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  1. Hi all, SaOk, this mission is fantastic. Thanks so much for your hard work, I've probably logged 20 hours on this mission and feel like I've barely scratched the surface. Congrats.

    I was wondering what the quickest way to obtain a flyable aircraft would be? I've re-started a few times, and one time I took an airfield right up front, and was able to buy a little bird through shift 1 menu. But on this run I have an airfield and no option to buy any aircraft. Is there a specific structure I need to build or task I need to complete before I unlock flyable aircraft? (I prefer to unlock options rather than have everything available upfront). Also, I use the F18 mod, I see it's available for support, is it also available to fly at some point? If not, is it possible for me to add somewhere?

    Also, can someone point me to a description of what building does what? I'm playing as a subscribed mission through steam so I only have the ingame documentation.

    Thanks again for a great mission and any help would be appreciated.


  2. Code, we are hosting it local. When he hosts I have the problem. When I host he has the problem.

    To be more specific about the time, only the host recieves fast time, the other player just starts at 0800 and the time goes from there minute by minute.

    After each mission the host will fast forward to day two and three etc, the other players don't.

    Any way to get a local version?

    Just want to say thanks for making this and keeping up with it, it's the best co op time we've had.

  3. Hey everyone, I'm having an issue here. I've searched the forums and found plenty of posts where people have the same issue, but I haven't found any solutions.

    Issue is myself and my team leader are not synced. He gets fast time, I don't. He receives mission, I don't. He will be at 2200 in the dark, I will be at 0800 in the day time. It lists us as being in the same team, but in the bottom right it says I am mercenary and he is noob team. In mission status-settings it says we are not missing addons and we went to great lengths to ensure we are running no mods or addons, just ACE and using 1.36 ACE version of mission.

    Also, although we complete missions together, I have no impact on the score or the mission progress. Even though we are on the same team, it seems only the host is really playing.

    Any suggestions? We really love this mission, just wish we could work together on it. Thanks.

  4. Hi all, just taking a shot in the dark here but hoping someone will know what I'm doing wrong. One of the ACE II features is the ability to carry weapons on your back.

    However, in all of the missions I make this feature seems to be disabled.

    Anyone know what I am doing to disable this? Or is there a way for me to ensure that it get's enabled.

    Even when I take a mission that has this feature, once I edit that mission to add ammo boxes or whatever, the feature somehow stops working.

    Thanks for any help, I don't beleive this is a bug.

  5. Exactly what I was looking for, thanks so much Styxx, works great.

    As for the F16 no I haven't seen it in other missions. I know when it blows up there is a wreck, but you can't pick it up and it isn't marked on the map like BIS planes are. Sooooo. I guess I can't use it?

    I just figured if I have the addon, and it's in the array, then it would work but that's not the case then?

    Thanks again for your help everyone, you rock.

    Oh, one more question. I'm making an ArmA/OA mix dom on Chenaraus. How can I have the OA weapon box AND the old Chenaraus weapon box spawn at base? (ACE version).

  6. Hey everybody. Thanks for helping me out a few weeks ago, I've got a pretty simple one for you guys.

    I remember in Domination for A1 you could place any vehicle you like on the map and then put a snippet of code in the init line of that vehicle to make it respawn when killed. Does anyone remember that snippet? It was a call to exec the respawn.sqf but i can't find the syntax anywhere.

    Also, I've added the F16 to the sm bonus array, but it doesn't create a wreck when destroyed. I was pretty sure the vehicles that created wrecks were simply the ones listed in the SM and MT bonus arrays. How can I make my F16 create a wreck (not respawn).

    Thanks for your help fellas.

  7. Hello, I am trying to customize the West_RA_ACE_OA 2.28 version of Domination and I've run into a snag.

    I would like to keep the rank system, but remove the limitations on weapons. I would like players to be able to choose any weapon regardless of their rank.

    Furthermore, I would like them to be able to choose from weapon boxes placed in the editor (regardless of rank). I do not wish to edit the weaponcargo script to add each weapon and class name to each rank.

    I would like to keep the rank requirements for vehicles and all other things, just remove the restrictions on weapons.

    Does anyone know how I can do this? Please be specific, thanks for your help fellas!

  8. Hey Sick1 thanks for all your hard work. I just finished the first mission and my computer froze, don't know why. Regardless your campaign is really fun and even though it takes a lot of downloads I'm glad I checked it out.

    If you make another version I just have one suggestion....make the other team members 'Playable', that way when hosting your buddies can play with you. Maybe this is already available later on, but I only got passed the first mission before I crashed, so if it is then disregard. Thanks again for contributing to the community.:yay: