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  1. could you be a bit more specific on instructions? how to get score, do I need to stay connected for the whole time, were you running any mods? you also probably want to save server build for future reference and comparison on betas etc etc etc. Also might be a good idea to compare operating systems. I think there are too many "open" variables in this to be a good solid gathering on information in this form. There seems to also be some errors in your scripts:

    2011/01/04, 1:16:04 Error in expression <cVM "briefing.sqf";

    if(true) exitWith ();>

    2011/01/04, 1:16:04 Error position: <);>

    2011/01/04, 1:16:04 Error unexpected )

    2011/01/04, 1:16:04 File mpmissions\__cur_mp.Chernarus\init.sqf, line 3

    2011/01/04, 1:16:04 Error in expression <cVM "briefing.sqf";

    if(true) exitWith ();>

    2011/01/04, 1:16:04 Error position: <);>

    2011/01/04, 1:16:04 Error unexpected )

    2011/01/04, 1:16:04 File mpmissions\__cur_mp.Chernarus\init.sqf, line 3

    its not exitwith () it's exitwith {} you need curlybrackets...

    Finally testscores:

    I've ran the test twice now both times 10 minutes

    i7-930 @ 2.80GHz

    8gb DDR3

    ( http://www.hetzner.de/en/hosting/produkte_rootserver/eq4/ )

    I know it says i7-920 on that list but our server definitely has i7-930

    OA server server: 1.57.76903

    FPS: 7 on average

    at the same time I was keeping an eye on the server and this process was using around 14.75% cpu on average while running the test while using on average 17 threads.

    startupline was quite clean with only the following:

    arma2oaserver.exe -profiles=xxx -config=xxx -port=xxx

  2. Well I must be the luckiest guy in the world for first getting a faulty TrackIR 5, getting it replaced and getting another faulty unit again. But the issue here is that there has been a malfunction or something in the manufacturing line of TIRs and there is a batch of faulty units on the market. HERE is a link to the official statement from Naturalpoint but in short if you have or know someoone with a TIR 5 with s/n between 15200 - 152914 get it replaced.

  3. Well the problem is probably in the fact that you need Arma 2 1.08 before you install OA 1.55 if it exists.. and since your A2 is from steam you need to wait for the steam update, then you run the OA update.. If you have something like 7z etc you can actually even extract the arma2oa_155_patch.exe and run the actual 1.55 patch thats inside there..

    Then again if you make steam update the files I just hope it wont delete all your OA files since theyre not "supposed" to be there.. better solution instead of the installing in steam folder would be to link the needed folders instead.. although if you're still running the archaic winxp there was some possible problems with the linking in xp..

    ---------- Post added at 11:04 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:57 PM ----------

    @Sgt. Bilko: since the 155.exe patch thats inside the .zip file is actually just another packaged file that includes the 1.08, the actual 1.55 and the baf 1.01 updates. go ahead and do extract with 7z for example..

  4. Just updated our server to 1.55 and now people cannot join anymore. The BAF 1.01 inside the 1.55 exe is for BAF full. But looking at files inside Common it seems BAF lite is updated at least (some) BAF lite files are dated today now. I'm personally waiting for steam updates but one person trying to connect to our server gets kicked:

    "Player XXX: Wrong signature for file baf\addons\dubbing_baf.pbo"

    and then he gets kicked. And he does have BAF.

  5. And how often does this happen, is this really such a huge problem that we need to hide/encrypt our code?

    As a last post from me in this thread I didn't think this as that big of a problem before this thread started but many people have already said in this thread: "Doesn't everybody do this?" when I've asked about it. I have heard of a few cases and even seen one myself. This thread made me suspect its far more common than I believed and when I asked around people said: "Yes we do that." And for me not to have to reply to any follow up question the "evidence" should be all over this thread, just read back. And for the possibility of anyone misunderstanding the others statements then let us all agree that this has been a big misunderstanding then.

    @CG of course theres no claim or reason to ask permission to copy 5 lines of code, what I'm talking about is basically taking someone elses model (whole addon) then edit the config to your "liking" and then use it "privately" in your clan. Wether this clan is 5 or 100 people, wheres the line? In my opinion the for the "rule" to be very simple and everyone to understand, if you want to distribute an edited addon even in your 5 man clan, ask for permission. That shows respect for the addon maker and if he allows you to do the edit it gives the original author a nice feeling that his work is being appreciated. And if you don't get permission then we should also respect that.

    I will now pull out from this thread since its been obvious for at least 30 pages that its going nowhere and people are not even trying to understand what others are saying. I will be interested to see if there is any official BIS statement on the matter, at least that would have ended this discussion 50 pages ago with a simple: "No, we are not planning on releasing any kind of a pbo locking tool for the community" because I understand the reason this has support has also to do with the fact that BAF pack is currently "protected".

  6. 1. you already have this ability, server admin decides what he want's to be ran, enforcing signature system in MP will no change anything related to IP theft

    2. even if you made most secure system for network communication the "can't be faked/crack" part will apply only till someone figure it out and crack it ...

    so while it can be improved or fixed to avoid e.g. actual methods of fake signatures used, it can't be unbreakable (not even with own gamingOS and using encrypted traffic tunnel)

    3.i don't see how resigning keys for MP has anything to do preventing Ip theft ...

    These measures were not meant to prevent IP theft to sell models on turbosquid and other sites. These were a suggestion to prevent usage of addons that are edited without permission in multiplayer inside the community. I personally think that if you are above the notion of simply asking permission to edit other peoples addons then the possibility of editing them for their own "profit" (even if not monetary profit) should be taken away. Or do you too think that if someone releases an addon, anyone can edit and distribute it any way they want even if the original author might for example say: "No, I'm not going to make an ACE version of my addon and I don't want you making one either"? (please note this is not an attack against ACE, its just a simple example of one of the most requested things often related with non-ACE addons)

  7. @Zipper5: Thank you for removing stuff from my post that apparently others can mention and I cannot. So to refrain what I tried to say; If lockable pbo's are introduced and you believe your model is stolen you could use these tools that I apparently cannot mention to check if it truly is your model. This is in no way enabling piracy or theft btw. you are just looking after your rights. I was under the impression that the words I chose were a general description of the tools discussed many times before in this thread, even by Dwarden, RKSL-Rock, JW Custom and others. Doing a search on this thread gave me 22 hits. So why am I suddenly the one who has been targeted when I actually mentioned the one and only reason to use the for legit reasons?

  8. To use again a car theft comparison (notice, I'm not comparing the type of the stolen item, I'm comparing the actual process of stealing), currently we are leaving the car unlocked and with the keys in the ignition. All you have to do is open the door and start the car. You all agree that almost any 12 year old can do that, right? Providing a locking system to pbo's would at least lock the doors and remove the keys from the ignition so that you at least need some sort of skill to steal the car.

    When it comes to scripts, that is the only thing that could be "hidden" in the pbo so that we can not see whats inside but I'm sure there could be some kind of a compromise or a system made to verify the scripts too. The biggest problem in my opinion is naturally the theft and selling of models but almost as equal of a problem in my opinion is the usage of models without permission. Let it be from OFP / Arma 1 / 2 / OA / other games models you are using with edited configs or scripts.

    If we were to provide a more secure way to provide (even just the) models to the game I believe it would draw more modellers to the community and we would not have to re-use old ofp or w/e models without permission just because the original author cannot be contacted for w/e reason anymore. And I would like to again emphasize the fact that just because you cannot contact someone doesn't give you the right to use one single pixel of their addon without permission or port it to A2 / OA. And if we had more modellers providing models we wouldn't even need to port them.

    I also believe this would increase the amount of co-operation people would have to have. It so often seems that people are in a great hurry to release anything they've done let it be missions or addons. And then you end up having 10 different versions of the mission or addon floating around with an update coming every 2 days and constantly updating things is really stressful for server admins for example specially when it comes to addons (I speak of experience here) and having anyone playing on your server use the right version. If you "have to" befriend a few addon makers just to learn how they did something in their addons it would provide as a great source of information for the starting addon maker how to do things correctly. Now you have no need to "be social" with other addon makers since you can try to recreate what they have done just by trial and error from looking at their code. And then after 5 released "addons" they learn that you have to actually look for errors in your .rpt file too. At least I have learned a hell of a lot more and faster with talking to the addon makers I know than I have ever learned from looking at scripts or configs.

    @Zipper5: I believe it should be quite obvious already that a lot of people even in this thread admit that they edit stuff for their clans / gaming groups without permission. And every now and then these edits spread out of their intended audience and even find their way to the original addon makers... And thats when things get.. sad.. Very much because the original addon maker knows that there is absolutely nothing to do to stop the distribution of the edited addon.

  9. How about this:

    1) Remove the optionality of using signed addons on a server. Every server addon MUST have a signature file (.bikey <-> .bisign pair) for any addons they use.

    2) Improve the functionality of the .bikey <-> .bisign pair so that it cannot be faked like now.

    3) Remove the option to "re-sign" binarized addons just by unpboing and repboing them with your own .biprivatekey.

    This way you can still poke around as much as you want and play as much as you want in SP but it removes the option to use those edited addons in multiplayer games. Hell I would remove the whole option of re-pboing a pbo if the files are already binarized.

  10. Clarification: I'm not against opening and learning from them even though there are a lot better ways of doing that. I'm against opening the pbo's, editing them and then distributing them inside your clan or w/e group you play with. Because we have seen it already so many times that those edits rarely stay inside the clans they were intended and thats when the trouble begins when they start spreading. To me when you spread a version of an addon without the permission to edit it is the ultimate show is disrespect. And to say: "I do not and will not ask for permission" is rubbing it in everyones face.

    @Rommel: I don't. And I know most of the people I play with don't. And most of the addon makers I know find that very thing extremely disrespectful. Specially since you would get a permission to do it if you would just ask. So what is the point of asking you will say; its showin the common courtesy and showing respect for the addon maker for the work he has done. I'm not sure how you "get" a car in your country but in here we have to pay for it to legally own it. If you loan a car from your friend it doesnt give you the right to modify it as you want. Or rent one.

  11. @nuxil: :yay:


    The one thing that is really obvious that the people in this community have no respect for other peoples work. And even excluding the model thieves who sell them online. Now we all have to remember that we all come from different cultures and different backrounds. And a lot of us are not native english speakers so sometimes voicing out our opinions come out "wrong". But the further this thread keeps going the more disrespect some of the people show for everyones work.

    CarlGustaffa, you openly admit that you unpbo other peoples work, edit them and then distribute them with your friends without permission from the original authors. And you claim that you have the right to do so just because you "need" it done in the next 5 minutes. Well even if there is no legal obstruction to do so, even if your morals are twisted enough to do so, you still don't see how other people see that as offensive? (Next statement is not related to your edits but in general) And after the people who get hold of these unofficially edited addons make the original authors chase for bugs that do not exist in their original addons like examples even in this thread have shown, you still don't see how it pisses off the addon makers? For me that shows complete and utter disrespect for the original author. You made a post earlier linking to that soundmod guy "who was never heard from since" (oh wow a couple of weeks weeks is a looooooong time not hear from someone). Yet in his very own thread you blatantly give the guy notice that you ripped off some of his sounds for your own library. Not asking, telling him. The way I interpret that message, and I know there are others here that see it the same way too, is that "I stole your work and theres nothing you can do about it". You are rubbing it in his face. Now I do not know about your ambitions or motives like you claim to know about others but for me you make yourself look like "I'm more important than you so I can do whatever I want with your addon." (This is actually one of the weird and twisted things I consider to be very VERY wrong in the Arma community. Just because you can't contact someone doesn't give you the right to re-use their addon without permission!) Now you also say that you "tried asking and it didn't work". Do you mean that you asked and didn't get permission to edit an addon? Or you asked and didn't get a reply? Well in either case if you still edit the addon it is a big case of FU (and I don't mean Fair Use) towards the author for not having the common courtesy of respecting the decision of not letting you edit it. In the case the author doesn't reply do you really think that gives you the right to edit it? Where does it say in any license anywhere that "if your attempts to contact the original author fail, it gives you the full right to edit the original authors work and distribute it"? Like Maruk posted in the Why licenses matter thread, "addon makers and users need to understand that the fact something is possible or easily available technically does not mean they really can take it and do whatever they like with it." You claim that if there is a way to lock the pbo from poking that there will be a elitist group of addon makers. Well the way I see you are acting on this thread makes you look like you think you are better than others are and quite honestly a little bit of a douche too in my eyes. Look back at what you have written and do you still wonder why people think of you as the "bad guy"? You say you are not an addon maker yet you would not for any reason ever give up the possibility to edit other peoples addons? Your responses alone are making me want to lock even any mission .pbo I am ever going to release in the future if this option will be given to us.

    Now to clarify to everyone reading this post, I do not claim that CarlGustaffa is anything I wrote above. I am merely describing the way I am interpreting his posts on this thread regarding the matter in hand from my point of view.

    It is the lack of respect that will be the downfall of any community, hell, the lack of respect is the reason my parents broke up. Even this community would be doing a hell of a lot better if more people would simply ask permission to edit and/or reuse stuff even for the common courtesy of doing so. Just because your actions might accidentally insult someone from a different culture or even someone from a different type of upbringing doesn't make the insult any less of an insult than it is. If you don't get permission to change something in someone elses addon you show respect by respecting that decision even if you don't like it. And nothing will prevent you from making an addon of your own just the way you want it. Instead of "competing in" and fighting about editing other peoples addons, how about we "compete in" and fight about creating more of our own original addons to the community?

  12. one word: backup

    edit: btw nuxil you stole my original idea when we talked about this in irc earlier. you asked who do I think will have the last say on the thread and I told you either w0lle or placebo. and no credit :( this is an actual proof of concept how people in here steal other peoples ideas and present them as their own with no respect to others.


    and if anyone except nuxil quotes this post it only proves youre a retard who is only flaming the thread

  13. I have to hand it to you guys.. 25 pages and the first proper reason for not locking pbo's by nuxil at post #243... It have to admit that it would make unauthorized usage of scipts hard to verify. But wait.. if the original author of the script who doesn't want his scripts to be used anywhere else had the option of locking the pbo, the person could not even obtain the script.

    And how many times does the point that the locking of PBO's (maybe even just addons in using BinPBO to pack stuff?) would be OPTIONAL. If you don't want to use it on your mission, addon or whatever you don't have to!!! How hard is this fact to grasp, O-P-T-I-O-N-A-L?? You can if you want to, but don't have to! And if you still don't understand it you can read more at: http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/optional


    "If you release it you take the chance that it will get stolen"


    I own a car. By owning it I take the chance that it will get stolen. Now the possibility of my car getting stolen or anything inside it increases dramatically if I leave the doors unlocked. Plus my insurance company would not compensate anything I lost if the door were left unlocked. (Hey its the famous "you wouldn't steal a car would you" argument!)

  14. Argument:

    "The community has always been allowed to edit other peoples addons."


    It is currently tolerated to look at other peoples work, not edit it. But every now and then something pops up where it has not been just looking. Just because something has been tolerated or allowed in the past doesn't make it any more acceptable. Humanity has smoked pot for thousands of years, is it legal now? White people used to haul people from africa to work as slaves, was that ever morally right or legal now? (Sorry I couldn't think anything about Hitler this quickly.. :rolleyes: But at least your counter arguments now have something to cling to.) And clearly people even in this thread admit that they edit and distribute (please take special note of the word AND. According to logical operations my argument is valid only if BOTH booleans are true) other peoples addons without permission for their own events and clans.


    "BIS shouldn't spend time, money or effort to develop this kind of system."


    They don't have to since it already exists and is being used with the already released BAF DLC and will be used on other upcoming DLC's aswell. The only question is about allowing the community to use this locking too. Also you did notice that BIS bought 3 other studios just a few months ago? That really sounds like a company that is going through economic hardship.


    "If you lock the pbos someone will just make a pbo unlocker so why even bother."


    This is probably the case. But the difference to anything that has been done before is that the only reason to lock a pbo would be to protect the content from unauthorized use, ie. DRM. Binarisation is meant to be a system to enhance the performance of the addon ingame and while it did provide some sort of protection for models until the 2-click ripping tools came out, protection was not its main purpose and in that respect would not be a rock solid ground for a law suit for example. Releasing a pbo unlocker publicly would effectively be a tool to circumvent DRM and a valid ground for a law suit for any such person distributing such software.


    "The Arma 1 MLOD's don't show you how to do everything and thus we need to be able to poke around user made content."


    Well you already have hundreds if not thousands of addons to poke around and learn from them. Giving the option of locking future addons does not magically make all the released addons disappear. Although it does escape me how you would learn to make a Scud launcher addon by editing the RKSL Typhoon for example but I guess it could happen too.


    "Modding should only be a fun project."


    For some people doing stuff seriously is fun (I for one and its my right to do so if I so choose).


    "You only have rights to your work if you sell it." or "Anything that is released for free can be freely modified by anyone any way they want."


    Wait, what?!?


    "I release all my addons with all my sources freely available to everyone and locking the pbo's would kill the modding scene."


    Giving the community the option to lock their stuff doesn't force you to do so. You still can freely continue to release everything the way it was.


    "Locking PBO's wont allow me to 'tinker' anymore."


    It is the right of the addon maker to choose if he wants to allow even tinkering or not. He could easily just pack the models as one locked pbo and the configs and scripts as one unlocked pbo.

    And now I will end this post with a small story!

