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  1. Hey Unsung-Team,

    I know it's annoying and please do not beat all at once...but what is the current status from the mod?:whistle:,would love to test time :o

    No beating... We released the MOD internally (Round 1) and have been testing as you guys know... The second round of tests are about to begin since we found a few minor issues with the MOD files. We think we have corrected them, but need another internal test to confirm.

    Not long, we promise...


  2. We are working on a script that does a few different things... one picks up wounded troops via a dustoff, another will bring you new FNGs depending on how many spaces you have left in your squad and yet another will drop an ammo box to resupply your squad. I believe the script will work off of a designated area or you can click on a part of a map to keep it dynamic.

    Not sure where we are at with that, but apparently it works pretty well.

  3. Just take your time. :) it's easy for people to get all crazy the closer to releasing something you get, and if there's some unexpected delay, people might even go COMPLETELY crazy. I remember many years back when Invasion 1944 had given a release date for their first release, and it was delayed that day, people even wrote things like "F You Invasion 1944" etc. People really need to just.. relax and.. relax.

    I'm completely crazy about this though, I want it now, GIVE IT TO US! Haha. :)

    No but seriously, take your time!

    hahaha this reminds me of Unsung and OFP... we did the very same thing... offered a release date... and then got hung for it... back in 2005 or 2006 I think...

    We walked away from that saying NEVER AGAIN! no dates... when its released! its released!

  4. Woah, just read through your release pdf. Amazing! Thankyou for including the SLR for us aussie folk :), amazing weapon it is.

    Looking forward to release! Any future plans of including Aussie Units?

    We have aussies in the MOD group... Skipping the Aussie Units is not an option... just down the road... can't include a weapon like the SLR and not make the aussies, right?

    :eek: ;)

  5. omg you actually gonna include china lake's pump action grenade launcher !!!!!!!!!

    who needs shotguns? just load 4 buckshot rounds, dump em in the bush, reload, dump them again and again and again anywhere you want!

    although you have to be a seal to wield that toy :|

    Careful on the 40mm buckshot rounds... When the China Lake GL was designed, they tested both the M-406 HE 40mm round and the M-576 40mm buckshot rounds. The HE rounds loaded fine because the HE head was rounded at the edge which promoted a smooth loading process. The buckshot round on the other hand is not rounded like the HE round. It resembles a 40mm shotgun round, which is flat on the front side. During testing, the pump action grenade launcher continuously jammed because of this flat side to the buckshot round. There was nothing on the round or in the chamber that would allow the M-576 to load smoothly. Under testing, service branches were told they cannot use the M-576 round... only the M-406 HE round can be used.

    Therefore, in the name of realism, the China Lake 40mm P-A G/L only uses HE rounds...

    Sorry about that... I was excited about using the buckshot round as well... but it is not to be...

    Pictures of the rounds:

    M-576 Buckshot


    M-406 HE


    Hope this helps!

  6. Understand that an eagerly awaiting public is a good thing even though it just seems like you are being pestered now.

    Very true! We understand... we are compiling the files (I believe) and gathering the final versions of the missions that will be included.

    Once that is ready... I hope to release the manual... in fact, I need to do a final walk through to make sure it is ready to go... give you guys something to read before the download becomes available...

  7. Ok ok ok...

    OFPNAM took a direct hit recently... not our fault... the web provider is "experiencing technical difficulties" at this moment... so I hope they can put ofpnam back in place... site looks like it was hit with a nuke...

    So we are finalizing a couple of our missions that will be released with the initial download... not a huge number of missions, but we need to kick this bad boy out the door so we can move on to the 2nd and 3rd releases... so you guys may have to deal with only a few missions for now... perhaps the community can come up with a bunch of its own... but realize we will be adding to the list with new missions once they are ready to go in the future.

    As far as MOD files go... we really are in the final stages of testing/tinkering... but I fear that we passed by the productive stages of testing... now the benefit of testing is outweighed by the loss of time... if that makes sense...

    So once our site is back up, we will be putting the files back together and maybe one final round of testing internally... and then kick it out to the community... we've been sitting on this long enough... time to cut loose and move on...