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  1. It looks really really good! But the thing is does it "properly" support the Steam versions, as in with steam we have A2 and OA installed in separate folders and also, does it support the OA betas since in OA the beta is located in Expansion/beta rather than just beta (at least on my steam installation)? But nevertheless your launcher is a savior to my desktop :D Thank you!
  2. Just a quick question for the devs, are we to still use reportingIP = "arma2pc.master.gamespy.com"; with OA dediservers or is there a new browser for that?
  3. Well I did see a few 1.52 servers right after reading this post but again theyre not showing up anymore.. Or it might be the heat.. Summer, sunshine, laptop, desktop and server and a small flat == death.... ---------- Post added at 09:39 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:35 PM ---------- I got it showing them again! I filtered it to show Playing, Waiting and Only Dedicated Servers and some of the 1.52 servers show up. And then I arrange them with the version tab..
  4. Seems to be showing some servers allready. Just checked a minute ago.
  5. I'm having crash issues with the server. It would seem that its mostly related to the amount of .pbo files that are loaded since I can run the server fine with just vanilla a2 files and we currently have 304 missions on the server. At this point we have 304 mission .pbos with additional 53 pbos from the a2 addons directory. As soon as I launch the server with ACE (ace, acex, acex_pla, acex_sm) enabled, which has 312 pbos plus CBA which has 15 pbos, I can only load up 151 missions. If I have 152 missions in my mpmissions directory the minute I join the server, it will crash, and it will always report that it cannot load some mission (which changes on each crash). After it has restarted after the crash I can join the server but I will not find ANY missions except the ones that came with the vanilla game. Now I do not know if this is actually an ACE problem or not, but all 304 missions worked on the 1.05 server just fine even with ACE running there too. Edit: made a CIT report, http://dev-heaven.net/issues/11584 Edit 2: I would also like to point out that its not the individual missions that are crashing the server because I tried starting the server with just one mission in the mpmissions folder and it was earlier reported to "Cannot open file" on the logfile and it worked just fine. Edit 3: Got it working now with increasing the limit of simultaneous open files per user in my OS from 1024 to 4096. Odd since I used to run 2 servers with the old limit on 1.05... In case anyone else starts getting same problem as I did, Sickboy provided the following link which I used to edit my limits: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/linux-increase-the-maximum-number-of-open-files/
  6. Ummm.. Why is the OA server also versioned (on the filename) as 1.07? This might cause (and did actually with the vanilla A2 server on my linux box where I eventually noticed that the A2 1.07 was a wrong link) cause some confusion...
  7. I must say that I did a testrun of warfare BE today with the new linux 1.07 71852 and according to top I was running at 150% cpu and ingame still at 50fps so it was looking VERY nice! The lowest I got at any point was 48fps for a second or two.
  8. Sekra

    Confirmed Quad Core Support

    I must say that I did a testrun of warfare BE today with the new linux 1.07 71852 and according to top I was running at 150% cpu and ingame still at 50fps so it was looking VERY nice!
  9. Umm.. is the file mistakenly named a2oa-server....? or whats behind that?
  10. Could it be possible to release the server as a whole (all pbos and such) on the hldsupdatetool / steam dediserver tool for linux? As currently it is not listed at all in the games list and because there is no way to manually update the files with patches on linux servers, it is a pain to get all the update pbos to the server where I have no physical access. It's slightly easier for windows servers as you can run the patches on them like on the clients. But even those need the initial update and even though Steam is not the fastest way to download / distribute stuff, at least its faster than my home upstream of 512kb/s...
  11. Sekra

    Operation Arrowhead Dedicated Server

    The 1.52 update has a dedicated server exe file and you should be able to apply the patch even if you are allready running 1.52 (I take no responsibility of you screw up your game or computer doing this).
  12. Sekra

    Operation Arrowhead Dedicated Server

    The dedicated serverfiles are not released yet. You just have to wait and play hosted or buy an extra copy to run it.
  13. Sekra