    Once upon a specific coordinate in the fourth dimension, person A. created a script for an awesome game called fArma. It was a very good yet simple script that was included in a mission he had made for that game. Person B. was also making a similar type of mission and played the mission that person A. had made and found that the script was almost perfect for his mission too. Almost. Person B. tinkered and edited the script to suit his mission better and never included any credits for the original author of the script. For any number of reasons person A. never played the mission made by person B. Then comes along person C. who is making yet another mission of the same type (of come on! how many times do we have to blow up those Tunguskas in different places!) and this person (C.) only played the mission made by person B. Person B. being a great fan of sharing information freely on the internet provided a license in his mission to allow anyone to use any of his scripts freely and modified even without credits. Well, person C. being an honorable person decides to still include credits for "Ãœberscript originally made by person B.". A friend of person A. plays the mission made by person C. and recognizes the script and looks in the credits, informs person A. about this, person A. gets mad, calls person B. a liar and a thief publicly on the forums, a flame war starts, everyone gets angry and get banned and no one lives happily ever after. THE END.

    This short story is © 2010 by Sekra. All characters, games and scripts appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, games or scripts, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

  15. Quite the contrary I see Mykes points hitting pretty much dead center on the "other sides" "facts" in dissolving them. There is already massive amounts of reference material for people to use let alone the fact that the A1 mlods pretty much tell everything you need to know to get started. I do believe a lot of you people object to this simply because it would take away your ability to reconfigure other peoples addons to your liking, to be used in your clans games the way you like or other similar events and by doing so you are modifying and distributing other peoples addons. The second you send the modified addon to another person to be used in actual playing you've crossed the line and this is what I object. If the addon is not good enough don't use it. Or help the addon maker to make it better but remember that the person has every right to refuse your help.

  16. I can only see something similar happening to addon makers who lock their work and only allow those who have their permission to even simply un-pbo it and look around. Sure, if all addon makers start locking their addons, then the complainers will be forced to accept it, but I find it highly unlikely every addon maker will follow suit...

    So what in the worlds name is the problem if the option is given for those who want to use it? And the question is not about providing or developing the system since it already exists as we've seen with BAF and will see with other DLC. Or are you guys hinting that there is a tool already to de-pbo BAF stuff too?

    There clearly is a demand for the locking of pbo's among the addon makers who make stuff totally from scratch so why not give it to them? If the community will reject them then thats a risk I'm sure they seem to be willing to take from what they are writing here even in this thread.

    At least some of you have the balls to admit that the reason is so that you can freely edit other peoples work without permission. That is of course so you can "fix" stuff etc. Sure why would I need a permission for that.. Why would I help the community to make better addons because I can just edit it myself and keep any fixes I make to myself because the community can just de-pbo other peoples work and learn from it. And who cares if I also distribute those addons to my friends? I don't like the addon maker because he doesn't change what I want so screw him and his rights!

    So many of the comments here just make me sick in the stomach... I really wonder why anyone would want to give this lot anything for free. I really do...

  17. Guys could you please humor me with a simple answer to a simple question? Is the true reason why you are against pbo locking because you could not edit other peoples addons for private use if the pbos were locked? I know many of you guys who don't want the pbos to have the option to be locked are genuinely talented addon makers and scripters. You guys don't need to learn that stuff anymore, you know it already. If you want to help starting modders use your work, then you would have the option not to lock your pbo. This totalitarian attitude against people having a chance to protect their work really saddens me and I do believe without any intervention from BIS in this matter we will end up losing the last great modellers in the community. I would rather see protected addons coming from RKSL and RHS rather than seeing them leave the community, would you not? Of course I do not speak on their behalf and the decision is theirs but their addons are better quality than BIS releases and they deserve to have the right to protect them if they want to like any other addon maker. And they do seem to want it from what I'm reading in this thread since BAF has already proven that it can be done.

    And I'm sure if you want to learn any advanced stuff from them regarding addon making they will gladly help you if you ask nicely. I've got a ton of help from various people just by asking nicely and they've had no obligation to help me. What ever happened to the atmosphere of OFP addon making where everyone was working together instead of opposing everyone in every matter just because you don't like them? (Although I do see a glimmer of hope here seeing that RKSL-Rock and Max Power actually seem to agree on something! :D )

    So to reiterate my question: Do you want unlocked pbos to be able to edit them the way you want privately? Is this reason even a SMALL part of why you are so against this?

    and a bonus question: Would you rather see the people who want the pbo's locked to leave the community and we'd never see their wonderful addons released?

  18. If there will be any kind of locking for custom made addons/mods/missions a lot of people will quit modding immediately.

