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  1. hi Unsung-Team,

    i have little big problem ...the lighteffects on some weapen is fault in this little vid can you see them

    i fired a m-16 ,ak 47 and m14 ...the lightning effect is only by the m14 but see yourself


    is that a bug ?

    Hi stephsen,

    When the weapons were designed, we used the default BIS proxy for simulating the muzzle flash...

    With the M16 and AK47 on one side... the M14 on the other side... what is the difference I am looking for?

  2. Ok, I am play testing the Ia Drang Valley map and have found a decent balance... between inept troops (friendly or enemy) and troops that can shoot you 4km away...

    Granted, I am using the new files that are coming out shortly.

    But if you go into:

    - Options

    - Game Options

    - Difficulty

    - I have Regular selected

    - Select Edit (lower right hand corner)

    - Friendly Troops (Custom; .65)

    - Enemy Troops (Custom; .44)

    This combination is working well for me... average engagement on IDV is about 100m (75-110m). Fights last a while and there are rounds hitting ALL over me BUT me... Granted, I''ve been hit with an RPG... I get raked over by an AK-47... buts it is more fun now that there is some slop in the troops... The A2 troop settings are just too razor sharp... need to dumb them down...

    Anyway, just a suggestion...

  3. Ok so I finally found some time to DL in peace and hove a browse. Really nice work on the map guys, and all the units and vehicles are also very nice.

    My only query is about the red dirt, is really that colour? You guys would know more than I...

    So the only errors I've had so far are as follows.



    Hope this helped =D

    I need help recreating that error with the rvmat. Is it a specific troop that is causing it? That way I know what to look for...

  4. Well from those old days of planning about config, it just lacks buckshot ammo. That toy with buckshots would make my day! :D

    Ofcourse i could do a version with buckshots, but only for personal usage and it would still lack the jamming(since i'm not a scripter); but first lets try to crack you guys about buckshots (i need community support here hehe). :pray:

    Oh and totally forgot it's called not ex-41... China Lake Natic 40mm pump-action grenade launcher(the most correct one) or China Lake 40mm pump-action grenade launcher - the proper names. And add reloadable magazines for it in ammo box.

    P.S. today i googled about it again, cod: black ops gonna have it, let's wait and see how it'll brake gameplay :D

    True... EX-41 is much easier to write though... looks like the Natic is even misleading due to the nature that it was never assigned an official designation.

    But we get the point...

  5. I still would like to see china lake's natic 40mm pump-action GL with buckshot ammo, BUT ONLY with jamming script(similar to ACE's) with 25-33% of jamming for buckshot ammo ;)

    P.S. I pray for this :pray:

    hehe Speaking of which Gedis... you go back with that thing for some time now... Does the ex-41 stack up against your expectations ok? Anything to alter or change? Besides the M576 buckshot round... haha

  6. some humble suggestions to improve the heavy weapons:

     class uns_m72rocket: CA_LauncherMagazine
     scope = 2;
     displayName = "M-72 Rocket";
     ammo = "uns_m72ammo";
     type = "2*  256";
     picture = "\uns_weap\m72\m_lawlauncher.paa";
     modelSpecial = "\uns_weap\m72\uns_m72";
     model = "\uns_weap\m72\uns_m72e";
     initSpeed = 285;
     descriptionShort = "M-72 Launcher";

    the M72 and vests will take up more ammo slots if you use this script above in your config

    Thanks eggbeast! Our intention for the M-72 rocket is not to take up that much room. The launcher is already loaded with a single shot, no need to take up additional space in your gear loadout. Sort of like double counting, no? The launcher/rocket are basically one unit so they were assigned a single space because they are thrown over a shoulder or in this case, attached to the grunts' packs. We are looking to make the M-72 un-reloadable in the future so enjoy that while it lasts.

  7. ok here's a useful bit of text you might like to add to the readme...

    it's a full list of units, weapons, ammo and vehicles with master (full) arrays for randomised spawning as well as specific arrays for e.g. types of soldier or weapon... useful for mission scripters.

    updated to add in arrays of soldier TYPE like grenadier or AT etc for any specific scripts that run off this query

    Hey Eggbeast,

    Thanks for the text! I will take a look at it to see what I am missing. I believe I have most of that in the appendices... but I like that you are also including the static weapons, vehicle names and their weapons/ammo.


