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  1. Holy smokes X! Nice novel! Time to update the game to OA!!! ;)

    Ok, I've been working on the view LODs for our ksobjects file. It contains various grass patches and the elephant grass found in Plei Trap and Ia Drang. I believe they have better View blocking abilities to combat the AI. Need some feedback on whether or not people think they are better themselves...

    Avg encounter for me was about 150-175 meters... now it is down to 75-120 meters. Obviously depending on location... But I find this to be an improvement when testing.

    Let us know...


  2. @Polish GI - Is it safe to assume that if any of your files at armanam.com have newer time/date stamps than the release files that they have been updated? I'd like to be able to put together a more streamlined installer package for use by my own community (I'd be more than happy to share the download links), I just want to make sure that the files included are the most current.

    Also, I've been traveling for work so the time I have to read this thread fully has been limited to skimming. Did I read that there is a fix for the Vietnamese language sounds or is that still in the works?

    Yes, that is why I put the date stamps on the webpage so you guys are aware of how recent a file is in comparison with the last large download... As you noticed, we have been putting revised files up on the website as they become available. There are different thoughts on putting together another large download or single downloads as they become available. We want to try and avoid another 1.5GB download... that was painful for us to upload and I am sure for everyone to download. So smaller 20-30-40-50-100mb files here and there is our current approach.

    We are working on the corrections and once a file has been tested as far as we can, we will upload it for public distribution.

    I think we got most of them outside of the island files which are obviously the biggest. But we are going to start tackling those in the near future.

    Regarding the Vietnamese voices... we ARE working on it. But we taking the approach of making sure it is a solid addon. There is a lot of work that goes into this file and we want to make sure we get it right.

    Hope this helps.


  3. Hi, is this right name of F-100 super sabre? "uns_f100"? when im trying this with createvehicle in editor it dont work. other planes are working....some help?

    I believe it is uns_f100b try that

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    just to clarify

    there are no RPT errors with the M2HB, just with the taller stock weapon - M2StaticMG_US_EP1

    the M2HB is placed on the map so you sit on the deck and shoot from maybe 50cm from the ground. However all of the bunkers and sandbag walls at firebase whisky are at least 1m tall. This means we need to use a stock static MG, either:

    from arma2




    from OA




    these look like this:


    rather than this:


    if you made an M60 (door gunner model) as a static or a taller M2 we could more easily use one of these for base defence.

    at the moment, you have to choose between

    no MG behind sandbags

    arma2 MG

    OA MG

    without a tall UNS_M2_tall_static or uns_M60_static

    this means that our mission can only work in one of the games and not the other (but ok in CO)

    Fair enough... we can look into a taller MG.

  4. just wanted to bump this

    trying to put MG's in firebase whisky, your M2 static is too short to see over the sandbags

    so I used the M2 on high stand from EP1

    RPT spammed with 1 million copies of

    >>>>class HitPoints::HitEngine not found in M2StaticMG_US_EP1

    I've gotta put it back in otherwise we can't easily repel the enemy attackers, but what we really need is a working Tall MG - either or both M2 or M60

    Interesting... Not knowing what else you have going on, I do not get any RPT errors with the M2HB... I isolate the model to the Utes island and do not get any errors... not saying you don't... But I am unsure what else is going on there...

    We discussed the idea of a taller M2HB but it did not really serve a point. By making a taller M2HB, you would in essence be making yourself a larger target to get hit.

  5. I downloaded all the latest separate fixes from here, but i'm wondering, when official patch #2 will be available and will these be included in it?

    We felt guilty about putting things in another large download... 1.5GB is bad enough...

    With that said, and due to the some of the issues, we are diligently working on correcting the errors ASAP and making them available after they are tested. People waited long enough for the 2.0 release, so we dont want to make everyone download another large file.

    Once the RPT errors have been corrected, we will slow things down a bit... We've been tossing around ideas and trying to push ourselves to make a better MOD that we now want to take time to enjoy the thing... Make a few SP missions... there is a campaign in the works... Focus energies on the MP world and actually get the group together to shoot at or with one another and simply enjoy the fruits of our labor.

    Hopefully that makes sense... That is the immediate plan anyway...

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    all the latest separate fixes is very good.

    developer`s Correct aiming LAW, the sight and a shooting trajectory does not coincide, whether there will be a correction of a kind from the hatch, a sight in outside from uns_tracked, and whether you will create addon dynamic shouts for USA vs. NVA/VC?

    We are working on the Vietnamese language crossover... but to do it right, it is a considerable amount of work from what it sounds like...

  6. Downloaded this one from armaholic:


    Only got the objects and maps. No units.

    Check this link out... Lists parts 1 through 5... You have 20% of the MOD.


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    is there a issue with LOD switching issue on plant? I am seeing very fast switching from non-textured white bushes to normal textured bushes when right click zoom while playing village sweep SP mission only using latest beta and Unsung.

