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Status Updates posted by pauliesss

  1. Any updates on MRAPs my friend? :)

  2. Good to hear that. :)

  3. They are not very badass when I make them. :D

    Anyway, Fox will try to model something for me, hope everything will go fine and probably some release from me will appear. :)

  4. Looking forward to see it, have a good one mate! :)


  5. Aj dunt anderstend ju

  6. Release something or removing from friends, thanks.

  7. Noooooooooo, another troll on BIS Forums...

  8. I was informed about your cooperation with wikileaks, stop or reporting to feds!

  9. :cheers::dancehead::respekt:

  10. I am sorry for being an asshole about your ACU texture, hope you're not offended.

  11. Thank you for sound mod dear Lord.

  12. I remember your Christmas release of Marines for ArmA, do you have anything for us this Christmas ? :D

  13. Will do, thanks. :)

  14. Hello, any chance I can test your Kunar province map ? :D

    I mean the version with WIP OP Restrepo and FB Phoenix. :D

  15. Hej taka nastenka podobna tomu na FB.

    Skoda ze nebude CZ, ale viac ma sklamal obsah toho DLC, cakal som ze aspon ta mapa bude o nieco vacsia...

  16. Trosku to sklamalo aj mna, dufal som ze tam bude viac veci, kampane ma nikdy prilis nebavili, ale tak zas na druhej strane rad podporim BIS.

  17. Its always good to see people from Slovakia.

    Nazdar. :)

  18. Hey mate, whats up with your 173rd dudes ? Cant wait to TEST them! :don3::drinking2: