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Status Updates posted by pauliesss

  1. I had a dream about downloading your new addon....

  2. Any ETA on Oshkosh? :D

  3. I am good too, slowly ending with university and starting to look for some work....:D

  4. Hope you are doing well mate, just wanted to say hello. :cheers:


  5. Yeah, lol. Neverending facepalm. :D

  6. if you are interested to see my new units in action...


  7. Hey mate, hope you doin fine...by the way, are you working on something right now ? :D


  8. You should be banned for blinding members of this community !!! :D :D :D

  9. Thanks for everything IceBreakr.

  10. Wow, I have to say that these new units(2008) are absolutely awesome, best addon ever! :icon_dj::dancehead:

  11. Hey man, any news on up-armored humvees or MRAPs ? :)

    Merry Christmas !