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  1. Hej taka nastenka podobna tomu na FB.

    Skoda ze nebude CZ, ale viac ma sklamal obsah toho DLC, cakal som ze aspon ta mapa bude o nieco vacsia...

  2. Nope, guess I am not the right one for this "job" or something....I will wait for release.

  3. Hello, any chance I can test your Kunar province map ? :D

    I mean the version with WIP OP Restrepo and FB Phoenix. :D

  4. I will, thanks. :)

  5. Will do, thanks. :)

  6. I remember your Christmas release of Marines for ArmA, do you have anything for us this Christmas ? :D

  7. Hurry up mate, its going to start any moment now.

  8. No problem dude, you are lucky guy. The SpeciNaz searched us and they were like wtf are we doing there.

    I will make STEAM acc, just for you!

  9. Maybe you have ICQ ? That would be better for me, because I don´t use Steam at all.

  10. Okay your majesty. I am leavin tomorrow but then I will make Steam account!

  11. Bro, have you checked the last PM I sent you ? About dead unit shadow problem... :)

  12. Not working...:(

  13. Thanks for everything IceBreakr.

  14. Thank you for sound mod dear Lord.

  15. I am sorry for being an asshole about your ACU texture, hope you're not offended.

  16. Oh, sorry but I don´t want you to be there. Okay, thanks, bye.

  17. :cheers::dancehead::respekt:

  18. Aj dund andrstend ju.

  19. Sorry, been bussy, but will make Steam acc in the next few days...

  20. Thought about buying "Take On Helicopters" on Sprocket, but for 42.36€ ??

    C´mon, thats just too much for this game....what do you think ?