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  1. The mission co@12_ace_op_cerberus.chernarus_1_00.pbo is named wrong. The version number is on the island identification part and it wont show up on the mission list unless you change the name -> co@12_ace_op_cerberus_1_00.chernarus.pbo
  2. I've noticed that the ARMA2 scripting commmands list in the BIS Wiki is missing at least the "Side" command.
  3. What I mean is that the command is missing from the ARMA2 scripting commands list. It is in ArmA and OFP scripting commands but not ARMA2. Compare http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Category:Scripting_Commands_ArmA to http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Category:Scripting_Commands_ArmA2. And I have no idea how to edit a wiki so its better that I do not tamper around with it.
  4. I made this mission a while back now and its been tested ever since and all the major quirks should be gone by now. Fun, LONG and hard mission with 4 main objectives and a couple optional ones. Big area to operate in, lots of enemies and you can expect the enemy to be behind any bush or tree right after the missions starts. This is my first mission I release for Arma2 and I hope you like it. Please report any bugs and feedback of the mission to this thread. Thank you and enjoy :) A quick summary: Description: -Name: co 30 jr regroup and retaliate v1.05 (note: jr is for jip+respawn) -Mission: Your mission is to avoid capture and cause as much damage to the enemy as possible. -Situation: The americans launched a massive attack against the russian forces last night. The russian forces were completely overwhelmed by this attack and we were forced to retreat to the mountain area near to the Russian border The american advance was eventually stopped. Your units were left stranded behind enemy lines because the attack was so quick. -Notes: This mission is intended to be played at a very high difficulty, expert is advised. Makes the start of the mission much more "fun" with very little information about your location. -Download locations: Sekras site: - http://koti.mbnet.fi/sekra/arma2missions/ Armaholic mirror: - Regroup and retaliate Co-30 P.S. Feel free to mirror and share this mission
  5. I was under the impression that my computer is not fast enough to play ArmA2 unless with the very minimum graphics. So that is what I've been doing, going all the way to minimum graphics to get decent fps most of the time to play the game BUT last night I noticed something. And I've been experimenting today after I slept. I notice that I can play with "normal" gfx settings with "good" fps (20-40 even 60) depending on location (NOTE! the FPS does not change that much except when changing location even in a empty mission in editor with ONLY the player unit on the map). Then after about 4min 37 seconds of playing it hits *POOF* the FPS drops to around 5-8. And from all the various experimenting I've done I found out that the C1 Transitions / sec in both of my cores starts doing a rollercoaster going from 0 to max back to 0 and max etc RIGHT when the bad FPS starts. From what I've googled and talked with other in IRC I've found out that C1 means that my processor is trying to enter some sort of sleep mode? I have a screenshot of my performance monitor doing it but since I dont have a place to host it without affecting my home internet I can email (or smth like that) the picture to any dev who wants it. (fastest way to contact me is via IRC, at least Dwarden knows where :P) I'm using the steam version of the game and I've tried this with the 190.38 whql and 186.18 whql drivers. I get nothing special in the arma2.rpt since it doesnt crash, it just drops the FPS to approx 1/3 of what it is for the first about 5 minutes or so. I've tried disabling every power saving feature I can find from bios and from windows 7 but same happens every time. Full specs: Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 (running at default speed, 2.13ghz) GeForce 8800GTS (g80 chip) 640mb 2gb ram (also tried with 3gb and 4gb) Win7 RC 32-bit build 7100 Gigabyte 965P-DS3 rev2.0 mobo Is there something in your code that is trying to tell my processor to enter sleepmode?? and the thing works like clockwork, in editor, in singleplayer.... always a little under 5 minutes of playing. Edit: If you want to check if this happens to you do this: Windows 7 Control Panel -> Performance Information and Tools -> Advanced tools Then Open Performance Monitor. Click Performance Monitor on the left and then the green plus (+) sign to add some counters. Look for Processor and add C1 Transitions / sec counters for all of your cores. Start ArmA2, go to editor, put a player and start preview. You can start the ingame watch by doublepressing O by default key. For me its always around 5 minutes and the FPS drops like a stone to 5-8 and doesnt come up anymore. At the exact same moment my C1 Transitions / sec go haywire in the performance graphs. I sometimes get a bit smaller jitter at about 2-3minutes but that shows nothing in the performance monitor logs. I use Fraps for FPS (also tried without fraps to see if that is the problem and used the addon for FPS and same thing again).
  6. ummm. yeah.. I was just taking general peeks inside the case to see if it has much dust.. I even vacuumed it.. so in the end I decided to remove the gfx card, open up the cooler case and see whats inside... the only thing I can say is.. holy crap... took a few other pics but dont care to upload those.. I think that this makes the point....
  7. Right now I'm taking the gfx card apart and cleaning it in case its overheating which I doubt since other games run just fine. Sickboy: My win7 is the RC so its the 7100 build. And yes I've tried both windowed and fullscreen. I've gone through whole list in Dwardens Steam sticky with no help on the problem Thr0tt: Gaining 2FPS hardly counters losing 15-35FPS because suddenly the CPU gets throttled apparently by something it really should not be doing. And again I need to stress this thing: It does not really matter what gfx settings I'm running. Minimum or "normal". The first 5 minutes the game runs just fine and then the FPS drops to very low. Edit: Cpt. Goose: Allready done that, like I explained in my post, I disabled just about everything related in bios and win7 I could think of. No effect on the problem.
  8. Changing viewdistance from 1600 to 4000 didnt change the time this happens. I dont even have to move for this to happen. Or other version is that I fly in a helicopter all around and the FPS is fine until 5 minutes is played. Just start editor preview or mission, wait about 5 minutes and poof. CPU temperature is around 55-60 celsius so its not that either. ---------- Post added at 09:38 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:42 PM ---------- I added instructions to the first post on how to check if you have the same problem
  9. I've found a bug that is not on your list regarding the UH1Y Venom M134 turrets.. If you want to have only M134 available on UH1, first reduce all ammo to 0 with setVehicleammo 0.. when you start adding magazines for M134 only the left (crew chief) gets the ammo and none for right turret (door gunner). Also if pilot uses manual fire for UH1 only the left turret will shoot. Havent tested this with other choppers yet....
  10. Sekra

