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  1. Found a solution for this. Op and those that agree should make an addon that will do this and then post it so others who like it can download it. Problem solved.
  2. Totaly agree. As long as the option is there everyone is happy.
  3. Oh so this is an argument thread. My mistake. Every thing has a solution to it. If it is optional then people have the choice all sides are happy. If it is one way only then one group is happy. Choice is the most sensible solution. As for seeing around corners it is an addon that was made to add those animations and can easly countered with sig checking. If sig checking is not on then the guy stuck in a static or warping animation should be asked to leave or remove said addon. What I posted was a solution answer to your argument that makes everyone equal when playing. The way you.put it any addon that gives one bit of Information or action that another does not have could be considered a cheat. Sig checking fixes that.:bounce3::bounce3:
  4. Lol i have seen "hard core" pvp players say they don't use crosshairs in Arma so they act all elite when they win but all they realy do is marks the center of their monitors with a dry erase pen or some tape. There are ways around everything.
  5. You do realize that this came up in OFP, Arma1, & Arma2 CO/OA and addons were made for everything u ask like rear view mirrors, leaning around coners ect ect. If you take away 3rd person there will just be an addon to give it back. Plus it should be up to the server admin, gaming group, personal preference not one person who wants a Counter Strike feel for everyone. Thay is just plain selfish.
  6. Ok so this has gone way off topic and is turning into flame/troll land. I vote for topic lock as nothing informative or useful is going on. /vote topiclock
  7. Can someone help me? I keep clicking on this topic about the Arma comunity and Eulas but keep getting redirected to Project Reality thread. Does anyone else have this problem?
  8. Spartan 163

    F/A-18 Super Hornet

    Guess you have your answer.
  9. Wtf? Is this an addon or another request?
  10. Password = no script kiddies. Please stop saying hacking. That term is to elite for what they do.
  11. Spartan 163

    F/A-18 Super Hornet

    The class name is in this thread. Check each page or search this thread for it.
  12. Spartan 163

    Helicopter Gunner and Rockets

    There should be a place were you could post it as a bug or issue, might be a good suggestion. But seriously I don't have that problem. In the cobra or apache I control rockets and gunner has cannon and helfires. Are you running any special mods or addons?
  13. How the hell is this topic still open?
  14. Spartan 163

    USS Nimitz

    I will stop work on the ammo carts as my addon skills are still novice. I will post link tonight of the converted old style carts for you guys to play with. I will work instead on an ordnance stack for the hanger deck/magazine. Down Load Link Eddyd AMMO CARTS (Old version): http://www.gamefront.com/files/17336856/eddyD_AMMOCARTS_rar
  15. Looking good Jens. Send a pm if you need people to play test it.
  16. Spartan 163

    M9 in holster at mission start

    There is one pbo in the slx mod that will do that. It is called slx pistol civl. Don't know if it helps but looking in the pbo might give you an idea on how to do it.
  17. Spartan 163

    @odenBIS, a small config addon

    Cool will give this a shot. Thanks.
  18. Spartan 163

    USS Nimitz

    Lol not a problem dude.
  19. Spartan 163

    USS Nimitz

    Thanks for blocking me mike! Lol jk. I was already updating the carts with new weapon holders also. They are not the glt stuff but look kinda good also. If he has the mlods of your weapons they would definetly fit better than anything I have. Cheers.
  20. Spartan 163

    USS Nimitz

    I released sone ammo carts awhile back. If you want I will post a link so you can use them. They were eddy d converts and did the job as an ammo truck.
  21. Spartan 163

    AH-1Z Pilot in front seat

    Request go in request thread dude.
  22. Spartan 163

    AC-130 Script for ARMA2 (0.3)

    Sorry about that. I have the Ac130 model in work. Just swamped with real life work and my other side projects. I will post wip shots soon. The model is a convert from GTA (with full permissions of course).
  23. Spartan 163

    Cobra Vipers MK11 WIP

    Dude someone did some cool reskins of stock weapons. Do search for scifi guns or gray guns. They would fit well with these. Might as well do reskins of stock vehicles also to fit the units.