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  1. days more like...

    if i can get the editor to load - its like watching paint dry atm

    my download from armedassault.info was actually ok - butwhen i uncompressed it some of the files got corrupted. when i tried to copy them to my C drive windows 7 locked up for 20 mins. i eventually isolated the file and then extracted it again from the 7zip file and it worked fine.

    I'm wondering now (As the editor is taking 10+ mins to load) whether some ofthe other files didn't unpack properly.

    I'm on a 64bit win 7 quadcore with 4gb ram and a 128gb solid state drive - shouldn't expect errors like this - i guess 7zip is a little perky with files this size maybe?

    There is a fix for the editor load times... its a couple of pages back... or search for map loading times in these forums... Load times should not take anymore than 30-40 seconds for any island.

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    As for the map being black, that's probably done on purpose. Not every infantryman had a map in the 60's, and there was no such thing as GPS. There should be certain classes that have a map, such as radio operators, pilots, officers, etc. but I don't know if Unsung gave the map object to them or not.

    (Basically, if there is no map object in your gear menu, (Down at the very very bottom of it. Much smaller icons) you won't be able to use the M map and it will show up as a black screen)

    This is a great post. We tossed it around for a while... Historically, the grunts did not get maps... We've included them for "playability" factors...

    So everyone SHOULD have a map...

  2. Hi, which version of game is best to use for this mod? And is it possible to run this without arrowhead? im asking becouse ive terrible problem with arrowhead. It run for five minutes and than its gone :-(.

    Apparently the latest BIS patch isnt that hot?

    A2 runs fine... We have NOT made the jump over to OA yet... I run OA in the version prior to the 1.59 patch... so 1.57-1.58???

    Both work well.

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    New on front page at Armed Assault.info

    Link to mirror :

    The Unsung Mod (v RC2) : http://www.armedassault.info/index.php?game=1&cat=addons&id=1718

    Thanks Old Bear!

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    Thanks for the links!

    A tip is to rename the part one link to part two on armanam ;)



    Also works:


    Cheeky fellow... They are slowly coming up online...

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    Yeah i get that too, plus i get epic and i mean epic load times on S.E.A of around forty mins. Shame cos the map is stunning.

    Check this out... BIS helped us out on this one...

    Very nice... A2 v1.08 used to take 1m 48sec to load...

    applying this to my target line: -cpuCount=4 -exThreads=0

    Island now loads in 30.04 seconds.

    Thank you for the heads up. Time to update OA...

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    Awesome! Thank you ZiP!!! Thanks GranQ!!!

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    Also, there's no 'get in' pilot option in the sea knight. Should we be reporting bugs here, or elsewhere?

    Cobra: gunner position, the m134 has no tracers nor any sort of bullet splash effect to know where you're shooting. Also, 'ripple all' option, shows nothing being fired, but has sound and the FFAR count decrease.

    Post bugs here or on ARMANAM... we are recording...

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    I have only arma 2 without OA becouse its not working and i dont know why :-/. So just download it and try :-D

    A2 or OA, both work well...

    We have not coded the configs yet to take advantage of some OA additions...

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    Many thanks to the Community so far for the interest in our MOD and for helping us distribute the files.

  3. Question - Will the Huey only be for the Army? Or are there Marine, and USAF textures too?

    Currently only US Army... I believe CSJ can make the others or has them, just not sure he has had the need to...

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    OK, press release has been sent...

    Just the waiting game now for the news article and download link to be provided... Whenever they are prepared, it goes live... Not sure when that will be...

  4. yeah me too, it burns oh the horror !

    Oh speaking of burning can any of the mod devs tell me about the napalm bombs that come with the new aircraft, do they have new napalm effects and sounds?

    Too funny...

    The Super Sabre is coming with Mk82 bombs for now and its cannon.

    The meat and potatoes is coming with the Skyraider... Bad bad aircraft... its literally like an eagle circling above pounding whatever is on the ground. Set up a little make shift base and watch what happens... beautiful aircraft designed by Yac... truly a work of art... along with the F-100... The Skyraider is coming with 5 (I believe) Napalm canisters for unexpecting targets. Now as far as the effects and sounds go, I believe I will have to back off and allow Steve to jump in here...

    Hopefully, he is hovering around and can stop in...

    But if you liked our initial release, we think you will enjoy this latest version of the MOD. Mind you, all of us here are Nam nuts and have played all of the Nam games in the past... We all sat back and thought... We can do this a better way... Just need a vehicle in which to get us there... OFP, ArmA, and now ArmA2... We hope you can see the evolution of our progress in this era of warfare.

  5. Yup, uploaded... They are doing their checks to make sure the file is not corrupt. Getting closer... Press release is being put together, should be done shortly...

    Hopefully, not too much longer... But keep in mind, this is a doosy of a file...

    We've spent entirely too much time on this MOD to crack a prank/joke this late in the game... hehe would be funny though...

    But no, we are not yanking your chains... its coming... as you can see, due to the size of the file... it is taking some time to make sure all is in order...

