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  1. Thanks for the kind words guys... Always appreciated... Yeah, we had a sabatical due to RL issues... But we are back on... currently combing through about 1.0-1.2GB worth of data files looking for errors or troubleshooting. We are finalizing the island now that we believe we found a recipe we can live with and that A2 agrees with...

    Thanks for the offer! Currently we have 58 x weapons with various grenades, 14 x vehicles, 8 x helicopters and boat loads of infantry. Various Pistols, SMGs, Shotguns, Rifles, Assault Rifles, Machineguns, Grenade Launchers and Anti-Tank Weapons. Even have the old French stuff included for the VC...

    95% of the weapons are animated (as you would hope for and expect) so I do not think you will be disappointed. SKS (Type 56) and the Chinese Type 56 (AK47 copy) are both in the mix. M-14 and the automatic version are included and you should like it... it really "delivers the mail" if you know what I mean.

  2. Not bad... Magazine on the A1 looks a little out of place...

    On the CT56, the wood texture that you have chosen to use is a bit light and gives the appearance that it is dry. This is not very conducive for life in the jungle where moisture is everywhere. Military applied an oil on top of the wood to, in essence, seal it from the outside external elements and to prevent the wood from rotting. This would also tone down the color of the wood so that it would appear a bit darker.

    Good job!

  3. I don't know how much the m203 was used in 'Nam but I wouldn't mind seeing the venerable M79 Grenade Launcher, any chance you folks will have that?

    Yes, as stated above, the M-79 is already in the mix.

    Not wanting to get into a list of when certain weapons entered service during the "Police Action", we want to offer a number of different weapons for people to play with regardless of service life and quantity produced. You will find this with the EX-41 pump action grenade launcher as well. We like options and want to pass that to the community.

    For the record, the M-203 40mm G/L has been in service with the US Armed Forces as early as 1969. It probably reached front line troops by the early 1970s. It was meant to replace the M-79 but many consider it a poor replacement. You could not load it as easily/quickly and some questioned its accuracy when compared to the M-79.

    Hope this helps!

  4. why those weapons are worse than in Arma 1 release ?

    models of AK and M16 are wrong

    in Arma1 release AK was better

    now M16 looks like 1985 version, not 1965, wrong

    i hope YAC will keep eye on weapons as he keep eye on units

    AK has wrong furniture

    M16 is A2 made, not M16 neither A1

    Hi Vilas!

    Thanks for the post. The AK has been left untouched from our ArmA 1 release. I assume, what you are referring to is the Chinese made Type 56 Assault Rifle (buldozer shot) which was copied from the Russian AK-47. It had a stamped receiver and a permanent (cruciform) bayonet. The color of the wood is a bit lighter (name escapes me right now; type of wood that China uses) than that of the Russian cousin because that is the type of wood that the Chinese had to work with when they copied the AK. So it is going to be lighter in color...

    We are planning on having multiple types of AKs and CT56s in the next release. To have JUST the AK-47 would not be accurate or as eventful.

    Thanks for staying on top of us! :butbut:

  5. Thanks for the info PolishGI,

    So what your saying is, it's a 20 rnd magazine but your only putting 18 rnds in that magazine. I was just commenting on the picture itself with the 30 rnd mag. This mod will be one of the best when it's released! :cool: Thanks!

    Absolutely Mast! Yes! The magazines capacity is 20 rounds, but back in the 60s, the spring within the magazine was not the greatest (go figure)... and the ground troops found that IF you put 20 in the mag, it had a greater chance of misfeeding the next round. So whereby going to 18 rounds, it is less stress on the spring and the magazine had the greatest chance of correctly feeding all 18 rounds correctly. When taking that into consideration with the M-16's other initial problems, it seems like a no-brainer when in a shootout.

  6. Also, don't forget 20 rnd magazines instead of 30 (you're probably aware of that too). The Unsung Mod is still one of my fav's. :cool:

    No 20round magazines either... 18 is the magic number... adding 2 additional rounds could cause the magazine to jam...

    Yeah, 30rd mags typically did not see Vietnam until 1969... And at that, they had to be bought Stateside using personal funds since the Army did not purchase them until later.

    Yeah, the rear sight will be fixed, I will swap them out...

