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  1. Well, now I have run into a problem. I was looking at the ACE weaponlist and wanted to add some to the ammo box in domination. I edited the file x_weaponcargo_ace in my domination mission folder and added some lines

    _ve addweaponcargo ["ACE_M4CQB",5]; and some others, this is the first and I get the error on start up saying this is not found. And it's not in the ammo box.

    The weapon list I'm using is the one that comes with the ace mod download, it says v1.01. Is this outdated? If so, is there a current one somewhere? Do I have to edit more than one file to get this weapon in game?

    I noticed some other weapons listed in x_weaponcargo_ace that aren't ingame, such as carl gustav (at least this isn't listed as such in ammo box) is this also an error?

  2. Hey everyone, for some reason I just recently discovered domination and it is awesome, I got so bored with Evo I hadn't played multiplayer in years. My question is how do I add respawnable vehicles to the map? I know how to add stuff, but I want it to come back like the blackhawks do when destroyed. Which script do I need to edit?

  3. Manzilla and DataPlague are right, I ask and I do not contribute. My post was meant more for praise, but after re-reading I see how it comes across as stern criticism. I apologize, I simply meant to express how the SJB weapons pack raised the bar for OFP, and how enthusiastic I am for that bar to be raised again for ArmA. If I have to wait, I will do so humbly whistle.gif, I didn't mean to sound demanding, and again, my apologies to the community, and to Manzilla, DataPlague, and Jackal326 goodnight.gif.

  4. Jackal326, your weapons pack was the single greatest addon for OFP, now there is ArmA, and your first post in this thread was in the year 2006. I can't tell you how long I've waited for your ArmA debut, I check this thread, look at screens, and wait and wait and wait. Please, give us something, some sample of your awesome ability. Some glimpse of hope that you will someday claim your thrown as the ArmA king of weapons.

  5. Ok, I've discovered how to add my own weapons by editing the eventsc folder. But how can I change the Kamov to the Hind. I've changed the file "makeka" in the line that says

    _heli = createVehicle ["Ka50", _poscreate, [], 5000, "FLY"];

    and changed it to

    _heli = createVehicle ["Mi-24P", _poscreate, [], 5000, "FLY"];

    But now I see no enemy attack choppers in game, is there another file I need to edit?

  6. Kiljoy, let me just say how great your mission is. I haven't been playing multi-player and now that I've discovered this I can't believe I've been missing out for so long.

    I had a quick questions, and wasn't sure if I should post it, but your pm box is full......so? It's about weapons, some friends and I play evo with XAM 1.4 on our own private server, and I would really like to see some of their new weapons placed in game. Same thing with addons, for instance, maybe having the Hind from RHS instead of the Kamov.

    I haven't been able to find the file where you stock the ammo box at base, so I'm not sure how you do it. But I would like to put some different weapons in there and set them up like you did so that they are unlocked with rank. If you could tell me how to do this it would be great. And again, this is for private use, I would never try and change your masterpiece and expose it to the public. Just for my own entertainment, I think the implementation of new weapons and vehicles would increase the longevity of evo.



  7. It won't let me play, I get an error saying

    "Include file @XAM1.4\Settings\XAM_Settings.hpp not found"

    When I look in the settings folder there is only a txt file. What do I do?

    EDIT: nevermind, got it to work. This is great, and fully compatible with GMJame's and NWD. Awesome.

  8. I downloaded the latest version, changed the name, but when I play it says the 'click' sound is missing. I went into the cfg and this is what I found under sounds

    class CfgSounds


    sounds[] = {};

    class GMJ_SightAdjustmentClick


    name = "";

    sound[] = {"\GMJ_SightAdjustment\sound\click.ogg", 1, 1};

    titles[] = {};



    I put click inbetween the name="" part, but it still gives me the error, what did I forget?

  9. @dark night

    If you choose the 'transporter blackhawk' place a vehicle and then hover over it, really really close, and in the command menu it will give you option to "attach vehicle". It's pretty cool, in the vid they used a stryker, and that's what I used to test, I'm not sure if all vehicles are transportable, but i'm sure most are.

  10. @Lt Dan- I'm waiting for the same answer about the windage and elevation addon.

    Also, would someone be so kind as to translate the laser tellemeter dialogue.

    Allumer Module Telemetre

    Eteindre Module Telemetre

    coordonees non-diponibles

    I think I get the gist, but it is the English version after all.

  11. It looks great guys, I can't wait to figure out the true potential of this mod. Will there be a mission pack or campaign soon? I've also noticed that some addons no longer work with the mod installed, even if I move the pbo's to the xam folder, is there a way around this? I was really looking forward to using the sight adjustment addon with the laser tellemeter.


  12. Hey guys, great work, I've been waiting for a long time for this English version. Ever since gmJamez's SightAdjustment addon I've been waiting for a lazer range finder, like this mod has. However, after a five hour download I find that there is no manual or classname list (I know it's coming and I'm greatful) and the laser tellemeter is still in French. I have no idea what to do with it.