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  1. Will there be any Army Grunts like the ones in your signature PolishGI? Or will it strictly be SF?

    Hey USMC,

    Yes, those troops you see in my sig are active.  But not prepared for release at this time.  With that said, we have a bunch of SF nut-jobs on the team who are preparing some of the SF units we have for the first release.

    The troops you are referring to are in the motorpool getting outfitted with the latest and greatest gear so that looks good and is accurate for the time period.

    As you can see/read, we are being very methodical about this approach and what gets released and when.  As stuff becomes close to being released, there is a second and third tier of items being worked on and perfected so that one day it can be released as well.

    I hope this helps,


  2. As my mind recalls I remember them saying they are starting off with US Army Special Forces first.  After that next step would be USMC grunts "Khe Sanh" etc. etc....I might be wrong though..

    Nope, you are right on the money Bigstone!

    It is a matter of what is ready to be deployed and what is still being tinkered on in the motorpool...

    Using the screenshots, you have an idea of what is coming in the upcoming release.  The other stuff is on the radar and will be done, just not necessarily in this first release.

    We are aiming for "themed" releases...  By that we mean a service branch and its assets to go along with a map.  Example would be the Marine Corps (e.g. infantry, aircraft and vehicles) with the '67-'68 Khe Sanh map.  Another would be the Air Cavalry and the Ia Drang Valley...  And so on and so on...

    The toughest part about this venture is starting anew and from scratch.  Much if not all of our stuff is BRAND new and has not been carried over from our OFP days.  So we have to battle our new models, a new game (ArmA) and a new foundation that works well within ArmA.  I do not recall any island to date that will be as comprehensive as ours.  Maybe I am wrong, but as you see from the pics, I think we got the ambience of the jungle captured once again.

    The hardest part is getting this plane off the ground so to speak.  But also getting it RIGHT and not throwing crap out there for all to download.  Adding to it with subsequent releases will be much easier.

  3. We had a small issue with the isle, We had to rethink our approach. Rest assured it has been rectified, it will be released soon.


    Can you elaborate this alittle please? I have no special reason except that I like to read about technical mumbo-jumbo in addonmaking! smile_o.gif Maybe other modmakers can benefit from the information to?

    Really looking forward to go back to vietnam!

    When you make a jungle map as dense as we make them, there are a lot of variables to take into consideration.  There are many many pieces of vegetation that are placed on the map so we are constantly tweaking this vegetation to retain the visual effect while increasing performance.  Our maps have been historically large and very dense so the number of veg pieces is huge...  

    If you think of it...  Tweaking 1 model affects MANY pieces of vegetation on the map...  So a tweak here with Model A, tweak model B etc etc...  

    Our goal is trying to capture the Southeast Asian jungle on machines of all types.  High end super computers or the low end machines and still be playable.  So if you have the juice to turn up the settings, it will be presented like the promo pics we released... If you do not have the juice, you will hopefully still be able to play it with the settings dumbed down.

  4. Your site needs to decide whether it's OFP or ArmA guys. I can't see what's what.

    Also, where is your forum? I clicked the link and found the OFPNam site but no mention of Unsung on it. Do you have an Unsung section?

    Hopefully this helps.


    Unsung News Link


    Unsung MOD Support

    Regarding the EX-41, it will not be able to shoot M576 rounds, only M406 rounds...  The launcher works on the premise that the rounded portion of the 40mm HE round helps load the next round into the chamber.  The M576 round is completely flat and therefore jams.

  5. Got a small suggestion/question.

    Are the weapons gonna have some sort of High Dispersion option? In the jungle the fights are gonna be from a close range, and I don't know if sniper AK's(like normal AI has) is gonna be the best solution for optimal gameplay.

    Got a small suggestion/question.

    Are the weapons gonna have some sort of High Dispersion option? In the jungle the fights are gonna be from a close range, and I don't know if sniper AK's(like normal AI has) is gonna be the best solution for optimal gameplay.

    If you played our OFP MOD, high dispersion ammo was standard and not an option.  We have applied HD ammo to all weapons but we reserve the right to tweak!  wink_o.gif

    In a jungle atmosphere...  encounters range from 50-75m and below...  So between the HD ammo, the recoils...  it is going to make things "interesting" to say the least.