  8. Great job !!!

    Just one question, is it normal to heard Vietnamese Fighters speak Russian ?

    Did I miss something during the setup of your good mod ?

    Nope, you did not miss anything! We are working on a conversion where you only hear the Vietnamese language... it was not ready and the call was made to release instead of waiting for it. It's coming...



    Very nice pics... I like them a lot...

  9. yeah i totally agree..dont make defoiated! my uncle as some of you may remeber me saying from previous posts was in the army and IIRC was in the 4th infantry, then became a sniper in a LRRP team on one of his later tours! and from all the hundreds of pics he showed me..some of which was actually taking by him and the LRRP team of enemy objects(like one was from a mission he did where they had to scout a supply depo along the "Ho Chi Minh trail"), and i can tell you that the guys of unsung took it easy on there jungle island(lowlands map)! as he said most engagments his team encountered was on accident on most occasions(and he said most times even the NVA\VC was just as suprised as his team) and that it happened so close most times that the pointman could stab the enemy pointman lol! and he told very bone chilling true stories of hand to hand combat that they did(and i dont lie about this..it was creepy shit he talked about..stuff u dont see on the history channel\docs\movies)! and on top of that he had another 3 hour talk about missions and shit he did while being the platoons "Tunnel Rat"...thats a storie for another day cause i doubt this comunity cases about my uncle and his crazy stories of nam!

    but yeah my uncle was very impressed about all this, and even tho he knew nothing about arma and all that, i had to..in a 1 long speech explain what arma was..what the comunity and these forums were, and how it links and supports togather(comunity + BIS)! and i explained how the "Unsung Mod" is not a paid game developers company and you guys are just pretty much some friends who like many many other bi comunity members\mods do this for free and for fun! and i know..i know this is an extremly long and irrelevant to this thread, but......on behalf of my uncle(who requested me to say this!!!)

    DISCLAIMER: This can be a long, and boaring\lame speech kinda thing lol, but was requested to be said to you guys at the unsung mod team, on behalf of my uncle!

    so to the Unsung Mod-From the words of my Uncle Ronnie: many people dont understand the importances of our history, and how we learn from the past! and even tho this is a game, like many other war games(i guess he meant like the d-day invasion games) it allows people to see and understand what young guys(well he meant young at that time haha) like him and the thousands of other nam-vets went through! and it sheds light on that fact of what it means to fight for the man next to you! (as he told me) most wars fought like ww2 was a war that gave the u.s. a reason to fight..a reason to be patriotic! where as vietnam(as he explained) after the first week of being in country, that whole "patriotic and fighting for freedom" BS goes right out the window,(and as he put it) it is one of the first wars where soldiers fought for 2 reasons, and 2 reason ONLY...the first is for your life, secound is for the life of the men next to you..as unlike many other wars your in a place that has absolutly nothing to do with the u.s.(whether ppl believe so or not) so your not fighting for the freedom of your country..noir are you fighting for anything that the u.s. should be involved in!

    so all in all my uncle just wanted to say thank you for what you are doing, and whether you guys know it or not, your doing a great deal for anyone who served in nam(as by getting ppl inteserted and involved and forther more giving ppl knowlege of what soldiers did in nam..and so all those that served and died in nam can get the respect they deserve!

    and i would like to give my thx to you guys as i now know what my uncle meant by this game gives ppl more knowlege on nam..as since iv been interested in nam(since a1 release of uns mod)i have learned alot more of what these guys went throw, and i now have more respect! and forther more, i can proudly say that since when i was young my uncles stories of working with the "Jolly Greens(elite & original of the CSAR)" had inspired me to do the bit of combat search & rescue(CSAR) i did in my limited serve in the united states air force! and i can proudly say i got to serve with the modern desendents of the jolly green giants\pedros(who are still very much alive and kicking)!

    END Of Lame Speech lol

    @Unsung team: Anyways i got a few questions:

    1. as you may have read i served in the usaf with the csar fella's and so that gives me the feeling to want to play as my nam-counter parts..so on that note!!! any chance to see some HH-53B's or HH-3's in nam-camo paint job? and maby a modified\re-skined air crewmen to make PJ's or some other type of csar ground force unit to go with the JGG's Helos?