    Mumble compatible with ArmA2?

    Sorry to bring this up again BUT. The ingame voice system is really bad, it usually breaks up about 50% of the time and even when it doesnt the volume is very low and usually the quality is also very bad. With Mumble the quality is quite good almost all the time with just about all the users I've encountered using it. I've started playing in a server and with a community that uses Mumble when playing ARMA2 and I would also like to know about any plans on anyone about making a plugin for ARMA2. But for now I am going to do some research on how to make such a plugin too.
  11. looks like konsolinet is allready out of stock (surprise!) and VPD reports tomorrow as the release date.. other sites also report just "week 26" or 24. or later dates.. what a mess.. :( Oh well.. I'm going to be away from my desktop for the rest of the week so I wont be able to play anyhow.. Will have to propably check next week or so if some places have actually received the games..
  12. Would be nice to know which shop you ordered from :P Well I'm going to go check out the local stores AGAIN today and see if any have it..
  13. Well. Play.com doesnt accept the Visa (not electron, normal Visa) card I use and also ordering from either of those would mean waiting for possibly a week until it arrives here. Unless I can find the game in the local stores on monday morning I will order online and get it the next day the latest. That is of course assuming that the online stores get it.
  14. Mehhh... I dont trust any other DL service than Steam.. Originally bought ArmA from Sprocket and had loads of trouble with it and eventually got a refund from them. And besides I have OFP + addons and ArmA + QG as disc versions and want ARMA2 as one too. Prolly going to order from some finnish online shop on monday if they receive the shipment...
  15. So.. any Finns seen the game hit the shelves today?
  16. Well I've been looking today (was hoping to get to buy the game tomorrow morning before the shops close for midsummer boozing) on various Finnish online shops and all say that release date is 22.6.2009. So we Finns are shit outta luck it seems for the weekend. I will still propably take a look at the local stores in the morning to see if they got it.
  17. I've been running the windows 7 rc from since it was released and I have taken such a liking to it that I've been using it as my main OS pretty much ever since. I was wondering how ARMA 2 runs on Windows 7 if at all since I really have been a fan since OFP and I have bought all releases so far. Reason for me asking is that although I have only 1 game that currently refuses to run under Win7 (Empire: Total War) I was wondering if there are any general issues with running ARMA2 under Win7? And before you all start mouthing off about "Win7 is still beta, Win7 is not officially supported" like on every other forum I've asked about games + Win7 I would like to make the point that it is NOT what I'm asking. I just want to know if I can buy ARMA2 now or wait until it is officially supported.
  18. Sekra

    ArmA 1943

    So now you're going to include the pacific theatre as well? wow. You're allready doing more stuff than any other ww2 mod for ofp ever even dreamed of. And they even knew how to make mods and still most of them never reached the point where they aimed at before ArmA was released. You DO realise that the US was fighting against Japan in the pacific and not germans? That would mean a whole new set of soldier models, weapons and all the other equipment. In my eyes, this "mod" is turning out to be more like a silly fictional campaign with very little historical accuracy regarding equipment and which uses a bunch of addons made by a bunch of people who are not directly involved with the mod. You seem to be lacking any realistic goals with this "mod" and having just an Opel Blitz early alpha model wip you're a very long way of even thinking of adding a new theatre to the package. This is getting totally ridiculous.
  19. Sekra


