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  1. will you guys add the South Vietnam army?

    Working on the ARVNs as we type... still pretty much in the prototype phase... but they will be included in a future release along with the Walker Bulldog...

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    hihaaa sounds good @Warrior X:bounce3: ...oh men i pray every day for this mod,hope of intense junglefights in coop ...so vietcong1 like.

    Best Regards

    Hang in there... we are working on troubleshooting... Its frustrating for us because we want to release it and move on... but we need to make sure it is ready to go and that we have missions to play.

    You've seen some video of various fighting, that is from a few missions being made. So we are getting into that phase... Just difficult for now because we have to get this bird off the ground and flying. After the initial release, they should start to come quicker... It's just time consuming with building a foundation in which to build off of for the future.

  2. the backpacks would always be nice, would make long patrols more interesting imho, load up, head out into the jungle, find a nice OP drop the packs and then do a lil recce. but other than that cant think of to much, maybe the flares since AA played a big part in the war?

    Agreed... the rucks are about it... but also a necessity...

    OA is nice to play some of the BIS missions/campaigns... But it will be the rucks that move the MOD into OA... assuming we make the move... Still working on wrapping up what we have now... let alone discussing future projects...

  3. Still waiting for the manual you promised to release!

    Looks good though!

    As stated in a prior posting...

    We will release the manual when we are about 1 week away from the MOD release. When the manual is finally released, the MOD download should be about 5-9 days after...

    We are not at the point of releasing the manual at this time. We are still working on preparing the MOD.

  4. what about 30rd magazines in various branches of SF?

    NO, none of our guys have 30rd mags configged

    You have to give them a 30rd mag M16/CAR15 (E1 or E2) using the init command.

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    i hope the map is good junglefeeling with risefields small vilages and small streams in the jungle :D

    As Savage stated... please keep in mind we are working within a program that has limitations.

    I always said BIS should make a jungle island map. Everything else is cake... Jungles are as bad as it gets for computer usage.

  5. Looking great!

    By the way, i will have to ask even though it is a stupid question, are you giving the M-16 a 20rnd mag, every M-16a1 i have seen in mods so far are 30 round.

    No. The M16s will come in two flavors. 18rds in a 20rd magazine and a 30rd magazine. When the M16 originally came out, they had trouble with the 20rd magazine spring properly feeding the M16. By only inserting 18 rounds, this took stress off the spring and prevented jamming. So all of our 20rd M16 Magazines have 18 rounds to simulate this.

    The 30rd magazine is around and can be selected, but all of the boys are coming with the 20rd magazine. The 30rd mag didnt really hit the scene until '69. Even at that, the US Armed Forces did not purchase them in any great quantity. By the time they hit the shores of SE Asia... you get the point. If you wanted a 30rd Mag, chances are you had to personally purchase them in the US and have them shipped to Vietnam via personal package.

    Hope this helps.

  6. PolishGI,

    great to hear, i don't mind if there not in the initial release, just as long as they come eventually.

    Oh yeah, there is quite a bit to do with the MOD... it will be a work in progress for some time... But we are focusing on the foundation of the MOD and then build off of that. We have stuff we want to build and include... but at some point down the road, it may be opened up to suggestions from the community.

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    i know thatmost people on the forums wouldn't care about this, but do you have plans for doing the australians in vietnam? there was not many of them but they were proffesional at what they did.

    Don't say that TOO loudly... we have a couple of Aussies in the group that are expecting that ... and if we don't create an Australian force, there will be an internal lynching...

    L1A1 is included... For starters...

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    have you thought about teaming up with the other vietnam mod to make one AWESOME vietnam mod.

    btw stuff looking great.

    What other vietnam 'MOD' are you talking about?

  7. I'm very sorry if someone has asked this before, but i don't have time to go through every page.

    Anyway, is there going to be South Vietnamese troops either in the intial release or in later updates?

    No worries... ARVN troops are being built, or about to be started...

    They will NOT be in the upcoming release. But very much on the radar screen.

    Hope this helps.

  8. Thanks!

    We hope you guys enjoy it when its released... We're having fun making it... hopefully the time going into this thing shows...

    I am curious to see what, if any, missions are created so it gives us something to play as well. We are planning on providing missions with the download, but it is always neat to see what the community has up its sleeve.

  9. Do you guys are planning to make the PBR Mark II boat patrol ? :yay:

    Yes, but down the road… We have a riverine pack we want to put together that would include most of the river craft seen in Vietnam. But again, this upcoming release is more of a foundation in which to build off of…

    I know this may be an odd question but have you guys considered using the M16A1's from the RH pack? The sounds and the model itself are pretty good.