    2.another question? any plans for some fast attack jets or sumthing that the FAC's can call in for CAS?

    3. this one kind of goes with the second question but any chance for Napalm..that like stated\reqested above can actually burn for awhile and burn away vegitation and trees..to clear for quick insertion\exstraction???

    well thats it for now, im sure ill have more questions and requests but for now im at work so i wont bother ya guys too much lol!

    p.s. sorry for this long annoying post, have a great day and keep up the outstanding work fella's!


    I truly do not know what to say to that... and I always have something to say... Tell your uncle thank you for the kind response. It is feedback like this that makes our efforts worth while. Makes the details we include worth while. Makes the minutes, hours, weeks, months worth it in the end... This has always been our intent... we are quite passionate about the Vietnam Conflict and we hope to convey to others what all fighting forces that participated went through while stationed there... this is not limited to the US forces... many countries/nationalities served...

    We always set out to try and recreate an environment based on our knowledge from what we've read, researched, viewed pics of.... I hope the time we spent on this shows... From your uncle's feedback, it looks like we are in the ballpark...

    1 - Yeah, I thought we had plans on creating a 3 or 53 in the future... that is up CSJ's alley since he is the copter guy... hopefully he has time...

    2 - yes, we have plans for fixed wing aircraft... we had a Skyraider running around along with a Phantom... need to check on those... somewhere in the motorpool...

    3 - Agreed... we need to develop a good napalm script... can't have Nam without napalm...

  10. It's cause they're on the wrong side of the world.

    ---------- Post added at 16:05 ---------- Previous post was at 16:01 ----------

    Hey guys for some reason the ambient sounds from this mod are WAY too loud(hurt my ears had to turn my volume down loud) and the gunfire sounds are far too quiet. Are you planning on adjusting the levels for future releases?

    Hey, we can take a look at it for sure... Hopefully, Steve is watching this thread...

  11. some testing feedback:

    the weapons config has an error:

    class uns_makarov is defined at the start as "uns_makaov"

    the M113 and vulcan - turning out is badly tagged so you are only halfway up the hatch and can't see. Inside the windows are notalpha'd so you just see white. This means you can't drive it except in third person.

    There is almost no recoil on the VC Thompson and many other heavy calibre weapons.

    The M63a locks onto vehicles and you cannot aim down the sight

    Itwould be great to make the M79 a SECONDARY slot weapon, so it can be carried over the shoulder like a LAW along with your M16 etc.

    Lowlands Island

    In the editor, the airbase items like sandbags do not show up so it's really hard to place items in the base without carefully inchingthings into e.g. the mortar pits, or to findthe edge of the buildings etc.

    These are all minor bugs. The mod is great. Lovingly crafted and a nice feel.

    However, you stand NO CHANCE in a firefight as you never see anyone... maybe Icebreaker's jungle islands have better foliage?

    Hang in there... Future islands are going to be based on actual locations. Lowlands was our first/initial attempt at a jungle while monitoring performance... We believe we have learned a great deal from this island and are applying that knowledge to future islands... there are several islands that have already kicked off with the thought of having the vegetation block the LoS...

    Good bug list! Thanks for the feedback.

    Keep'em coming...

  12. another thing, the sterling only fires full auto, i thought it had a fire slector. the predecessor sten certainly did anyway

    I will check on the Sterling... Made this model so long ago I forgot what I was thinking... Initial search confirms your thoughts... but I want to double check to see where I was headed 'back in the day'...

    Which Sten had a fire selector? Not the Mk II... I have one in the family arsenal... automatic or safe...

    Sten MkII (& SD) should be making a showing here in the next release or two... The Belgian army made a Sten called the Imperia (if memory serves) and I believe that had a fire selector on it... but that won't make the MOD... :(

  13. Hye nice mod, but some bugs are present, like the BAr Fll Auto rifle lacks a model. The Thompson also lacks a stock.

    EDIT: The ah-1 cobra lacks a working gun and the rockets come from the centre of the helicopter rather than from the rocket pods

    AH-1 is fixed but update wasnt included...

    BAR? that is coming in the next release... call it forshadowing...

    Thompson that is lacking a stock is the Vietnamese (VC) made Thompson. To cut down on the weight of the weapon, they went without a stock.