  6. Before my friend's dad passed away, he would talk about Spooky and how their version of a targeting reticle was just using a grease pen on their port side cockpit window and use it for aiming as they banked port side. Just a little FYI, the name "Puff the magic dragon", contrary to what the books and stuff say, was from what the NVA and VC had come up with, because at night, the almost straight red tracers made an appearance of what they thought was dragon's fire. Hence, "Puff" and of course the destruction it left behind would create fire, thus further proof of a dragon creating it.

    Would have been interesting to have time to speak with your friend's dad for just a day... Can't imagine what he saw and felt...

    People may want to consider an FTP program for downloading the big file... that way if it times out, perhaps you can resume where you left off instead of starting over again... Just a thought... Not sure if it will help...

    We timed out a few times uploading it... but using an FTP program, we just hit resume and kept moving on...

  7. do i have to cancel family weekend (weekend out for the entire family) for this ? (please say yes :P )

    I would cancel...

    To everyone...

    Please keep in mind we are working our tails off to get this thing uploaded in a couple of different locations, so when it hits, people have options...

    As opposed to a single site that everyone raids... Our hope/intent is to "try" and make the initial distribution "smooth" so that everyone can grab a copy...

    But... this is like a 1.2-1.5GB file coming...

    It will probably come in 2 different flavors... Flavor A) is a single download... but since we recognize the chance of someone's download timing out, we are creating Flavor B.

    Flavor B has the MOD broken down into FIVE (5) pieces... This makes it easier to download without timing out... But we ALL need to work together to understand that ALL 5 pieces are required for the MOD.

    We are hoping that we can nail this before the files turn public so everyone is informed. If you go for th single download, great, only one file to DL... but if you elect to go after the 5 piece download, please make sure you download all 5.

    We are going to go for a couple of websites so that there is no one strain on a single website.

    ArmedAssault.Info has graciously accepted to host it for us. Armaholic has graciously agreed to host the file. We are going to put it up on ARMANAM as well hoping that does not get shut down. And we are hoping to get it up on one of the various 3rd party hosting sites (e.g. megaupload).

    Please keep in mind that this will be our last LARGE download like this. This bad boy got away from us and our intent is to get this stuff to the community. Not shut down websites due to bandwidth. So please be patient and appreciative of those websites that are hosting it. Their priority is to host for the community, not for a single download. So if they happen to go down, place the blame on us... We created the content and file size.

    Again, we are working on it AS I type this... Hope you guys give us a little wiggle room along with the websites helping us to distribute the MOD.

    Cheers to All,


  8. I don't know if this has been asked before but do you guys plan on adding some sniper rifles like the ones purchased for the Marines in Vietnam? Commercial Remington 700 or Winchester Model 70 with early Unertl 8x scopes come to mind. Check this page out: Vietnam era USMC sniper rifle

    Just wanted to ask because it would be great to try and recreate Carlos Hathcock's sniper missions or any of the other great snipers from that time.

    (X)M-21 and Model 70 are coming...

  9. )rStrangelove;1885317']Guys' date=' any news concerning improving AI spotting / targetting in jungle fights? I think my last post got buried inbetween the screenshot offensive. ;)[/quote']

    Yes, this has been improved since Round 1... We are using objects with View LODs to block line of sight now... Works better... But the problem is the object count is greatly increased. Unfortunately, this is the negative by-product of blocking LoS... and we are bouncing off the limitations of Vis3 and BINPBO. There was a post I made a little while ago that touches on this...

    Vis 3 stops at ~5.3m objects... BINPBO cannot properly BIN the island unless you are down to about ~4.78m objects... and then its 50-50 if it works... Most of the time it 'times out' and you island CTDs... so you have to try, try and try again until it works.

    So with 4.8m objects on an island, this should block LoS better depending on the island's topography and where you encounter the enemy.

  10. congratulations for the new vehicles! and finally new maps! How big are them?

    A couple of them are on the larger side... But in order to bring a jungle to life, objects are needed... lots of them...

    So you will see (once you get in) that we hit the object count limit in Visitor3... I cannot put anymore objects than about 4.78 million.

    Visitor (on my machine) allows around ~5.3 million objects on a given map... but then the issue with BINPBO pops up. It times out so to speak and will NOT bin our maps... So I have to drop the object count from ~5.3m to around 4.78m... then it is 50-50 with BINPBO and properly binning our islands... a little frustrating.

    But you will see once the download comes out.

  11. woot! can't wait.

    Any updates on the sound front? My biggest hope was VietCong voices replacing the Russian ones.

    This is a great point. We ARE working on this... but for what we want to accomplish with the switchover, it is quite an undertaking.

    But the file is in motion. Won't be included in this release, but nce we are done and it is tested, we will most likely release it as a separate file to accompany the MOD.

    Agreed... We're losing interest in the Russian voices as well.

  12. Wait a minute...

    You said you are unable to check to see if the MOD is activated since the game crashes when you try to start...

    Yet, you know its the MOD because it only happens when the MOD is activated.

    I am not sure I understand your response. Starting with the initial files we had for the MOD, it never CTD on me... I would get to the desktop and errors would be thrown initially... but it is only when you go to the editor that the possibility of a CTD error would occur.

    So the fact that you are experiencing a critical error the minute you fire the game up tells me you have something else going on or the MOD is not correctly setup.

    Let me know...