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  1. @Altimeter: The beginning of my post was not about the addon itself but to comments like "Who cares if they stole the stuff as long as we get them to our game". The ARMA community already has a reputation of being thieving bastards and I don't see comments like that helping to improve that. If we want to see truly great addons in the game we have to have a greater degree of respect for modellers and their work. Would you want to provide any hard made work to a community that you know will steal it and rip you off, maybe even start selling your models on commercial modelling sites. That has already happened and if everyone would agree that thieving cunts should be shot and banned from the community we would have a lot more great modellers working for arma! And as it has already been reported countless of times here these people have already been using addons without permission so everyone has a legitimate reason to doubt them. I always welcome new people and new addons but I will not accept stealing from other people. It's just plain simple as that. Why wont you agree with that? @Dean.F: What proof are you looking for? The fact that these guys have previously stolen models is known by everyone (or at least should be). Or if you want to use lighter terms then used models without permission which were removed from public distribution. I am all for new content for Arma but like earlier I mention in this post I will not accept thieving. Proof that you somehow assume I'm accusing them of something? Please provide the text since I cannot see anything like that. I like many others here have already said that there is no problem IF (please use a dictionary to see what the word IF means ok?) they have proper permissions to use the models this time. The fact that there is concerns about the source of the models with the history of these people is completely justified. What is the problem here? Like I mention in my previous post if you bothered to read it to the end, I would more than gladly see all these planes in Arma providing they're not stolen from anyone. You tell the people who have these concerns to shut up and go away, yet people who say "Stealing models from others is okay as long as we get new things ingame" are being praised by you? And also read the next sentence REALLY carefully so you understand it: I do not have a problem if they are ports from FSX, OFP, ARMA1 or any other game as long as they have proper permission from the original authors of the model to release them for A2/OA.
  2. Any thread that claims other peoples work as their own should be about copyright and IP. Just because it would be great to have these and the models look good, doesn't give the right to break copyright. If the models are stolen and used without permission it's damn right it should be discussed in the thread. BIS has already taken steps towards a more firm attitude towards IP infractions. And it was mentioned earlier that people spend weeks towards making the models but I have to say that the truly great models take months even years to get to the standard they are. And usually they are done completely free and voluntarily so the least we can do is respect the rights. Just because you CAN do something doesn't give you the right to do so. And to the topic at hand I admit these models do look nice and are a great addition to arma providing they have the proper permits to use them.
  3. The thing is that the mission ends, but the units don't get deleted before the next sidemission is spawned.
  4. And if the people who he sold the models to find out they've been used and / or modified elsewhere, Rock will have to pay that money back with penalties. And you DO understand that we are probably not talking about thousands or tens of thousands of pounds but way over that... Would you be willing to risk the income from the rest of your life on the good will or the morals of this community?
  5. Hello and welcome to the forums and playing Arma! There is already a thread about this issue here: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=104242 along with help to get it running even on steam. And the game works just fine in Windows 7, what you need to do is change the arma2oa.exe to run as administrator by going to your "<steam>\steamapps\common\arma 2 operation arrowhead" directory and right-clicking on the file, go to compatibility tab and select the "Run as administrator" tickbox.
  6. the problem is that most likely the startup line is getting too long and it is a OS restriction. it might also help debugging if you copy the exact startup line from the launcher here.
  7. What I was trying to point out is that youre trying to cure the "symptom" and letting the "disease" live. Okay lets say they implement a log system for createvehicle. Next they will start using setdamage. Then setpos. Then like Gunnarmarine already tells theyre using other stuff too. What needs to be cured is the possibility to bypass the signatures. After that is fixed and allowing unsigned addons on your server it is only your own fault. Then again you talk about "good" missions and I assume you mean technically well made missions. Then there are missions that are not that well made and I don't want to get banned from a server if someone makes a bad script in their mission.
  8. Having a system where you could track which clients use what scripting commands in the game is really not a viable option in any way since for instance in missions like Domination a part of the spawning is done on the clients locally, so you would quickly end up with hundreds, maybe thousands of lines of logs of running a command and trying to figure out who is spawning stuff by cheating could and probably would be impossible from that. The security systems of the game need to be enhanced to the 20th century in more than just the anti-hacking parts too. Addon makers need more protection for their models for example. I do not know how to make things better, but obviously we can all agree that the current system has / is failing and is not doing the job it is intended; it's starting to become like DRM systems, the ones being legit get more trouble from it than it is preventing the abuse.
  9. I had a problem after upgrading to 1.07 where you needed to increase the amount of simultaneously open files in linux. In 1.05 I could have 2 servers running with hundreds of missions just fine with just 1024 open files per user limit, but when upgrading to 1.07 no even one server could run properly. Let me find you the links what I did to solve my problem. Edit heres the thing that I did: http://dev-heaven.net/issues/11584
  10. Sekra

    Admins: PLEASE ALLOW @ACEX_SM!!!!