  7. Are you planning only authentic "islands" based on Nam maps?

    Yes, unless one of us come up with a pretty cool fictitious island, all future maps will be based off of locations within the country of Vietnam.

    In the beginning, they will most likely be the well known locations, but we might slip in a few maps that are of particular interest to the author. But again, these maps will most likely be from a physical location in Vietnam.

    We have the DEMs for most of (if not entire) country so it is easier for us to use the DEMs create the terrain for us instead of us creating the elevation changes.

    Hope that answers your question.

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    Great news :)

    I hope you'll find all you need about staff !

    Us too! If not, we will start passing out free beer for those who join.

  8. well you are encouraged to discuss your problems with binarize here or at ofpec.

    its been a crazy battle for almost all people here.  crazy_o.gif

    I believe the final DL for R1 will be close to 1GB???  give or take...  we over shot our initial objective of a "few" things...

    Okay, binarizing everything is a joke with ArmA...  very very sensitive process...  But we will get through it...  With all of the various pieces of junk running around IN GAME, we have to binarize everything to help systems out...

  9. Is AI still able to see/sense you through 4 bushes in a row and kill you with deadly accuracy as in vanilla ArmA?

    Well, that depends...

    A lot of time was spent on setting up View LODs on the jungle models.  So you have two options:  slow and quiet, or fast and loud...  

    Slow and quiet limits your Line of Sight but you are better concealed from the AI.  We've conducted internal tests where you can crawl up to an enemy force and sit within 10 meters of them without them knowing.  

    Now, you can have the biggest, baddest set of 4 bushes you want, but if you run or fire your weapon in automatic mode, you will become Target #1.  I've had some success when engaging the enemy with an M-16 by using fire and move techniques.  Using those techniques with the M-60 wasn't so successful

    But realize you have many variables that you have to take into account when engaging/moving within a jungle atmosphere.  Seldom will you make it out of a fight if you stand and fight with an automatic gun.  Firing in automatic is only good for when you are firing to suppress the enemy and then you flee.  Semi-Automatic is preferrable and you also save ammo and reduce the chance of lead poisoning.  

    Another item to take into account is that we use DEMs to create our maps.  You will rarely find a flat surface in which to move so you should consider also using the terrain to your advantage when attacking/fleeing.

    Hope this answers your question.

  10. I know we shouldn't ask these kinds of questions but.....how soon should we see R1 and will R2 release be within a few months time of Release 1? Sorry I'm sure you guys are not big on release questions, the suspense is killing me.   biggrin_o.gif

    No worries, we are anxious to release as much as you guys are anxious to check it out!  We will need feedback as you guys would assume.

    But with that said, most of us have RL jobs/families (e.g.construction, security, student, pilot, accountant etc) that this increases the time unfortunately.  

    R1 is not far off.  I do realize we keep saying that, but it is close.  It is just a matter of tying off a few loose ends and troubleshooting the missions so that they are SP and MP ready.

    R2 release should be much quicker.  I doubt we will add any new islands, just tweak the existing two we have now.  We plan (at this time) to add a different service branch of small ops teams to the MOD, we plan to expand on the NVA and VC forces along with adding many new small arms weapons along with new missions/campaign.  

    R1 was our attempt to build a stable foundation in ArmA with a few units, a Huey, island and some models.  Well, we over shot that a bit (over 1GB of garbage) and are just trying to eliminate from annoying errors so you guys do not have to be bothered with them.  So it takes time to identify the error and correct it with so much ground to cover in the MOD.

    R2 will be an expansion of R1 with an additional troop type (western).  We will add a few additional pieces that enhance the MOD’s realism/ambiance when playing.

    R3 is where the rubber meets the road because we going after an era we were set to release in OFP.  It deals with the area OF and AROUND the Khe Sanh area ('67-'68).  Obviously, you would expect the marines.  So we plan to try and add everything that is related to the USMC as far as we can.  This includes infantry, vehicles (soft and AFVs), aircraft (helicopter and fixed wing) etc.  Now this will be a larger undertaking but the great part about it is that we will be adding to the MOD’s inventory of goodies, not creating this thing from scratch.  

    Keep in mind, 95% of the things you will find here are built from scratch…  We passed on re-drafting a few models that were exceptional in OFP and worked on just the textures.  Everything else is newly created with new(er) textures.  I think you are able to see the difference in the screenshots we have provided.

