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  1. Noamles, you rock, I'm your number one fan now. Let's try and get in touch with GMJames and see if we can't get this out to public after testing. However, I'm fairly certain he left and gave permission to use his stuff in the future in doing so, but I can't find that message so I don't want to assume. I'll PM him and see if we can't get something going. In the meantime, let me know how it works out.

    Edit: GMJames left the community here in case you don't want to follow the link here is his exact words.

    "Hi all,

    in case you were wondering why there haven't been any updates anymore: I fried my graphics card - a 8800 GTS - and used the current situation of not having a decent graphics card to quit gaming altogether.

    To all modders, you may use this code in any way you want - go crazy

    Also, many thanks to Solus for the extended init handler!

    greets, Oliver."

    So I'm pretty sure that means we can use his code to bring it to ArmA2

  2. Hey guys, just for fun I copied my GMJ folder from A1 to A2 and it works!:yay:

    However there is an error that reads like this

    Variable '_disp' does not support serialization. Call 'disableSerialization' in the current script (maybe 'GMJ_SightAdjustment\scripts\SightAdjustmentInit.sqf') if you need to use it.

    Don't know what this means or how to fix it, I've looked at the scripts but am afraid to change them since I don't know how. But after this error the addon actually works, you have the rangecard and everything. I put a target ~550m away got the M24 fired and dropped short, adjusted to 8 MOA per the range card, fired and hit dead on.

    I'm sure this is a simple fix for any of you scripters, maybe someone could port it over to A2 with GMJamzes permission (although I think he left the community, not sure about that though). Any help?

  3. This is simply awesome guys, I'm very happy to have found this thread. I found the tutorials back in the OFP days but many of them were never completed so I could never finish whatever I had started. It has always seemed to me that I could never make any addons because I didn't have the knowledge and the people that did have it could not be bothered with mentoring someone like me who has absolutely zero experience. So I am looking forward to your tutorial Rock, and as an aircraft fan I am also looking forward to your work IrishDeviant.

    However, what I am looking forward to most is the ability to contribute. I've been part of this community for years and have always been upset with those who criticize the work of others while doing nothing themselves. So the sooner a comprehensive noob guide can be written the sooner people like me can start.

  4. Hey guys, I'm really excited about A.C.E.2 coming out. I had a suggestion and wondered if you guys might consider it. One of the things I like about ArmA2 is that it comes with a lot of cool stuff in the vanilla version, one of which being the C-130. Remember in OFP and A1 when we had to wait for someone to make/port the c130? Glad BIS figured it out and gave us one. Anyway, this may have been mentioned already, but I think it would be cool to script an airdrop for the C130 such as tanks like this

    Also, I remember from the OFP days someone made a script to make this possible, I haven't been able to find it, but did find an interesting addon that might make this possible from HAWKs C130 released in 2003 here

    Here is a quote of what the 2003 OFP C-130 is capable of

    "The plane has the capability of carrying cargo and parachute release while flying.It also have, a group bail out command so you parachute the whole group (not exactly like ejecting It also carries a script to order AI pilots to perform such tasking using action menu.Hawk has implemented a mid air refueling capability (reference S7_Mega post). The plane can extend a fuel hose and perform a mir air refueling to other planes an helis"

    Anyway, I'd love to see if this old OFP classic could be disected and implemented into the A2 C-130 with permission from HAWk of course. What do you think Sickboy?

  5. Hi all, I use a HOTAS Cougar while playing. Those of you who are familiar with this stick know that it is in two pieces, the stick and the throttle. Both stick and throttle have buttons, but for me only the buttons on the stick work ingame. The throttle works fine, but none of the buttons on it are recognized in the controls menu. However, out of game in the profiler everything is recognized and in other games all buttons are recognized. Any Cougar owners able to tell me how to get ArmA2 to read all my buttons?

  6. Nascarbuc was right, after taking the first town in badlands your AI comes back. It doesn't matter which side you are with from Bitter Chill. Your AI stops working in Delaying the Bear and starts working again after the cutscene that follows you taking Novy Sabor in Badlands. So it's not a permanant issue, but an issue that should probably get fixed regardless.