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  1. Oh, vsetko najlepsie. :)

  2. LOL, can you at least reply: "no, I wont release this" or something?

  3. Not working...:(

  4. I am ill now(flu), so I am not on the PC so often....soRRy..

  5. When someone write you a message its polite to reply.

  6. Hold tight mate, I just read about som cyclone heading towards Australia :crazy_o:

  7. Thanks, I am on my feet again.

  8. You sir are legendary

  9. Good looking island.

  10. I deleted all visitor mesages, lol :D


  11. You will have to add me(I can´t), nick: Pauliesss

  12. D-o y-o-u h-a-v-e a S-t-e-a-m a-c-c-o-u-n-t ?

  13. Hey mate, whats up with your MRAP? :)

  14. Well, we will have to communicate through something else. Steam wont let me add anyone as friend until I buy some game(I am sorry but I will not buy game on Steam just to communicate with you :D)

  15. W-h-a-t i-s y-o-u-r n-i-c-k o-n S-t-e-a-m ?

  16. So, I received my Creative Sound Blaster VX today(really cheap, only 13€) and the sound is perfect now, no more buzzing or anything like that....will see you soon on Steam mate, just want to make sure my OC is stable(running Linx now).

  17. Well, after 3 days I decided to buy some cheap Creative sound card(should have it today/tomorrow). I tried everything, reinstalled drivers, used Vista drivers on 7, used older drivers, newest drivers, the drivers on CD...even Windows drivers...also tried different headphones and speakers but nothing.

    Well, about the money...I bought PC stuff like every 3 years...last time a did upgrade like this was in September 2007(I got GTX275 for free when RMAing 8800GTX).

  18. Omg, I have my system running but I am experiencing audio crackling/buzzing when in-game(ArmA, GTA:IV...)....shit shit shit...

  19. I will mate, I should get my mobo, CPU, RAM and coolers today. I will install everything and then I will make Steam acc, if nothing goes wrong lol.

  20. What is it like to be a rebl men?

  21. ................