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    Project Reality - WIP Discussion

    It really is Project REALITY !!!!! It has Spies and Lawyers !!!!!!! Can't get more real than that! Count me in!!! :p
  2. _runA2CO is the batch file that is run when you right click ARMA2:Operation Arrowhead and select Launch ArmA2:Combined Operations in the Steam Client. The file is located in your ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead directory.
  3. Punisher5555

    Head Bob...how many use?

    +1 for 0%.
  4. Punisher5555

    Quite The Clusterf***

    Hear is the answer for you. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=101615&page=4 Read the last post. It is by me. This setup works 100%.
  5. Punisher5555

    Takistan coop mission pack

    Thank you. I love your missions. Some of the best around. I play them SP.
  6. Punisher5555

    New ARMA2 OA Beta Patch 72418 Available!

    Another vote for blur off option.
  7. Another vote for blur off option.
  8. I have Steam ArmA2 and Steam ArmA2:Op. Arrowhead. I have the Op Arrow head beta installed. I have the latest ACE2:Op Arrowhead updated mon/wed/friday using Yoma' AddOn Sync program tied to the Kellys Heroes update server. I use the Summer vegeatation mod to get better FPS, at least for me. I put all my islands (Duala, etc...) into one folder. I run ArmA2: Combined Operations by launching the Steam Client. The "Set Launch Options" for ArmA2 and Op.Arrow are blank. I play ArmA2: Combined Operations by right-clicking the ArmA2: Operation Arrowhead in the library and selecting "Launch ArmA2: Combined Operations". This is my folder structure (Win7 x64): This is my _runA2CO that is run when you launch ArmA2: Combined Operations: The logic is: call(run) Op.Arrow with beta-> add ArmA2, add CBA, add Summer mod, add Island mods, add ACE2. Then beta paramters. Then lastly my dash launch options to make sure that this is what works for me/my system. To make the Summer mod work it has to be in that order. arma/cba/summer/islands. Since I play mostly single player I add these lines to my ArmA2.cfg (c:\users\"my user name"\My Documents\ArmA2). This way the firefights last longer and I do not get smoked by the uber AK-47 snipe from a million miles away. Whenever a new ArmA2: Operation Arrowhead beta comes out I just run the installer. I do not erase the old directory since it just overwrites the files anyways. And by selecting CANCEL if Win7x64 asks if it was installed correctly nothing shows up in my Win7 Installed programs. Out-of-sight, out-of-mind. Nothing to erase. Nothing to uninstall. No worries. Just keep overwriting. My procedure for this is: Again thanks to the others in the forum and BIS for helping me get to this configuration. It works perfect for me/my system.
  9. My file is the default with only the start line changed. I replaced whatever was between :runs line and the ENDLOCAL line with that call line. The key is to blank your Steam options line, move all your missions/keys/userconfigs/@mods to the OA directory. Launch your Combined Ops by right-clicking ARMA2:Operation Arrowhead in the Steam library and selecting Launch ARMA2: Combined Operations. I use the great Yoma Addonsync tool connected to the Kellys Heroes ACE OA updater server to keep my ACE updated.
  10. Punisher5555