    Sorry to bring this up a bit late and all but... You need to be VERY careful and test EVERY mod, even if "just" a soundmod. We found out for instance that even though being just a soundmod, SOWmod for example changes the behaviour of the ZU-23's, thus making it more than just a soundmod which is why we wont allow it on our server for example. As a server admin I tend to stick by the rule that I never allow anything that I havent tested myself extensively.
  11. Take the ACE talk into an ACE thread please. This is an RKSL thread and if you had bothered to read the FAQ / readme you would know that RKSL will have nothing to do with ACE, will not ever support it and the only thing you're doing right now is pissing them off talking about it in here.
  12. Sekra

    BD Disposable 1.0

    Actually Extended Eventhandlers is only a part of CBA and it used to be separate. Would be nice if it still was separate without all the unneeded crap in CBA.
  13. This is true.. and since they dont (at least yet and since even the EMPTY file is called clientside config....) provide any kind of functionality for the server I dont understand why there is no "if (isDedicated) then { doNotNeedConfigs };" check..
  14. Before turning into ACE, just search for the source of the addon; INKO Disposable - http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=84701 I am not sure if it will work with OA but shouldnt be too hard to convert either.
  15. #1. nothing mentioned about the need to install this onto a server, as in the old arma2ts system didnt require anything to be loaded on the server, thats why I was checking. There is also nothing mentioned in the install guide about installing this to server also. Could there be some kind of a check to see if server is running ACRE and client is not, do a message and vice versa? #2. There will be nothing extra on my server unless I manually put it there and thats the reason I was asking. So I will only have to upload @acre to my server and enable it along with having @cba running for this to work properly then. Thats the only info I need :)
  16. What you need to remember that if you are running the game with the OA latest beta, copy the dsound.dll to the Expansion\beta directory! Still after that I'm not getting things to work properly for some reason atm... In single player editor it seems to work just fine, but as soon as I join our server, its not working. And heres the next "problem"; What parts do I need to load on our (linux) dedicated server for this to work? for obvious reasons I cannot use the dsound.dll on our linux server as that is a windows library. Will just using @acre work? or do I need to enable @JayArma2Lib also on our server? Will that require to load the server with dsound.dll?
  17. Does anyone have the stalkergb.bikey file so that we could use it on a server also? =) I only found one dead link to rapidshare... Cheers mates! Like the units alot!
  18. This addon is bloody brilliant! Just like all RKSL addons are of the highest quality. Cheers mate!
  19. Sekra

    Linux Server CoreDumps

    I'm getting coredumps every now and then, specially after a mission that had gear selection in briefing screen, start a new mission after that and boom. http://dev-heaven.net/issues/11856 Edit: Just reading your post more accurately now, I dont know why you have exthreads param on, our linux server runs just fine without it. Do you get that dump every time you start the server, after a specific mission or anything else reproduceable? I'm running on archlinux 64bit myself and I had to get the 32 bit libraries for a2 and oa to work properly, check the biki for more info: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ArmA:_Dedicated_Server I've added the libraries I needed to install to get the server running on a 64bit linux. You should be able to tell the version of the server from the archive filename you downloaded btw.
  20. The reason for this is that whenever you launch OA with the -mod= parameter it will autodisable the ingame mod manager and since the beta patch NEEDS the -mod parameter theres really no way you can bypass this. You can still run all your mods using the old style of creating icons with a long -mod= line or using a launcher that supports the beta versions of OA.
  21. I was doing some testing with the latest 71952 client on our linux OA 71900 dedi server and it crashed with this in the console: Edit: Just had another
  22. Did you also copy the Expansion directory to the server? What you need is <arma2 folder>\Addons \Dta \Expansion \Keys on the server.. also make sure there are absolutely NO files, folders ANYTHING in the server folder that has capital letters. Also you should consider using the startup script (arma2server?) mentioned in the readme.. I'm not sure if its needed but I also copied the Common folder from my installation to the server since it has pbos too. You might also try deleting the configuration files (arma2oa.cfg and player/player.arma2oaprofile) that the server creates when running for the first time.
  23. Hi all There are more important matters to fix in the game that actually are almost game breakers like the X-files effect of the ALICE module (looks really freaky with thermals), dying when driving or sometimes just walking downhill, ammobox issues and the rock models (no pun intended). Being a person with over 4k posts you are aware of the CIT in dev-heaven.net where you can make suggestions and vote on them. This is to make the life easier for the devs to have all the stuff like bug reports and suggestions filtered and investigated by volunteers before being forwarded to the devs. Kind Regards Sekra
  24. I've been talking a bit with this with Dwarden and what I've got so far is that if you use the -mod parameter it should autodisable the ingame mod browser. Also talking about the location of mods, it probably doesnt matter which folder you put them in, so the answer would probably be that both the A2 root folder and expansion folder could be used as a location for mods. But again the problem comes when we have the Steam version since the paths are now: "<steam path>\steamapps\common\arma 2" and "<steam path>\steamapps\common\arma 2 operation arrowhead" and you can have mods in root of A2, root of OA and in Expansion in OA install.. Just like the OA beta is now in my "<steam path>\steamapps\common\arma 2 operation arrowhead\Expansion\beta" and then there will soon be the people who have only OA and no A2 at all...
  25. driving downhill very fast and dying has been around in all of A2 at least, had it happen many many times before