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  1. Oh the I see someone didn't read the rule about digging up threads more than 4 months old.
  2. Spartan 163

    F/A-18 Super Hornet

    Great addon but no damage model? Aslo found this lil bug in the life raft: They are floating above the raft like a foot. not game breaker but funny.
  3. Spartan 163

    F/A-18 Super Hornet

    Woot you rock! Thanks for all the hard work!
  4. Spartan 163

    Make units enter EMPTY chopper

    You posted in wrong thread. Post in mission editing thread. You can find all your mission making questions there. Forum rules are also to search before posting a new topic.
  5. Thank yu for this. Another great idea come to life.
  6. Spartan 163

    Sounds from in game chat?

    Try that big button called search. Look for custom player sounds.
  7. Does the model have the proper proxy for it?
  8. First post! Thanks will test these out now. Great work as always.
  9. Post in the ACE thread. They also have the class names on ACE home page. Another random post to screw up the forums.
  10. Thanks Ice. Will definetly try this one.
  11. Spartan 163

    co26 Domino OA [2.54]

    Lol saw this at work but got too busy to post. Great work Carl! Will test this fully this weekend and will post feed back. Good idea on weapon and equipment limits. I hate it when you start at base and have like five of everything and the air strip looks like a parking lot. I also hate it when your in an AO and there is pilot with a smaw and m109 next to me and people asking on vent or ts and ingame chat for someone to fly them to the action.
  12. Spartan 163


    Another broken search button...... Thanks for taking this one Max. As of late the forums have gotten over run with post in wrong spots.
  13. What? Totaly disagree with this. Its like saying you left your windows down in your car so now anyone is allowed in it.
  14. Post in trouble shooting section. Also do yourself a favor and read forum rules before posting. Thos will save a lot of head aches in the future.
  15. Spartan 163

    Fallujah Life

    Here we go again........
  16. Spartan 163

    First Aid Mod

    So a mod that adds all the stuff you want needs to be retought? If slows down your pc you need a new pc or you can add a small bit of code to your command line to speed up loading. As for your "problem" it has never happened to me or any of the guys I game with. Then again we never alllow our ai to be cut to pieces by the enemy. There are also scripts to do what you want so you don't have any slow down. I sugested you do a search and find that one addon you can drop in your mod folder that will fo what the unthought mods do. Might add an extra 2 seconds to your load time if that is not too much for you. I will get you the link when I get my desktop if you can't find it. Posting in trouble shooting if it is a game issue might get you alot more people with ideas to help you out.
  17. Spartan 163

    First Aid Mod

    Ok then. This needs to go to request thread or mission edit & scripting thread. Also a search would of given you a few addons/scripts that will do what you want. SLX adds the ability for ai to heal each other, ACE mod also, there is also an add that you drop in a mod folder and ai will heal each other (on my cell so I can't search for you), the addon version also comes in a script form so you can add it manualy to missions. Cheers.
  18. The steam install is a big problem. Steam + Arma2 = lots of trouble shooting. Most of the problems you have others have had before so a search can pull up most answers. To join servers most will have what addons are listed on the MP screen. There are some stickies and tutorials for mod folder set up. Your best bet is to do the mods one by one to make sure they are set up correctly. Also read the mods Information on the forums or mod websites to make sure you don't have a conflict with another mod. Also is your game set up for Combined Operations or straight Arrow head or Arma 2?
  19. Spartan 163

    GTR R34 addon released

    Holy blast from the past Batman! I guess you missed the forum rule about digging up old threads, specialy one from 2009.
  20. Spartan 163

    First Aid Mod

    So your working on a new addon to do this or is this a request for someone else to do?
  21. What does this have to do with user made missions? The title of this part of forums states any discussions about making missions should go in the editing thread. Please read rules before posting and post in correct Section.
  22. Spartan 163


    Dam it! I saw the title and was excited to see a new Campaign but found out it was another bs post. These forums have gotten totaly messed up in the past year.
  23. Spartan 163

    Domination - Active again?

    A good admin would of taken care of that. That is just more Battle Field and COD kiddie nonsense.
  24. Spartan 163

    Looking for tactical teammates

    This is ok but the squad and fanpages section might get more responses. A good group of guys to hang and play with are the 15th MEU guys. They have a few servers and run lots of good maps.:bounce3:
  25. Holy image size Batman! Might want to resize that before a mod gets to it. Real nice work, love the details.