    Well.. As I see it making the AI fire the mortars would be best done by a script since mortars are indirect fire and in real life they use spotters to tell them where to shoot. I made a script for the FDFmod mortars in OFP to make the AI shoot at a mapclick point, all it took was some intense scripting and tweaking for two days. The script of course needed the players interaction on where to shoot but I'm fairly confident the script could be modified so that an AI spotter could be used. The idea in the script was pretty simple. I used a fixed "circle" around from the mortars (800m, I think this was just about the maximum range of the mortars because of the bulletlife issues with OFP) to calculate how high in the sky the AI should aim. So if you clicked on a spot 500m away from the mortars, the script would recalculate to aim at XXX height on a 800m circle so the mortars would fire to 500m. I used a runway somewhere to manually find the values of XXX using various objects that were scripted to be exactly 25m apart for the script but I'm sure if theres some math genius around he/she could find a formula to calculate this. All you would need to figure out, is to make a script for the AI spotter to someway decide smartly on where the mortars should shoot. I think I might have the script stashed away somewhere. I will upload somewhere in a while if I can find it. Edit: Ok I found the script and uploaded it here. Reviewing the script I remember few problems with it which are also mentioned at the top of it. You had to have a straight level ground under the mortars for them to fire accurately and if the target area was much higher / lower than the area where the mortars were they might not fire accurately. And also if the target area was much lower than the mortars and near the max range of 800m the bulletlife sometimes exceeded making the rounds never hit the ground.
  20. The next post is not meant to target anyone in particular (except americans) but it's more of a little observation I've made. I've been lurking on and about the ofp community for years now. I think I started playing a while before the mod tools were released for ofp. Recently I've been seeing more and more people popping up at different forums related to war games about ranting how a game isnt realistic and its unreal yada yada yada. Well this is understandable due to the current situation in the world and middle-east (yup 95% of these ranters are americans). They usually start really enthusiastically about how they know everything about fighting since they've been in combat yada yada yada (and usually it just turns out its their neighbours kid/brother whoever who was actually in combat and they've just heard stories from them since the poor fellow didn't pass his physical exam). I would like to remind you turds (yes you ranters) that in many countries (like the one I live in) an army service of varied length is obligatory! So some of us have military training even though we dont have combat experience and our country is not in a (illegal)war. I'd say thats halfway between a civilian and a combat veteran. So don't pretend you're some god of war if you've been in combat and everyone else HAS to be civilian since their country is not in a war! You don't know anything about the other persons or their backgrounds here on these forums since we all live in different parts of the world and in different cultures. (And if you took half the time you spend on waging war to learn about different cultures half the wars could be avoided.) Most things people complain about realism in ArmA have been around since day one of ofp. Learn to live with it, stop playing or make a better game. To be fair, I'll give you 10 years to develop a game thats more realistic than ArmA and in the same scale. Phewwww... Good to get this rant of my back.. P.S. The average age of every great "empire" in the history of mankind has been about a few hundred years in lenght. When was it again that Kolumbus found America? Think about that, huh? P.P.S. Allah will have revenge on all infidels! Â Â Â
  21. Sekra

    ArmA 1943

    What he means that the Tigers were so much better tanks that it took in average 6 Shermans to destroy 1 (one) Tiger tank. The only advantage the allied had when battling against Tigers were their numbers. I am really starting to get concerned about the quality of this modification due to the sheer lack of knowledge you guys seem to have. You really should start hitting some serious history studies before you start making this mod since a lot of people here in this community are more or less familiar with this era. Like in the email when asking you about the planes you need for this mod you said you dont care from what era the planes are actually from. Making mistakes like that will certainly not get the respect of the modding community. And also from the looks of it you seem to be more or less just ripping off other peoples work without giving them proper credit. Also you guys really seemed to hit hard on these Blitzkrieg modders making them explain themselves. In my eyes you are still in the same phase as they are as in you haven't proven a single thing. In my opinion you guys should really lay low for quite a while, learn to make some decent addons _yourself_ and study your history books!
  22. I've been making a mission where a T72 is working as a mobile artillery unit, shelling on a city from a big distance.. But I'm having trouble making the tank shoot HEAT shells, I can only make it shoot SABOT.. Heres the line of code I've been using to make the tank shoot: <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">tank fire "D81" and I've tried using different kinds of combinations using the Wiki weapons & ammo list but it only fires with that command. Â Â I know I could just use a script to create shells dropping in the town but I've tweaked a script and the mission quite hard for the tank to actually shoot into the town from quite a distance. So if anyone could help me to make the tank shoot HEAT shells I'd appreciate it very much. Thanks in advance for any help I get! EDIT: Well of course now that I try harder and harder I found a way.. If anyone ever needs to do this same thing this is how I solved it: <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE"> tank removemagazines "23Rnd_125mmSABOT_T72"; reload tank; tank fire "D81"; this removes all the SABOT ammo from the tank and then makes the gunner reload the gun with the HEAT ammo.. of course there is a small delay after the reload as the gunner is reloading the new ammo so you might add a sleep command there before fire...
  23. well.. Törni, have you tried giving the unit you want it to target a name like s1 and name the tank too.. Then order the T72 to tank dowatch s1; sleep 1; tank fire "D81" or replace the "D81" with "M256" for Abrams.. Make this as a radio trigger for example to test the functionality of this. Or then you could download the mapfact misc addons and make a script that has an invisible armor target that will be periodically set at the coordinates of a soldier and make the tank shoot at that..
  24. it has a target it is shooting "at".. its not a question of getting the tank to shoot.. it will fire the main cannon with the script I'm using, just that it fires the "wrong" kind of shells, ie SABOT instead of HEAT..