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  1. Russians have new 152mm SAM missile - which the T95 tank have auto loader , so loads very quickly

    Its not about the speed of the loading, its about the fact that the missile does not fit inside the turret at all. It REALLY doesn't make any sense to fire a AA missile from the tube of a tank. I could understand an external launcher or similar but launched from the tube? Come on that's just ridiculous.

  2. Iv redownload it a few times thinking that, and trying other stuff also. Just dont know why its only them, iv just been using the ammo box to arme them as i dont know why this issue is. Have not seen anybody post this type of issue too, but ill just use the ammo box i guess. If you can think of any work arounds for this issue it would be very nice. Ill keep trying to see what making this happen.

    Well the easiest way to start going to find out whats wrong is start with no addons at all and check that everything is fine. Then add the one(s) you are having problems with (eg PRACS Troops and weapons). Check again if it works. Then start adding the rest of the addons you use one by one until you find the one that breaks it. The best and easiest way of doing this is by using modfolders and a launcher where you can select the desired addons by one or two clicks.

    If you can't find the source of the problems with addons or you have problems immediately when running just vanilla CO + PRACS then it must be that something is screwed up with your installation.

  3. and it made a bluefor fusilier. interesting, didn't know that worked.

    Just remember that if you open the unit details again after this in the editor it will be reverted to something else, USMC_Pilot iirc. You can select and move it afterwards but not double click and open the unit details.

    And a huge big grats to wld427 for the release! It has been and hopefully will continue to be fun doing all the testing and developing! :)

  4. I've had that problem of game "minimising" and refusing to come back up again and hearing the sounds and people reporting in multiplayer that I'm still playing "normally". I found out that its my graphics driver crashing and recovering by looking into my windows logs after this happens. Running on nvidia GTX460 and it did happen on my old 8800GTS too.

    Edit: And I dont even have the latest beta installed. Has happened to me probably on every version of OA at least.

    1. My offices were burgled last week. They nicked 3 workstations and two servers as well as two waste bins. Its all insured (well the bins probably arent) but its a pain in the arse and the insurance assessor came around for a chat on Friday.

    Wow.. My car was burgled this week and I noticed it today when going to buy some groceries.. "Luckily" I'm aware that a 1989 Toyota is not the safest place to keep any items inside so nothing valuable was there and nothing was taken nor broken. Only issue it caused was that the battery was basically empty, it had enough juice to spin the starter two times and just as I was pulling out my phone to call a buddy of mine to give some power I tried one last time, one last spin and it started :D :yay:

  5. Hey guys,

    We have a test server up and running with a large portion of the addons in it.

    Special thanks to Sekra, Soul Assasain, Tanky, Rock, and the other guys of the SPAFF community for hosting the server and providing excellent positive feedback as far as the testign is concearned.

    If anyone here is interested in participating please come by the TFL site, sign up, and get involved.



    Project RACS

    PS ballistic when you get a chance throw som of those pics you took in here.

    Pleasure to have use for our server. No point in paying the bill and having the server running idle most of the time :) Plus the whole package is just :eek:

  6. While I do like Steam a lot it is not suitable for all situations and having to download 4-8gb of patches when there is a A2 / OA update made me eventually buy the Sprocket versions of everything when it was on sale. If the platform would be updated / the way Arma is built to better suit the way Arma or the platform (steam) is done it would be no bother to me. So I would say that in the current status of both don't make it steam only, but if it were designed better to suit it, I wouldn't mind at all.

  7. In my opinion the only rule change required here would be a type of a "MOD / Addon release forum first post template" and same for WIP forums. Provide a set of rules about what information must be provided in the first posts of the projects you are posting about. If those rules are not met you obviously are missing some important part needed to release the thing you are about to release and should acquire that. And make it a clear rule like: "If you are not the original creator of the addon, you must state (and if required provide proof to moderators) your permission to re-release it to A2 etc". I will admit I cant be bothered to read this whole thread and if anyone has already suggested anything like this. But providing a rule and maybe even a "release tutorial for newbies" would clear up a lot of the fuss thats been going on in the recent months.