    So to answer your question, (with any luck), we will be able to add the necessary content rather quickly and start internally testing it for R2.  While testing, the mission guys will be able to start right away making their missions so that R2 can be turned around rather quickly.

  11. What other aircraft besides the Huey will be in the mod?

    Well, not being held to this list, I think we would like to do the following:  Cobra, Choctaw, Sea Knight, Chinook, Jolly Green Giant, Kiowa, Loach, Phantom, Crusader, MiGs, Skyraider, C-130, OV-1 to name a few...

    Obviously this is a larger list and it will require time to make, but these come to mind...

    Hope this helps...

  12. Maybe not a "Forrest Gump" feel, but will certainly have a "Platoon" or a "Full Metal Jacket" feel to it. We read about a lot of battles and life out in the field so we try and get it as close as we can for a game. Expect PLENTY of classic songs from the 60's  wink_o.gif

    Erm as for before the summer, a fair amount will have been released, not sure about everything though. Things take time and I know I speak for myself and a lot of the team when I say free time is not a thing we have lots of, most have exams or uni work and others have full time jobs to attend to, unfortunately  banghead.gif

    Oh well, we try as hard as we can  thumbs-up.gif

    I think he was saying is, "Can we expect the first release before summer?" I think.

    Gawd, I hope so...


  13. As we all know, the difficult part in finding a specific sound is one that represents a sound that is closest to the real thing.  Because we are in a gaming environment, I doubt we will be able to capture a sound that is identical to what you will hear in the real world.  There are just too many variables to take into consideration.  So with that said, we went nuts hunting, altering, modifying sounds to arrive at a finished product that we thought was as close as we could get.

    Sounds are subjective, one sound that person A likes may not be a sound that person B likes and so on...  But do realize a significant amount of time was spent to get it right from our perspective and not Hollywood's perspective.


  14. So we are playing with the idea of getting it in game

    Are you implementing it as a hand-held telescope?

    Nothing like sitting in a dark and wet jungle looking into the abyss (much like you have described)

    with either rain...

    You're pretty much always wet in the jungle. Whether it's

    sweat, mist, rain or river water (or all of them at once).

    It's tough enough just living and moving about in it, never

    mind trying to fight too.

    whistle.gif Perhaps I have said too much about the hand held monocular...

    You are so right!  Living/moving in the jungle and battling the insects and/or weather was difficult enough let alone fighting someone who wants to kill you and believes in what they are doing...

  15. You guys doing a starlight scope?

    Think night vision monocular...

    So does that mean "no", then?  A Starlight 'scope would be

    like a night viz telescope (either hand-held or weapon

    mounted), not a thing you have up to your eye all the time.

    That makes it very different in use. ArmA doesn't really

    support that kind of thing though, unfortunately (unless

    you've found some wizzardly way of implementing it).

    I once had the British clone of the Starlight 'scope mounted

    to the ArmaLite ("M16A1") in the jungle in Belize; useless...

    bloody useless. Like looking through a telescope at the

    bottom of the sea and the sight and mount were actually

    heavier than the rifle was!

    Well, the scope/monocular was rare at best but when provided to western forces, those pulling a security stretch at night for an NDP would get it to look for enemy patrols approaching.

    So we are playing with the idea of getting it in game for either the SF boys or for perhaps the US Army guys.  We are anxious to have patrols in the bush that lead into the evening and night hours watching for the enemy...  Nothing like sitting in a dark and wet jungle looking into the abyss (much like you have described) with either rain coming down or a perfect sky...  The enemy could come within 10 meters of you and you would never know it...  Only the audio sense to tell you what, how many and where...

  16. Yeah now thats the kind of immersion I like.  Operation Starlight 1965 M-14's and Battle of Hue M-16's.  You know the US Army's 1st Air Cav had the M-16's in 1965, while the USMC still had the M-14.  I guess since the M-14 has a larger 7.62 round that packs more of a punch compared to the M-16's 5.56 round.  Well looking forward to this cool mod. smile_o.gif

    Yeah, it all depends on when each service branch engaged into contract talks for which specific weapons.

    That is the million dollar question...  M14 vs M16...   M16 vs AK47...  strengths and weaknesses...  different answers for different people...

    It's coming, we hope everyone enjoys it as much as we have enjoyed putting it together...