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Status Updates posted by pauliesss

  1. Do you have any kind of clan or MP team with Fox and others? I don´t have anyone to play with. :(

  2. Sorry, been bussy, but will make Steam acc in the next few days...

  3. Aj dund andrstend ju.

  4. Oh, sorry but I don´t want you to be there. Okay, thanks, bye.

  5. Okay your majesty. I am leavin tomorrow but then I will make Steam account!

  6. Maybe you have ICQ ? That would be better for me, because I don´t use Steam at all.

  7. No problem dude, you are lucky guy. The SpeciNaz searched us and they were like wtf are we doing there.

    I will make STEAM acc, just for you!

  8. Hurry up mate, its going to start any moment now.

  9. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bolshoy_Lyakhovsky_Island

    But find your way to get there, our plane is full, I am taking my grandparents with me too.

  10. Will you come at the bear funeral, dear sir ?

  11. He heey, any updates on your Kunar province(Korengal) map? :)

  12. Just want to inform you that I received the bear, but he is dead, he probably died during transport.

  13. Dear sir, please delete/remove your outdated signature, okay thank you bye.

  14. Huh, who are you ?

  15. Happy new year mate! :)

  16. Ohiguy, dntgettodrnk, okthxbai

  17. Great, can´t wait. Are you going to send him as gift via postal service ?