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  1. Cool made it before it got locked. Moders will work together the same day people post in correct section of the forums and search will be used before posting. Op should make an addon or utility to make it all work at once seeing how strongly he feels about it.
  2. Spartan 163

    F/A-18 Super Hornet

    Just tested it with the fz_f18 and the mar_f18 pbos together and I got the stealth plane. See image: Like Meatball said just remove the fz_f18 pbo and you should be good. On a side note, I ejected into the water with just the mar_f18 pbo on and I got ejection seat and the life raft. so that is working fine. I also had the fold wings working and the canopy open & close. But as said before you can get in and out with out opening it.
  3. Spartan 163

    USS Nimitz

    Check your in box Grrr. Sent you sample with working respawn on deck and below deck. If anyone else needs send me a PM.
  4. Spartan 163

    F/A-18 Super Hornet

    Wierd I have all the versions of the F-18. Never got that drop tank Problem.
  5. Spartan 163

    F/A-18 Super Hornet

    Read a few post up. Meatball said he removed everything and will slowly put them back in. Just need to read a bit to play catch up.
  6. Spartan 163

    USS Nimitz

    Roger. I will send you a pm with a download link tonight when I am done with work.
  7. Spartan 163

    USS Nimitz

    If you still have problems let me know. I will upload a sample for you to try out.
  8. Spartan 163

    USS Nimitz

    I have never had a problem with that script. All my jets and vehicles spawn just fine on the Nimitz. What set height do you have?
  9. Spartan 163

    USS Nimitz

    Search for simple vehicle respawn script. It works every time and is simple to use. It is also on Armaholic. ---------- Post added at 08:11 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:48 PM ---------- If you need a link or it is down send me a PM and I will send it to you.
  10. So sitting on the keyboard and trying the combos out for yourself was to hard you want one of us to do it?
  11. Wow. It says what you need to do in the very first post.
  12. Spartan 163

    USS Nimitz

    Read again. Just use the smaple mission to avoid any problems.
  13. Spartan 163

    Marking issue

    Bad admins = bad games. Password = no problem. Follow forum rules = happy banna
  14. In before lock. This was said to be in ARMA3 already. See one of the interviews that was posted last week.
  15. Thanks to each of you. This was needed verry much. Again good work.
  16. Teams that use Vent or Ts3 have an advantage over those that don't and play PvP. The people with better view distance or higher detail setting (or lower) have an advantage also. Trying to make it all even will never happen. Almost to it is the best you can hope for.
  17. The only way to see is to try them. The most popular is ACE MOD, then if you like world war 2 there is Invasion 1944, point is there are tons of stuff for eavh taste. Use the big SEARCH button on top to find them. This topic will probably get locked as this is wrong spot for this. Go over fourm rules so you don't have any conflics with moderators.
  18. Spartan 163

    J.S.R.S. Logo

    Request go in request thread lst time I checked.
  19. Wow dude someone must have pissed in your corn flakes to make you act like this. I have been here since OFP days and have seen time and time again someone say it is not possible only to have egg on their face when a creative addon maker proves the wrong. You should know by now that if someone really wants it they can make an addon for everything. You have some cool scripting skills if you put your mind to it I am sure you can come up with a bypass for your little server difficulty problem. Just a little while back an addon was made to force 1st person on foot and 3rd in vehicle. There is even one to disable crosshairs. Make that mission dependant and now you won't have to worry about a thing as the server can stay in recruit or regular mode but pvp maps with addon will give you what your asking for. Even if ARMA3 comes like you wish it there will just be someone to make an addon to undo it or modify it.
  20. This topic is all opinion. Suggestions and examples are given but rejected cause some think it is "not the way I wan't it, I don't want to play like that". Problem is the game is not made for one person but for alot of people. There are ways to do what each individual wants it is just a matter of taking a little effort to do what is needed.
  21. 100% on this as it would make everyone happy. Noone will be locked into they way a few ppl think it should be and it can be changed to fit all taste and styles.
  22. Then make your own server already. You make it and they like it they will play.:j:
  23. Dude chill out it is not the end of the world your taking this wau to personal. I stand corrected. Ok make a server config and post a download link to it. If the server admins want the same as you then they will use if not they won't. It makes no diference as the option to do as you please and set up a server how you like is part of the apeal of the game as is the costomization and FREE tools to do so. Easy on the coffee and relax a bit.
  24. Only answer that makes sense. If you want it download it. If you don't like it don't. This is just gomna drag on and on till it gets locked. An addon would make everyone happy and stop this horror show.