. Maybe if you have some time you could add the new DAGR Laser-guided rockets. :)
  16. Are you changing the gun over to the M3P Pufu?
  17. Punisher5555

    New beta build 71749 up

    Keep it coming BIS !!!!! :):):):) With this beta I was finally able to complete the CounterAttack mission. Stuttering is has gone way down. You guys are firing on all cylinders. A company that takes pride in their product can't be beat. Take that you bastards at DICE/EA/Activision!:681:
  18. Punisher5555

    New build 71734

    This beta is smoother than the last one for me. Keep up the good work. BTW.. I rarely play with russian tanks. Is the commanders sight view in the T-90 supposed to be grainy?
  19. Punisher5555

    New Beta Build 71726 is up

    How did you verify the 2.29GB?
  20. Punisher5555

    New Beta Build 71726 is up

    Still not using more than 1.4-1.5GB RAM. I let it redo my .cfg. Here is the result: language="English"; adapter=-1; 3D_Performance=31915; Resolution_Bpp=32; Resolution_W=1920; Resolution_H=1080; refresh=60; winX=16; winY=32; winW=800; winH=600; winDefW=800; winDefH=600; Render_W=1440; Render_H=900; FSAA=2; postFX=2; GPU_MaxFramesAhead=1000; GPU_DetectedFramesAhead=1; HDRPrecision=8; lastDeviceId=""; localVRAM=1054539776; nonlocalVRAM=2147483647; Windowed=0; Suma can you or someone throw out some technical settings/answers on the LAA issue? Are there any changes needed to be made?
  21. Punisher5555

    New Beta Build 71726 is up

    I am only seeing arma using 1.4GB of RAM. Is that right? I used benchmark 1 and 2 which has a lot of stuff loaded and ran through a cipher 1.41b mission (mission has civs/cows/stuff and goes into big cities). Should almost all or most of the addon folder load into memory now if it is called for in the mission? I will continue to test.
  22. Punisher5555

    New beta build 71548 up

    Is that still true about the VRAM? Did one of the betas fix that?
  23. Punisher5555

    New beta build 71548 up

    Just switch to Win7 x64 like the rest of us. Well worth it.
  24. Punisher5555

    New beta build 71548 up

    Well, if someone puts up like Suma says I will put my vote for it.