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  1. papa mike

    TF47 Launchers [WIP]

    I just want to say that you did an excellent job on this addon so far. Keep up the good work!
  2. papa mike

    MK18 Mod 1

    Any estimates for the update? I'm really looking forward to it ...
  3. papa mike


    Thanks a lot! I thought arrays from Arma were always interpreted as a list, thanks for the advice :)
  4. papa mike


    A nice piece of software so far. I'm just beginning to explore the possibilities, but the fist question already popped up. How am I able to use a array as an argument for a method Add-In? I'm using Lists as data type on the c# side, but I can't call my method from within arma2 or the Arma2Net Explorer. I always get a MissingMethodException. Any advice would be appreciated.
  5. papa mike

    Zeus AI Combat Skills

    We're having trouble with our Linux server when using ACE 1.9 and Zeus AI, it just crashes without any resonable error message. Anyone else having this problem?
  6. Hello, we are using the newest Linux server on a Ubuntu distribution. We never had any Problems with our setup until the 1.8 Release of ACE2. Since the new Release we can not start our Server properly. Error was: Cannot open file 'MPMissions\aas100_armacalypsenow.isladuala.pbo' At first we were unable to connect, and Sickboy from the ACE-Team was so kind to show us a possible solution (http://dev-heaven.net/issues/11584) So we did increase the number of files that can be opened by the user that is running the server. But that was leading to another problem. Now we can connect to our server, but I can't login as administrator or select a mission. When I disconnect and try to reconnect I can't even connect. Error log shows: NetServer::finishDestroyPlayer(562878157): DESTROY immediately after CREATE, both cancelled Did anyone encounter a similar behavior and can point me to a solution
  7. papa mike


    I was seeking a way to store unit positions and inventory on the server for a kind of ongoing mission. I was planning on using the logging and file reading capabilities of the lib.
  8. papa mike


    Just a small question: Does it work with the dedicated linux server?
  9. papa mike


    I could do the following things: -Graphics (not much experience in texturing, but if you need anything else ...) -Beta testing -Voice recording It would be an honor for me to support your great work.
  10. papa mike

    EECP - Enhanced ECP

    Why can't I play on regular Servers with this really nice Config ? The standard ECP works fine on every Server but with this MOD I got a CTD every Time ...
  11. papa mike

    What do i need ...

    Hi Everybody, I would like to know what kind of Network, Server and Client-PC I need for a TDM with 32vs32 (or maybe a 64vs64) Game with some Choppers flying around and some Tanks driving on the Ground (<= which could be the BAS Island ;) Anyone did this before ? Or do one of you Guys simply know some more about that kind of stuff than I do ?
  12. papa mike

    Save to disc ?

    hmm ... well thank you but I've tried them both, but I can't find files with the Data I need ... anyone else knows anything ?
  13. My Problem is: I need the Status (Ammo, Cargo, Health etc.) of multiple units saved as a File so I can use them with an external program how can it be done ? Btw: It should work in MP. I already tried the saveStatus command but the File created by this is somehow cryped so I can't use it. My English is not so good but I Hope everyone gets what my Problem is ...