    I strongly support the model and addon makers rights to their addons but I also want to see new people introduced into the community and specially into the editing of the game. But this must not come with the price of disregarding the rights of people who are not with the community anymore. Also a "Addon graveyard" thread or maybe even a site that could host source files if available would be nice for the people who dont care what happens to their addons anymore.

  8. And even more so in the first post mr. peans says that its not even his fix!




    +bisign and bikey

    fixed by : =7Cav=WOC.noorm

    Also noorm revealed that 7Cav is breaking forum rule §20:

    I posted it in the F14 forum ( http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=95573&page=13 ) for ONE day and removed it due to possible "Ask the original author" problems. This is an internal release for 7Cav only.

    From rule §20:

    The first and most fundamental rule is that you must seek permission to alter someone's work, to mirror it or use it in any way other than for personal use. No permission, no editing, no mirroring, no adding to your mod pack, no editing and sharing around your private squad, none of that is acceptable.

    Also according to the rules these people get permanent bans?

    Edit: looks like some of you noticed some of the same things while I was typing this...

  9. I have also heard of a bug in the ATI drivers that IF you have a website open that uses Flash the driver will limit the GPU core and apparently if you run a game it will stutter because it will: Limit - Max Clock - Limit - Max Clock - Limit - etc cycle all the time. Also the asus p8p67 mobo seems to be having a heap of issues which might or might not be related to the fact that there was a manufacturing defect in some Intel chipsets a while back.

    Edit: HERE is a link to your mobo manufacturer about the chipset issues..

  10. Nice fuss with the site Tanky! :yay: :yay:

    @Soul_Assassin: Absolutely beautiful work as always mate!

    I wouldn't exactly post such a definitive answer as a forum moderator if I didn't get the answer from BIS themselves now, would I?

    This coming from the guy who basically singlehandedly flamed the last 10 pages of the (now closed) RKSL WIP thread? WOW :eek: Or are you saying that came from BIS too? Which brings me to question why on earth are you still even a moderator?

    Kind regards,


  11. I still have to say that this test will only show how your server will run only with a shitload of AI and we all know that once the AI thread is "capped" you cant go further. So what you are testing is sort of the "top speed on a straight track" but to win a race you need good cornering too. This tests only the capability to run a certain amount of AI on the server which is a part of the testing too, but for instance if you play only PvP missions that have no AI but a bunch of scripts? The results might be quite different.

    I do remember seeing someone do tests on a server on server FPS vs amount of AI. Just makes me wonder, what is the number of AI on this mission? What happens if you put only 50% of AI on this mission? or 200%?

  12. Well the thing is that things will hopefully get in motion to do stuff and this is your chance to say what you think. You think its fine? Ok. But theres a lot of people out there who think its not fine. A lot. And we will be doing something about it and it would be a nice change to have some support before starting to throw in the buckets of shit, thank you. After all I'm not asking you to do it am I?

    This is a chance of those people who would like to see things changed but want someone else to do the job to voice out their ideas and opinions.

  13. So I've seen many discussions in various places about BIKI improvements. I think in every discussion most of the people want to see the BIKI improved in many aspects. So this thread is meant to be as a sort of notepad or similar for all your ideas that you would like to see done to the BIKI. With the massive amount of information moving it to a new site would be a daunting task which is why I think there should first be discussion about if we could upgrade the current system to better server the community.

    Write about what you feel is wrong with the BIKI currently even if you don't have any ideas how to fix them. The main thing is to identify the key problems of why "everyone" feels like the BIKI should be improved. Write about ideas how to imporove the BIKI.

    I would also like to ask you guys not to make this a flaming / argument thread and shoot down or argue about other peoples ideas. If someone feels like the BIKI should have more pink ponies in the background it is their right to feel that way. The purpose of this thread is to hear everyones wishes and ideas, brainstorm, and not to have arguments about them.

    I would also like to emphasize that EVERYONES input is welcome! Doesn't matter if you found the BIKI or started scripting or making addons yesterday or you have been doing it for 10 years now, if you find the BIKI frustrating in some way let us know!