    There is a single veg model that does not... We are in the process of tracking the little BTARD down and correcting it.

  7. Unsung team, could you make some manual for mission makers, some useful scripts tricks and more of your experiences? or is it something like that already? thanks

    Good idea... We've been toying with the idea of such a thing... Would help promote new ideas and more missions. Among considerations would be templates for night flares, bases setup with units/vehicles already in position so that it allows mission makers to focus on their mission instead of populating a base... creating groups of troops via triggers...

  8. You need to replace "custom_throw" with the actual name of Unsung's custom throw weapon. It is "UNS_throw" I believe.



    Good catch! (no pun intended)


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    Why not to use weapon Vila`s model ` s after all model it is better AK-47(type1), SKS (70 ` weapons) M16A1 (westweapons 90 ` s) c 20-rnd?

    Thanks for the kind words.

    Using other's models wouldn't be as much fun as creating our own for the MOD. I think we are pretty happy with ours.

  9. Anyone else get a constant action pop up in helos? "Pop smoke" tends to be the usual. I'll scroll my mouse wheel and right click to remove it, but it will just keep coming back. Quite annoying, especially when piloting.

    Also, is there any chance you guys can borrow an M101, M114A1 or other 105mm/155mm field artillery piece from another mod team to round out the period-accurate artillery? The M119 wasn't fielded until 1987.

    I know 31st Normandy has an M101.

    I'm doing up a Warfare MP mission for Unsung and I'd like to be able to have the bigger guns available to the US for fire support but I won't include the M119.

    If you guys are planning future maps, I might suggest a Southern I Corps and Northern II Corps map to make the use of both regular US Army and USMC units a plausible reality. For now I'll be using the S.E.A. map by CSJ (even though it doesn't seem to be a real location) simply because it offers the terrain suitable for MP with a decent size. It wouldn't load until I applied the launch property -exThreads=0, why is that? That will keep some people from being able to play it unless they too know to change this.

    We can look into a new artillery piece for the future...

    Up to around v1.54, BIS had the exthreads command integrated so we did NOT have to add it. After v1.54, ALL of our maps took for ever to load and we could not figure out why. So a thread was started with this issue and BIS caught it. They figured out that the exthreads command was removed at v1.54 but then provided it for us to add manually. I thought they were going to add it back in future patches so we did NOT have to manually add it... but that does not appear to be the case.

    So with that said, I will update the Handbook to include this so everyone knows.

    Hope that makes sense.

  10. Question, anyone else have the top right corner of 'Ia Drang Valley' void of plantlife from tree to even tiniest of plants? Just wondering because I've been looking around and seems like I might have corrupted map files lol Because as well in SEA the edges are flat green from 20 to 100 meters inland.

    And just outside the Airbase (SEA) there seems to be a portion of land that is a perfect square and it looks inverted, a complete 180 XD I can tell because the patterns don't match in terrain lol

    Sorry for that being blocky. Kinda out of it for some reason. Thanks for anyone else's possible help XD

    -Edit- For Ia Drang Valley, it seems to be void of plant life in the left and bottom edges for 100 to greater distances in meters. I'm assuming the map wasn't cut there like a prior post said about the other Valley map. So I'm just saying this as possible help ^^

    We have the intention of trimming the map in future versions. As far as areas being void of vegetation, there is a reason for that.... The map HAD over 5.3 million objects on it before Vis3 said 'enough is enough'... Then we had to drop the object count down to ~4.7m objects JUST to bin the island so it was playable... So given that we are limited, we decided to populate certain areas while other areas are left open. This island was an experiment and it appears we are limited by the game... So chances are great, we will not be making another map of this size in the future until something changes by BIS. Our maps will be a little smaller in order to populate the entire map.

    Hope this helps.

  11. ok guys great mod. but i have a 580GTX card i7 950 processer and 12GB ram DDR3 and i can only play this mod on normal lol. could you make maps that have less jungle please and more low lands, my FPS was 9 to 20 on high lol. i have a HDD TB and 512 in my PC so no need to worry in that department ether. i love the jungle dont get me rong but it kills the fps, sry about the neg comments. i have a server box too and will run it on all the time but atm the maps make it a little unplayable.

    What are your gfx settings? I dont have the setup you have and Im getting 22-40 anywhere on the map...

    Settings are crucial when you go into the jungle. Finding the right setup is everything.

  12. I'm currently waiting on my ArmedAssault download to complete.

    I just grabbed CSJ's addons to fix his map errors, and noticed the link for the R2 SP/MP missions.....

    Is that a new download, or is that mission download listed on ARMANAM also included within the big download I'm getting from ArmedAssault?


    DOWNLOAD does not come with Missions... :mad: So Put a link up for all of our current Unsung SP/MP Missions.