    You will have to internally fight the want to hose someone in the jungle vs. conserving your ammo and finding the right position to fight from...  Hosing the ammo makes for a quick battle...  You either run out of ammo or you become public enemy number one by the AI...

  6. holy smokes! i see S.O.G. warriors brought some VERY informative photos from last patrol held in deep enemy territory or should i say mod makers HDD drives? biggrin_o.gif

    hehe, just awesome, can't wait till we join up in a MP game guys wink_o.gif

    btw, is that CSJ hueys?

    Yes! Good eye...

    CSJ's Hueys are included and ready to go! I think his birds speak for themselves... Good stuff...

  7. As you guys would suspect, we have a pretty indepth roadmap of what we want to release and when...  With each release, there will be a theme so to speak.  We want to get 1 or 2 releases under our belt by adding some content for others to play.  Then we plan on releasing the larger pieces of the MOD.

    So to answer one question, we have every intention of including the Marines, the Army, the Air Cavalry, some Navy items, Aussies, Koreans etc until we have all service branches of the Armed Forces included during this period of time.

    Khe Sanh will most likely be our first undertaking since we finished OFP with the Khe Sanh Sanh module.  With any luck, we will be able to present the Marines (e.g. Infantry, USMC vehicles, USMC aircraft) to the community and move on from there...

    Morale is high and we are moving at a very good pace.  We had some new members join the team that are talented and motivated to move forward as well.  It is a very good working environment and a deep knowledge base as these pictures are starting to show people.  90% of the items being created is brand new for ArmA.  Very little is being retained from our OFP days.

    Regarding the performance of the jungles.  This is a very challenging aspect of any Vietnam based MOD.  As you would suspect, it can be the most taxing issue on a computer.  Then trying to create vegetation that is top of the line but that also can run on all machines is "fun."  If you recall or had a chance to play our MOD in OFP, we were able to master that quite well I think, so we are applying our knowledge to creating veg that is playable in the ArmA environment.

    So stay with us...   We have some cool stuff being worked on in the motorpool...  Being all NAM nuts, we hope our passion for recreating the war comes through loud and clear...

  8. Wow...  just reading this thread...  very little to add as it would be redundent...

    If I can ask, who was it that thought putting your player profile and saved missions into a second location was wise?  My Documents?  Come on...  Leave all the game files in ONE location...  or if you must, all the player to choose where this secondary location will reside.  But again, this is the basis of most complaints, don't mess with the original recipe, just make it better...

    Also, I am disappointed with the island making software...  It is not very intuitive and its output makes for some very large file sizes.  I am part of a MOD that is working to construct a "jungle environment" and with using BI objects, it is nearly impossible to create such an environment without creating tons of lag on a computer system.  Mind you, this is a computer system that chews up and spits out ArmA on a normal basis (performance wise).  So now we are going back to the drawing board and will make our own vegetation (as we have in the past) so that it is more efficient that what BI provides so that our large islands can run on a lower spec machine.

    It is troubling to see a software program come out as a sequel to a great and well respected game such as OFP and not live up to expectations.  It is concerning to me that BI finally felt it necessary to work on this "sequel" when they were running out of money, nearly broke.  So you crank out a game, pass it out to the Euro fans 70% complete and let them find the bugs.  The fact that the early patches are several hundred megabites is amazing...  those are not patches/tweaks, those are files to re-write game files that should have been corrected prior to release.

    Then the time delay with the tools...  Let's face it, the ability to MOD OFP sent this game through the clouds...  and for BI to hold onto them for so long...  rediculous....  Do we know where "Linda" is?  (vegetation program)  I have not heard of this program in some time...  no wait, will it be released for ArmA2?

    I'm sorry, but my pendulum is swinging back to OFP2 and Codemasters...  BI is obviously flying by the seat of their pants and have no direction or timing...  I realize they are a small company...  but you took a golden ticket and lost all momentum with ArmA's release...

    I hope Codemasters is watching this...  and learning what not to do...  It will be a shame if they are unable to captialize on BI's misfortune.  Competition is a good thing...  it only benefits the consumer, us...