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Status Updates posted by pauliesss

  1. if you are interested to see my new units in action...


  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bolshoy_Lyakhovsky_Island

    But find your way to get there, our plane is full, I am taking my grandparents with me too.

  3. Hej taka nastenka podobna tomu na FB.

    Skoda ze nebude CZ, ale viac ma sklamal obsah toho DLC, cakal som ze aspon ta mapa bude o nieco vacsia...

  4. Hello, any chance I can test your Kunar province map ? :D

    I mean the version with WIP OP Restrepo and FB Phoenix. :D

  5. Hey man, any news on up-armored humvees or MRAPs ? :)

    Merry Christmas !

  6. Hey mate, hope you doin fine...by the way, are you working on something right now ? :D


  7. Hope you are doing well mate, just wanted to say hello. :cheers:


  8. I deleted all visitor mesages, lol :D


  9. Its always good to see people from Slovakia.

    Nazdar. :)

  10. Looking forward to see it, have a good one mate! :)


  11. No problem dude, you are lucky guy. The SpeciNaz searched us and they were like wtf are we doing there.

    I will make STEAM acc, just for you!

  12. Only for you Foxy(BlastCore screen, big) :)


  13. RG31 - aiming for Christmas release ? :D

    Just kidding, take your time mate, its already looking great! :)

  14. They are not very badass when I make them. :D

    Anyway, Fox will try to model something for me, hope everything will go fine and probably some release from me will appear. :)

  15. Thought about buying "Take On Helicopters" on Sprocket, but for 42.36€ ??

    C´mon, thats just too much for this game....what do you think ?

  16. Well, after 3 days I decided to buy some cheap Creative sound card(should have it today/tomorrow). I tried everything, reinstalled drivers, used Vista drivers on 7, used older drivers, newest drivers, the drivers on CD...even Windows drivers...also tried different headphones and speakers but nothing.

    Well, about the money...I bought PC stuff like every 3 years...last time a did upgrade like this was in September 2007(I got GTX275 for free when RMAing 8800GTX).