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  1. Quote[/b] ]the tent deployment thingy will NOT deply the tent without the cbt game logic.  so keep that in mind folks

    ive installed and deleted the files and im not spaming the download again just for a readme... so tell me..

    why did you remove the TOW up/down feature on the M2A2's? they seem fixed unable to animate by user action or speed.  i assume you disabled that for a reason, just curious what it was.

    the TOW on the M113 tow tank thingy... it jumps up and down then more then a bed in a whore house    fired 3 at a tank... with it locked on.. it "wobbled" over top of it and exploded on the other side 2 out of 3 times.

    M901}-\../..\../..\../..\../..\../..\../..\ <- missel path

    M901}.....................................[_]<- enemy tank

    its the best ascii artistic expression of what the TOW does.

    To get the tent to deploy the driver must have the engine turned off. No game logic is required.

    The raise and lower for the Tow on the Bradley has not been changed. Tested it and it works for me.

    As for the M901 ITV, the path of the launched TOW is set to resemble the flight path as seen in videos of a real firing.

    It does not fire quite as easily as the Bradley, You have to try and track the target more closely. Have you tried firing or just let AI fire?

    Hope this helps.


  2. Quote[/b] ]really looking forward to the m577 and the ITOW. Do you guys think it would be possible for a third party (me) to integrate the same scripts you have for the m577 & tent setting up for a BMPK in the wgl mod? I'm trying to patch the WGL mod with my own addon types for a nice mp map I'm making, and I'd like to allow the russians the same tent setting up abilities for their command tracks.

    I'am having some issues with the tent deploy script, but as soon as it is fixed the M577 will be released.  wink_o.gif


  3. Quote[/b] ]Not sure if this has been discussed, but can you increase the crew capacity of the bradleys to 11 from 8? That way we could keep a more realistic amount of soldiers in there.

    Not sure if you'd have to do a new cargo lod, but that would be really great if you could make the m113 even more realistic.. The BIS one always bugged me in the fact that it could only carry 8, insead of 11.

    Not trying to be critical, just trying to help make the addons even better.

    Your right, I would have to recreate a new and bigger cargo LOD.

    I dont know if I could cram 12 units into the stock one, the model clipping of all those guys could be a horrible thing... crazy_o.gif


  4. Quote[/b] ]I am still having problems with the not being able to see certain objects through the windows in the drivers 1st person view. Might seem like a harmless bug, but many servers limit you to 1st person view only and the last thing you want to happen is to drive into a house you couldn't see because of a bug with the windows.

    I am checking out this problem and hopefully it will be fixed in the next update. Thanks for catching that.


  5. Hey everybody here is the 1st update to the M113 Pack!

    There are a few changes that are mentioned in the change log and also all CBT_misc PBOs are the same version right now.

    If you are using Bradley Version 1.2 you will need to overwrite that old CBT_misc PBO.






    This pack requires:

    - CBT APC Crew 1.0

    - OFP: Resistance (min. v1.96)


    - Authentic weapon loadouts;

    - 6 variants of 2 basis versions of the apc;

    - 2 different paint schemes, suiting normal and desert islands;

    - New, authentic sounds;

    - Random vehicle numbers and division markings, predefinable;

    - Randomized chevrons on desert variants, predefinable;

    - Burning script with random secondary explosions;

    - Weapon exaust gases;

    - Realistsic simulation of a APC's suspension and MG recoil


    The team is:

    Pablo - M113 Project Lead, modeling, textures

    Rudedog - misc. modeling, textures, config

    Sniper Skull - beta testing

    Soul_Assassin - mentoring, stowage modeling

    Bobcatt - research and beta testing

    Cpl Punishment  - Beta Testing


    To the whole COMBAT team for excellent beta testing.

    Also thanks to:

    Marfy - His texturing tutorials

    raedor (RHS) - scripting

    TJ (BAS)                 - for his fire/shockdust script

    Decisive Killing Machines Mod - for making suspension and recoil possbile and giving this knowledge to all mods

    Tactician - for smoke scripts

    BIS                         - for making a great game we still enjoy

    Everyone else who I forgot to mention. ;)

    Bugs & Critics

    If you find any bugs or if you want to say us your opinion about the M113 pack, contact us:

    - Our homepage: http://combat.ofpr.com

    - Our forums: http://combat.ofpr.com/modules....e=index

    - Our threads in Addons & Mods Discussion on BIS forums

    Change Log

    IX. Change Log

    1.1 - Changed it so gunner ejects when killed to prevent him from hanging in mid-air when vehivle is destroyed

       - Many model fixes to correct lighting issues

       - Fixed error in MP when receiveing "M113 Pack Error"

       - Corrected tail light positions on A2s

    1.0 - Initial Release

    Reported Issues:


    COMBAT! M113 Pack 1.1   12.66 MB

    COMBAT! Modern U.S. APC Crew 1.0   9.67 MB

    Note: If you have the Bradley pack installed be sure to overwrite CBT_misc.pbo.


  6. Thanks for all the positive feedback so far on the M113's progress.

    Like Rudedog said, they are in beta and almost ready for release. The 1st release will contain only the M113A2/A3

    Nato/Desert and M113A3 Ambulance Nato/Desert Versions.

    BTW the M2 has been removed from the Ambulance for the sake of realisim.

    The M577 is still awaiting the script to correctly deploy the tent. It is COC compatible and will function like a radio.There are 6 versions all Nato/Desert A1/2/3s. Hopefully all at COC will approve.

    The M901 ITV only needs a few more things done and it will

    be ready for Beta testing.

    It wont be to much longer so hang tight!


  7. Hey guys, sorry if I upset anyone with the M2 on the M113A3 ambulance. This is my base vehicle for the M113 and I didnt think to remove it. Looks pretty tuff though for a medical vehicle. As Rudedog said we will make it optional, for all you that dont follow the GC.Thanks for the positive feedback though.