    And in the same time the people who make quality addons already have left the community in masses (simply take a look at how much quality stuff was released for ofp vs arma 2) because of all the ripping that is being done. If BIS provided a way to just read the configs and clearly prohibiting any editing of any addons instead of allowing the community to let any 12 year old to rip and sell the models in 2 simple clicks, would any of you agree to this? Just because the thieves might (and probably will) eventually crack the system, doesn't justify the community in hacking and publicly distributing those tools. And again why is it so bad if the person who makes the models himself/herself from scratch be given the possibility to protect it? There still would be everything that has been released so far available "for learning". I WANT to see more people making quality addons for A2/OA. But just look at how many people quit the community per year because they got ripped off by someone. And how many new groups come along that provide actual quality addons?

    And quite honestly if the attitude is "if I can't rip your work for my own purposes I'll quit the community" the better. I'd rather see a small amount of quality addons than a large amount of crappy ones. Instead of trying to lure new people into modding why not for a change try to focus on keeping the ones that already do great addons with the community?

  19. Have fun. Guess I can't ask you for permission to add an XEH to your config for our weekend event. Now I'll just have to do without that permission. Good thing it isn't protected, that would really ruin the event... Just kidding ;)

    And then one of the people who took part of the event decides that he likes it so much that he will use it with his friends and those friends decide to re-distribute it further and before long someone will get some kind of an error or bug with it, contact the original author and then everyone will be mad at everyone because stuff was edited and distributed without permission. :yay:

    This is EXACTLY the kind of reason why you shouldn't edit other peoples stuff without permission. ;) And it IS ALL about the respect for other peoples work. If you don't respect other peoples work, I won't respect you or anything affiliated with you. If we cannot respect each others enough to ask for permission or respect the rights of others then theres no point in even releasing anything publicly anymore.

    Lets cut the bullshit people! HONESTLY! We should be mature enough for this. The only reason you who don't support locking pbo's is that it would prevent you from ripping other peoples addons for your own selfish purposes. I do believe some of you use these possibilites for learning but I also do believe a lot of you like to reconfigure other peoples work without permission for private use inside a clan / gaming group. Since the only proper reason that I can think of unpboing addons is to modify them for your own purposes. The models you don't have permission to change anyhow and for any "learning purposes" you can read the configs for example ingame. For scripting there are so many tutorials available to do just about everything and a lot can be simply done by testing it. Of course this would mean that you have to actually learn to do something instead of just copypasting the code from something that someone else made.

    Okay if they don't completely lock the pbo's how about they make them so that you could only read the config from them (like we can now with the BAF stuff), but not extract the pbo? That would give the people who want to "learn from the config" the chance to learn from it by making the config read-only. Of course this wouldn't allow you to rip the scripts and models but its halfway there. I suggest that if there will be no locking of pbo's then at least make it so that the models could not be "reconfigured" to something else ie. the addon would stay as it was originally released and others could not edit it. And before you say it I know this would not help with addons that are just a collection of scripts but as said by the great Dwarden himself on the copyright stuff: "It doesn't matter if you CAN do something, it still doesn't give you the right to do it".

  20. I definitely think that pbo's should have the option to lock them. Since many of the actual modders who make their stuff from scratch like RKSL-Rock, Soul Assassin and others want this and the people who don't want are mostly people who have nothing to do with modding its quite obvious this option should be included. For those who claim that it will kill the community I quite contrarily think that this is the only thing that will save the modding scene of arma 2 in the long run. The reasons are quite obvious and simple:

    a) more great model makers will take interest in providing models to a format that is more secure (unless some dimwits again decide it's best to kill the community by releasing ripping tools)

    b) what happened to the simple fact that you can always ASK how to do something? There really is no reason to rip someones model for "learning purposes" when you could simply ask them how to do stuff! I know for a fact that a lot of the modders will gladly share their knowledge and help with your addons if you simply ask them. p.s. demanding is not asking!

    c) the internet if full of decent (free) tutorials to teach you to do pretty much anything.

    d) this would be OPTIONAL. not every addon has to be locked if you don't want to lock it.

    e) if you think you can learn something from looking at the models, you can look at them ingame too. only way you will learn to be a great modeller is to make models. and make more. and then make some more again. and after you get fed up in doing them make a couple more.

    Or if you truly feel that all free content should be open and available for everyone to unpack then BIS should provide a medium for the addon makers to sell their addons to the community and then by commercial rights they would be more protected and should be lockable. I know I would pay for the best community made stuff since they are often even of better quality than BIS makes.