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  1. If you have the vanilla version of A2 loaded, and the Unsung MOD is correctly set up... Then I would make sure that the @uns/@unsung expansion is active within OA...

    Should be good to go. On issues such as this, we focus on the individual's machine and setup. The common mistake is setting up the MOD correctly. Did you load the initial release? And then the patch? The patch simply overwrites the original files. But that is needed in order to make sure you have ALL of the necessary files.

    If you applied the patch and then the original files, you will have outdated files from the start that could throw errors.

    Hope this helps.

  2. Hi, I'd like to know if you made any progress about US infantry units causing freezes. Have you found the problem? I believe it has something to do with bags which US infantry units wear, because US soldiers without them are ok.

    Hey Drapka,

    Like Sav said, I do not encounter this either. It has just been brought up recently and since I cannot replicate it, someone was going to try and get me the troop type/name so I could look into it further... But that hasnt happened yet...

    So I am unable to move forward on this at this time... :(

  3. A Marine patrol is staking out a nearby village looking for bad people...

    Unsung Marines

    A US patrol has stopped by a local village based on a tip they received from the local population. Growing suspicious, they start interrogating the inhabitants... Various armored elements stop to see if the patrol needs any assistance or backup.




    A grunt daydreaming as he and his unit approaches the vill. Overhead, a Skyraider stands watch over the unit ready to pound any enemy forces encountered.


    A grunt stands watch as reinforcements arrive after a small gunbattle. There were 4 confirmed enemy KIAs and approximately 4-5 enemy WIAs during the engagement. US wounded have already been shipped out via a dustoff. The second pic is of a heavy lift chopper dropping in to supply to the platoon on the ground.



    The platoon has moved on from the vill looking for bloodtrails and any sign of enemy wounded being left behind. The Battalion CO wants a high body count on this mission.


    During the patrol, the weather starts to go south as it normally does during the 'wet season'.


    Visibility is now becoming an issue and the platoon needs to slow its pace down. No need getting separated from each other and putting the unit in a bad position to defend itself.


    After about an hour or so, the rain let up a bit allowing the platoon to carrying on with its patrol. By this time though, the enemy is long gone and the platoon commander radios battalion to set up an evac point and get the platoon out of the area.

    US PATROL 10

  4. I really appreciate your help, but the problem still persits. I mentioned in my previous post that all other units are fine, not only VC/NVA. 30 M-113 in the same place are ok. I have tried your recommended details, however, it didn't help, even the lowest details didn't solve the problem.

    Some US units are fine, other are causing freezes.

    Others are causing freezes? Are these extended freezes? Momentary freezes?

    Which units? That would help so we can look into the specific models.. Infantry? If so, which ones? Vehicles? Which ones? Let me know... from your specs, I would think that you have MORE than enough to run things smoothly... We have not heard of this issue before... not to say it doesnt exist... but I want to see if it is something in our models or something specific to your machine.

  5. hmmm Currently, the US units are MUCH more detailed than the VC/NVA counterparts. We are working on this for future releases.

    Video settings:

    Texture Detail - normal

    Video Memory - normal

    Anisotropic Filter - low

    Antialiasing - normal

    Terrain Detail - normal

    Objects Detail - normal

    Shadows Detail - normal (doesnt really pay to have high detailed shadows)

    HDR quality - normal

    Postprocess Effects - disabled

    Vsync - enabled

    Maybe this will help...

  6. You may already be aware of this new beta, but it may help according to the change log. I have not had a chance to test myself, but it may be the solution you guys were looking for with the SEA map loading times. Thanks for your continued dedication to the UNSUNG world.

    Hi Khugan! Thanks... we were the basis of that fix... we were that "some world" hahaha

    Try it out! Load times are back down into the 30-40 second range again...

    Thanks for looking out for us!

  7. When was released the latest patch of Unsung? Something about 4 months ago?

    I posted some time ago problem which my version contain - missing one crew member (gunner) in american and russian apcs (lav and btr). Was it solved?

    That is tough to say... I can't say I have really checked... I don't really play A2/OA Vanilla that much... purely focused on the Unsung files atm...

    I imagine if you deactivate the Unsung MOD, it will work fine for you.

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    Nice map and mod but unfortunately its almost unplayble for me. Massive stutering and low FPS stops me from playing this mod :(.

    Wow... What do you have going on with your machine? The 275 GTX has a memory bandwidth of 127.0 gb/sec compared to my HD 5770 which is rated at 76 gb/sec and I'm getting an FPS of 20-51 on all of our islands? (Lowlands, SEA, Dong Ha, Ia Drang and Plei Trap)

    I'd check your rig first...

    ---------- Post added at 01:14 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:13 PM ----------

    did anybody solve the texture bug in the US infantry and USMC units (the shadow problem turning the green uniforms black ) ?

    I believe you are the only one to mention this... I know what you are talking about... I believe it has to do with one of the uniform files...

    I will see what I can do to improve it.

  8. To start off, thanks for the interest in helping us solve this issue.

    As stated above, any patches (OA) above 1.52/1.54 greatly increases the load time.

    I will need to try and add this to my start up and hopefully it works. All signs are positive at this time.

    As stated, SEA has around 4 million objects… We have two additional islands coming out (Ia Drang Valley and Plei Trap Valley) that each have approximately 4.5-4.75 million objects. It is not related to the bin process… these are rather large islands.

