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  1. OK we did another test and we do get lag. When we fire with 50 cal type weapons the server lags with suppression script on. We use Script version and the servers specs (and settings) has been posted before.. Debug is off. Don't know what in the suppression script that causes the lag. We were 11 players today, and 38 players on sunday. Same type of lag both times. It is like the server freezes for a short while (desync).
  2. pellejones

    Army of the Czech Republic DLC

    This! And LOD switch on trees is slow (like others have said).
  3. We did an OP today with 26 players using the suppression script. No lag issues, worked like a charm! Awesome :)
  4. SSG did a 15 player test today using the 'beta' dedicated script version (Ollum sent it). It worked like a charm! We got some desync issues but that could have been ALICE2 that spooked the server. This is an awesome script! We were doing a group leader training session where the mission was to set up and execute an attack against a fortified Shilka nest. We did lots of suppression using the M2s on HMMWVs. The entire nest seemed to be taken out, the shilka got shot fast with an M3 (Carl Gustav). So a group advanced, everything was calm. When they get close to the sandbags they all just drop dead! So we move up with one of the HMMWVs only to see a single infantry man hiding prone near a sandbag. After a few seconds a second guy pops up! The were suppressed as hell!! But since they went prone we thought they were dead. Hence the calm. As we advanced we stopped firing (no enemies remember). So the suppression was over and the AI got back on their feet again. So awesome! In total Players: AI: 3x Groups of 4 units on UPSMON. 3 Static weapons. 3x Groups of 6 units on waypoints on standby waiting to support the nest. + Maybe 10 civilians + a few cars driving. We will be doing a larger test, 20-30 people on Wednesday (no debug balls though). I'll make sure ALICE2 is off. That mission will most likely use dynamic spawn of enemies. Maximum 40 enemies on the map at any given time. Our server specs are: i7 2600K @3,40GHz and 4GB (or 8?) RAM. SSD and Windows Server 2008. We are on 100/100 Mbit line using this server setting: MinBandwidth=71457280; MaxBandwidth=122428800; MaxMsgSend=1024; MaxSizeGuaranteed=1024; MaxSizeNonguaranteed=512; MinErrorToSend=0.0099999998; MinErrorToSendNear=0.0099999998; Enemies are on waypoints or UPSMON. We are not using any server AI mods. We use the 1.60 official patch and ACE2.
  5. _housedistance was not defined so I defined it as _housedistance = 200; and scwhoop it worked! I run it in the init.sqf. I think that was it.
  6. pellejones

    Interaction Scripts

    Looking forward to this!
  7. No worries! Now lets help you make this 'addon' perfect!
  8. I am fully aware of this. I only confirmed the other users post. I you read my previous post I said 'is there anyway we can help'. I'm not being a dick or being that irritating guy who doesn't read the first post, I am only trying to help in anyway possible! I am the guy who found the houselights bug... We always play dedicated MP and want to help this project.
  9. Same for us on Dedicated MP server. Always red balls, no reaction at all from AI when we fire on them.
  10. tpw I just meant that you say "or anywhere you want". That could confuse people :) but yes if they know their way around missions they should figure this out. Since I only play MP on dedicated with my squad, I'd love to help out in testing the MP version. Just let me know what I/SSG can do.
  11. That is wrong. Since tpwcas.sqf calls for call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "tpwcas_mainloop.sqf"; you have specified that the scripts are in the missions root folder! They have to be places directly into the missions folder or it will not work..................................................................... My tip for you is to put the scripts in a folder called tpwcas\*SCRIPTS GO HERE* and then add that path to all scripts when they call for the other scripts. This way it will work and the mission makers wont have seven extra scripts in the root mission folder. This is how it has to be done now: missions\Co@04killtime10\*tpw scripts go here* This is better: missions\Co@04killtime10\tpwcas\*tpw scripts go here* Just thought I should give a heads up before people start to unpack the script version and complain that it doesnt work,
  12. https://dl.dropbox.com/u/6004457/SSG%20Share/Scripts/tpw_houselights108-mp.sqf <-- That version works awesome on MP Dedicated.
  13. Hey! Just tested the MP version of 108. You had forgotten to define _housedistance so I added it to the script myself. fixed it: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/6004457/SSG%20Share/Scripts/tpw_houselights108-mp.sqf Row: 173 and onward
  14. I used this code, and got it working in MP on dedicated: //_handle = [object,radius, % of houses] execVM "houselights.sqf"; //example: _handle = [logic1,500,100] execVM "houselights.sqf"; if !(isServer) then { exit }; _center = position (_this select 0); _radius = _this select 1; _chance = _this select 2; if (_chance <= 0) then { exit }; _houses = []; _brightness = 64; _red = 255; _green = 127; _blue = 24; _br = (_brightness / 255) * 0.1; _r = _red /255; _g = _green /255; _b = _blue /255; _col = [_r,_g,_b]; _allhouses = nearestObjects [_center, ["House"], _radius]; { if ( (random(100) <= _chance) and (((_x buildingpos 0) select 0) != 0) ) then { _houses = _houses + [_x] } } forEach _allhouses; if ((count _allhouses) == 0) then { exit }; { _light = "#lightpoint" createVehicle (getpos _x); _light setLightBrightness _br; _light setLightColor _col; _light lightAttachObject [_x, [random 2,random 2,1]];} forEach _houses; exit; It should create the same light for each client, since it is run on the server only. //EDIT And after testing on Dedi with 4 players, the random thing is random... for every player :( no synced random.
  15. How is the MP compatibility on this? I can't seem to get this to work in MP at all on a dedicated :/ It is also important to make sure that every player see the same light in the same house :)
  16. pellejones

    Stagler's FSB Packs

    Could you make a server key and bisign?
  17. OK I know I said I had a mission a while back. Well here is the mission! It is simple and fun. You need to be about eight players or it will be very difficult. It has custom sounds. It uses ACE and BAF. Enjoy! Co@ 08 Angry People (BAF & ACE) Simple mission. You are guarding a garage and waiting for the APC to get back...
  18. Uhm, well then the best option would be to add Zombies to all sides. Because maybe you want to play as independet?
  19. pellejones

    Riot in fallujah - War in Takistan Edit

    I have two questions: 1) The border around the "action menu", how did you make that? 2) The info thing in the upper right corner when, for example, doing a sabotage, how did you make that? I checked the code but there's a million scripts, so I could not find that specific code.
  20. This map is fantastic! I did a simple BAF mission for this map. I'll send it to armaholic and also post a link in this thread. Super fun map!! Love it! Give us more like this.
  21. +1 on Raserisk's post. Independent should be the way to go.
  22. This problem is still around with patch 1.60.
  23. pellejones

    Arma 3 Community Alpha - Announcement!

    aaahahahaha this is the best thread ever :D I love the "you have to have been here for 3+ years and have 3000 posts to get the alpha!" haha :D
  24. {_x removeWeapon "NVgoggles"} foreach thislist; should do it.