    Inputting X-52 Pro and Peddles

    Do a search in the ArmA forum. You should find your answers for the foot pedals.
  11. The great Addon Sync Yomatool with the awesome guys at Kellys Heroes keeping your ACE up to date! Do a search in the forums for it. But don't thank me fully, someone else helped me get to that point. The beauty of the BIS community. People helping people. BTW.... That @Islands addon is where I keep all the Islands the modders release (Thirsk, Duala, etc..). I also throw in things like the molation army duala thing in there too. Makes it real easy to update. Keeps the mod line count low too. Also is a tremendous help when you are in MP and the admin changes maps\missions. You don't have to restart to change your mod line. Just put all that stuff under a addons subfolder. i.e. @Islands\addons\all your islands files. The @Summer is the summer tree mod. It gives me greater FPS by getting rid of the red/yellow trees. Have fun!
  12. Blank out your Steam options. Run all your mods from your Op. Arrow directory. i.e. %_ARMA2OAPATH%\ACE;%_ARMA2OAPATH%\ACE......... Run your -nosplash, etc... from the same file. Here is my setup for Steam Combined Ops with full ACE (I use yoma to keep up to date). :runs call "%_ARMA2OAPATH%\Expansion\beta\ARMA2OA.exe" "-mod=%_ARMA2PATH%;EXPANSION;%_ARMA2OAPATH%\@CBA;%_ARMA2OAPATH%\@Summer;%_ARMA2OAPATH%\@Islands;%_ARMA2OAPATH%\ACE;%_ARMA2OAPATH%\ACEX;%_ARMA2OAPATH%\ACEX_SM;ca" "-mod=Expansion\beta;Expansion\beta\Expansion" -nosplash -world=empty -cpucount=2 -exthreads=7 ENDLOCAL
  13. This line was given to me by someone else in the forum :runs call "%_ARMA2OAPATH%\Expansion\beta\ARMA2OA.exe" "-mod=%_ARMA2PATH%;EXPANSION;%_ARMA2OAPATH%\@CBA;%_ARMA2OAPATH%\@Summer;%_ARMA2OAPATH%\@Islands;ca" "-mod=Expansion\beta;Expansion\beta\Expansion" -nosplash -world=empty -cpucount=2 -exthreads=7 ENDLOCAL It works perfect. I just right-click and select the combined ops option in steam client. I never have to change it when a new beta comes out.
  14. Punisher5555

    British Troops DLC released & Official 1.01 Update

    I asked the question earlier about the sounds. I read that BIS went to a British base and recorded all the actual sounds for the equipment for this DLC. Is that true? Excellent job if you did.
  15. Punisher5555

    British Troops DLC released & Official 1.01 Update

    BIS, is it true that you were invited to a GB military base by a member of this community, who was making a British MOD, to record all the sounds?
  16. Punisher5555

    Cipher: Valleys of the Takiban

    I only play SP. Thanks for the ammo change. Heck, one time I got attacked right off the bat by two enemy Hueys randomly flying by. I just stood up from the ammo box and bam! With only one missle !
  17. Punisher5555

    Cipher: Valleys of the Takiban

    The issue is when you die (some of your squadmates are still alive) and select restart, you are stuck in the heli. It won't land. You can eject, but your squad refuses. You have to totally get out of the mission to start over. This used to happen in earlier Wiper versions of regular Cipher, but he fixed it somehow. My reinforcement heli flies over and goes about 2 klicks away and just hovers there. He won't go away until you abort him. One request. Can we get more Stinger missles in the ammo box? All the helicopters come in pairs (at least in my game). I only got one Stinger shot!!
  18. Punisher5555

    Devs time for a 64BIT version???

    Yeah, I don't think there is a 2GB 8800.
  19. Punisher5555

    Devs time for a 64BIT version???

    Suma, I take it you are running a Quadro card. If so what level of drivers are you running? Are all the devs running Quadro's?
  20. Punisher5555

    Offload more work to GPU?

    Yes. There are problems with the 2xx.xx series of drivers. Like your custom settings for games never save. ArmA2 performance drop, and reports of stuttering (like we see) in many other games. 2xx.xx series was made for the 400 series of cards. Until I see good things reported I will stick with these for my 285gtx. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
  21. Punisher5555

    Latest Beta Patch: 72107

    If anyone else has this please reply so we may enter a ticket. I played the Cipher Takistan mission. I picked the 4x4 with the grenade/commander machine gun. The tires and the gun textures would not load. They are just blocks. The rest of the vehicle is fine.
  22. Punisher5555

    Cipher: Valleys of the Takiban

    I get this and the dreaded heli freeze if you "restart" the mission. Wiper had solved that freeze but now it is back. Plus the heli never lands to give me more reinforcements. He just flys over the point and goes to hover somewhere else on the map.
  23. Punisher5555

    Keyboard Recommendations Please

    Zboard Merc +1