    In fact, I am reaching a point with Visitor 3 that it is dinging at me and saying it is out of memory. This occurs at around the 5.25-5.35 million object range… Visitor dies… Then to have BINPBO bin the island successfully… it usually “times out†before the bin process is over… Causing me to delete objects from the map (Vis3) and get the count down to about 4.5-4.75 million objects… then BINPBO is happy again and we have a successful bin process. There should be no concerns with our binning process, we have been up and down this road for many months now. I am a little concerned about the object count limitation in Visitor 3…

    Prior to this cure, any version over 1.54 in OA increased our in game editor times to several , several minutes… Load times went from 25-28 seconds, to over 5-10 minutes… some people were experiencing load times of 40-50 minutes… rather excessive…

    Prior to cute, A2 on my machine at v1.08.xxxx took 1m 48sec to load up as of today. (pre fix)

    I am hoping this fixes the issues so that we can release the next bunch of content for the community. Then I can maybe ask the BIS folks if there is a limitation in Visitor 3 for object counts and for BINPBO and the binning process. I’ve had to chop down my island to accommodate this restriction.

    As far as a DL link to SEA, let me catch up with CSJ (author) and see where the latest link is at…

    Many many thanks to you geloxo for posting this question so it can be addressed. This has been a headache for some time now.

    Cheers to ALL for chiming in here,


    My specs:

    2.8GHz Intel Core i7-860

    Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

    GB PC3 10600 DDR3 SDRAM

    1GB DDR5 ATI Radeon HD 5770

  9. "Sea" it's the best vietnam map out there, at least in my opinion, but it takes like 30mins to load the first time :(. I hope they can find a way to fix it :o

    Well... we are not sure what is causing it but follow our train of thought...

    In OA, versions 1.52 and 1.54, this map and 2 others load in about 20-30 seconds...

    If you patch OA to any version past 1.54, load times increase dramatically... our files are constant... only thing that changes are the BIS files via the patch.

    With ArmA2, v 1.08.blahblahblah, these maps take about 1m 50s to 2minutes to load...

    We are not sure what changed in the BIS files, but there is a huge difference in load times from OA 1.52/1.54 to the latest version.

    Hopefully, BIS corrects this... I havent patched OA past 1.52 yet... thinking about going to 1.54 here soon... but no further until confirmation that BIS corrected whatever they left out in subsequent versions...

  10. Fantastic mod. Well done to all those involved.

    Busy playing lowlands I have identified a few bugs. One is when calling in the Huey to hold over an area it sometimes just flies over and lands in the middle of nowhere. It then takes forever to get the option to call it back. Another is rearming the M113. I can only rearm one clip. A hundred bullets that's all.

    Also the VC have an uncanny ability to spot me in the dense jungle from afar and take me out. They seem a little too accurate. There isn't much no bullets whizzing about confusion because with in half a minute I'm usually dead :D

    I will look into the M-113 ammo issue... That is new, I will see if I can recreate it.

    Yes, Lowlands was our initial attempt at an island. If it pretty good, but does have a few issues with it.

    We have about four islands in the works now that have gone in a different direction as far as construction. We believe this new way is a better approach for preventing AI to see each other a mile away.

    The problem we are having at the moment is with BIS and their "update patches". 3 of the 4 islands have 3.5-4.5 million objects on them. Large and/or dense jungles.

    What we are finding is that with OA v1.52-1.54, our islands load (in game or editor) in about 20-30 seconds.

    Updating OA or A2 to the latest patch, now causes A2 to load these islands in 2 minutes and OA (I heard) takes much longer... Very frustrating. Not sure what BIS did, but the loading times are significantly more with later patches.

    So when we release our next version of the MOD, people need to keep this in mind until BIS corrects this...

  11. I have a question about the Unsung War mod. I noticed you guys mainly focus on helicopters, but I'm also interested in flying bomber and fighter jets. Are there or will there be any air strike missions? Thanks.

    Good question... Our focus for the MOD is primarily on an infantry combat simulator. With that said, we do have helicopters that we focus on and allow players to fly.

    Fixed wing aircraft will be included in future versions of the MOD. Their primary focus will be to carry ordnance to the target and attack it. If the pilot experience is there... so be it, but it will probably not receive the same level of detail/attention that the remainder of the MOD is getting... At least not at this time... There is just too much that we need to get to in order to capture all ground movement during the Vietnam Conflict.

    If someone has something in their motor pool, hopefully they will speak up on our side... but I would say the comment above will be fairly accurate.

    Hope that helps!

  12. One question: I´m using the vegetation included in the mod in a custom map and I would like to know if any of the elements included is designed for blocking the AI from seeing you (or if there is any plan to do so; I read that for your future maps it is the idea). As mine is a quite big map, if possible I would appreciate to have this info in hand before starting to populate the map like mad with bushes that do not prevent the AI to see player :p

    Thanks in advance


    ALL vegetation has View LODs set up and are functional. The main discussion revolves around balance the 'clutter' with actual vegetation placement. Clutter, as to not lower performance, does not use the View LOD which is why anyone and everyone can see through it. Actual placed vegetation has view LODs that will block human and AI line of sight.

    Careful on the size of map you use... ArmA2/Visitor are limited... Both of my 25km maps (Ia Drang Valley and Plei Trap Valley) use A LOT of actual placed veg... so again, finding that right balance of vegetation placement and have the clutter fill in the gaps so to speak. IDV is currently at 3.75 million objects and runs great. I took Plei Trap for a trip to see what, if any limitations there are... I hit the 5.75 million objects before I started encountering 'out of memory' errors from Vis3.

    CSJ has a 10km map I believe he is around 3-4 million objects and is already getting out of memory errors... so he is having to work around this limitation to bring his map to life.

    Hope this answers your question and helps...

    Let me know if you have any more.


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    Ha, that's crazy, i've sat behind the right door gun of Huey 509! It does sound incredible in real life.

    Great pics!