    Not an odd question, but no, we will not be using a 3rd party model for our M-16. All of our weapons have been hand built for A2. We have quite a few new sounds for the weapons as well. We have two sound guys that are very good.

    will you have tanks like m48 pattons and apc like m113

    :yay::bounce3::yay: :)

  10. Wasn't that the case with the ArmA 1 version, that a lot of players badmouthed

    about the performance?

    With A1, you could get away with using an older machine... typically the same one that people played OFP with... With A2, you most likely going to need a newer machine, and gfx card to run the game because of the shader versions.

    So, perhaps! If that answers your question. A1 was kind of middle of the road and if you had an older machine/card, you might experience some lower FPS. I will assume that most of us have newer equipment now to run A2 (I had to purchase a new machine) so performance should be increased.

    Not knowing your background, you will find that people (community) will bit** and complain about something or everything so we cannot account for all of those statements. But I will tell you that I am getting about 35-50+ FPS in the bush with the current setup. Under load (large battle), it maybe is 25-45. For me, that is acceptable since I do not notice any lag, just a number in the upper left hand corner.

    Hope that answers your question.

  11. Good question, that is where the issue lies with creating a jungle environment within A2. To clutter or not to clutter? That is the question. Or do you place each and every piece of vegetation now that a tool exists to do that? There appears to be some questions coming up about the auto-clutter feature and its ability to CTD the game.

    We have to run down each rabbit hole to see how A2 reacts and how the performance is...

    So to answer your question... AI finds their way through the vegetation quite well. Obviously, AI avoids rocks, buildings, trees etc. On the larger veg models, there are paths everywhere for the troops to follow. Vision is blocked using View LODs in each model. We have large grass fields with view LODs setup to conceal troops as long as they remain below the grass level (read prone). This view LOD could be small in width or it can be wider depending on the density of the grass. (e.g. you can see further is lighter grass or 5m in front of you in dense grass) So the AI will not have an advantage.

    We finally figured this out in OFP if you ever played our MOD back then... We figured it out in A1... And we believe we are getting close to utilizing the A2 engine effectively. The performance on the current setup is very good.

    We will not release an island if the view lods are not setup properly or if performance is in the toilet. This kills the island entirely and takes away any enjoyment. So we do not intend on wasting our time or the community’s. There is nothing fun in fighting in a jungle atmosphere and someone shoots you from 300m away through bushes, trees, shrubs etc.

    Rest assured we have a minimum expectation to reach as we have been doing this for five years now (OFP)??? Geez, goes by quickly… But this is what is causing the delay in releasing the MOD. Meeting our expectations with the island…

  12. Theory vs application...

    In theory, good idea... application, not very practical I think. As X stated, it is difficult to see given the garbage you have to walk through. You will most likely place them in strategic locations (e.g. paths, doorways to hootches, roads) but then that requires precise placement via manual process.

    But that is the beauty part of the community. We create tons of different things so have at it!

    I'm glad there are more screenshots... not enough IMHO... (looks at X....)

  13. Old??? Who's old? I'm offended Sav... haha

    Of course we have every intention of releasing the manual. But we don't want to release it until we are about one week out. It will also be included in the master download when the MOD is released. When the stand alone Manual is finally released, you guys will know we are close... I would say give or take 5-9 days depending on internal final tests.

  14. No worries, I was simply curious. I remember printing off about 80 pages of a manual for that mod many years ago.

    If it's C&C your not familiar with, well then I have just one thing to say.

    Kane Lives! :p

    *Seriously: The mod looks great & I'm looking forward to it.


    Yes, familar with C&C! But now I am bummed that the manual is no longer an original idea... hahaha :p

  15. Hehe ok :)

    Well i'm actually looking forward to making missions for the mod, the vietnam era is a huge interest of mine :cool:

    Excellent news! Really, content is about 90-95% complete less the island. The island will not take much to get it ready for release now that we know what needs to be done. The A2 engine is not terribly user friendly when trying to recreate a 'jungle' atmosphere. This has caused the delay... and many headaches...

    Once the island file has reached the level of the other files, we will continue to put together a few missions and kick off our Internal Beta testing week(s). This typically takes 1-2 weeks as a final walkthrough. Final revisions are made, if any, and then it is kicked out the door to the public.

    We are hoping to publish an Operational Manual that accompanies the MOD. This includes some light reading about the weaponry, vehicles and aircraft used in Vietnam along with any scripts (how to use) and appendices telling everyone the weapon/ammo class names, infantry unit makeups etc. We think this is a great addition since it wraps everything up into a single document.

    Our intent is to release this Manual about 1-2 weeks prior to public release to give everyone something to chew on and an idea of what to expect. The manual will also be apart of the download. As a preliminary notion, the manual will be around 100 pages or so to start. Obviously this will grow with the MOD as we have future updates/releases.