    1.07 - Linux server

    HGs_Dot: like maruk said in his post, download the latest beta patch and you should be able to play on 1.05 linux servers.
  14. Sekra

    1.07 - Linux server

    Yes thank you. A simple yes, no, we dont know yet, is good enough answer for me when asked will it be released today.
  15. Sekra

    1.07 - Linux server

    indeed. and specially since it also happens every time a patch is released, you gotta wait for the linux server.. but dont worry, this thread will be locked soon and the server will hopefully be also released today like they suggested when the client patch was released..
  16. Why on earth for once couldnt they have everything ready for a patch... WHY do we (server admins) have to go through this with EVERY patch?
  17. Sekra

    Play ArmA 2. Win Prizes

    Well I gotta say it was a very nice event even though I did miss the last game. I will definitely be joining if anything similar is ran later on! Well done Tanky, Rarius and the whole PCFormat crew and thank you for the game!
  18. Sekra

    Play ArmA 2. Win Prizes

    Actually this is for positional audio plugins, not the overlay. And what I tested a few weeks back the positional audio on A2 in mumble was still very very crude, would mess up frequently and overall not usable although the has been a few updates afterwards and it might be better allready..
  19. Sekra

    Play ArmA 2. Win Prizes

    I probably need to hire an agent...
  20. Sekra

    Play ArmA 2. Win Prizes

    awww guys you make me blush :D I was very happy at my role in delta team too and would love to be your resident corpsman. I also had that annoying weird strobelike effect using (vanilla) NVG's in the game. Also with the beta patches, I'm the one who informed rarius about the possible issues with them, since the beta patches roll out constantly (again) there is no real way of testing all the addons if they work or not, and there have been issues previously with them and after talking this with Dwarden in IRC its apparent that the beta patches are really meant to be run with vanilla arma2 only naturally. And I too get a lot better performance with the beta patches but the underlying problem is that it cannot be guaranteed to run 100% with all addons and mods. Tankbuster: Any chance of getting that group shot on page 5 as a bigger version? :)
  21. Sekra


    could someone nudge someone to update the Six Updater version to 006 too? :P Of course it would be easy for me to update manually from the DL link but since I'm maintaining multiple servers remotely via Six it will be better for consistency to update via Six...
  22. As I've been doing some server hosting for a few months now I have some experience in tweaking the difficulty and server setting so that you get the kind of experience you want. If you need help in tweaking your server configs just contact me via PM here. This can make a HUGE difference in gameplay, just check our FinTac ACE2 server (required / supported addons are listed at http://fintac.dy.fi) and observe some enemies in the far distance, they should be running more or less smoothly and still the server should be able to handle it well even with tens of players according to my tests and calculations..
  23. or you just make a canMove loopcheck every X seconds and if the chopper can not move, initiate self destruct sequence in 5... 4... 3... 2.... GET OUT OF THE CHOPPAAH! 1... BUT WERE STILL AIRBORNE! *puff of smoke*
  24. not sure about vehicles but to players at least you can have a "killed" eventhandler after which you could with a one line script add a satchel to the cargo of the chopper... and even if that eventhandler is not available for vehicles it shouldnt be too hard to make a script that spawns a satchel to the cargo each time its respawned..
  25. We will be hosting a multiplayer campaign with our gaming community starting on the first week of May and we would like to extend our invitation for all Finnish ARMA 2 players who also enjoy playing with ACE2. The details of the campaign and how to sign up can be found in our forums at http://fintac.dy.fi. Unfortunately, we will only be accepting finnish participants for now since these are our first tests to run this kind of a campaign. The main focus of this campaign is to play as a team (so no Rambo-style players) and most of all to have fun playing the game we love like it was inteded. Quick overview of what are the requirements for the campaign: -ACE2 mod -Isla Duala -Mumble Other mods are accepted and the full list of accepted addons on our server can be found at our website http://fintac.dy.fi. You can also best communicate with us in Quakenet IRC network @ #fintac channel.