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Status Updates posted by pauliesss

  1. Grizzly or polar ?

  2. Ehm, what units ? :D :D

  3. Bear or beer ? :D

  4. Only for you Foxy(BlastCore screen, big) :)


  5. LOL, I am having problem with taking screenshots here in Win7(Prt Sc not working). I have fresh installation, but will take some screens soon...

  6. Just wanted to say thanks for your hard work and for everything you do for this community. Thanks Dwarden, and Merry Christmas. santa-smiley.gif

  7. Och najs pikcrs, aj vill stady dem az zoon az posíbl

  8. Veselé Vánoce! :)

  9. Merry Christmas Fox, and thanks for everything! :)

  10. Working on digital woodland camo for our addon right now.:cool:

  11. Oj, najs animasion

  12. Och, zdrastvuj

  13. Okay, good luck then. :)