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  1. Hello! I was wondering if I could help out with this addon. I would love to help tweaking sky/fog/horizon colors/shader for islands.
  2. I have to agree with Venom817 . This is awesome. Any chance you can make the uniforms a bit more dirty?
  3. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah No I'm joking :) looking forward to this release.
  4. Awesome Ohally! Is there any chance you can get the iron sight to sight straight? It is a bit off to the right (?) at the moment. We love this mod!
  5. aaawhmaaaawyy gaaaaaaaawwwd where is it where is it wheereee iiiiis iiiiiiiit!!?!?!1ONE OEN OENEOENOEN!
  6. This made me drop my jaw!! Aaaaah myyyyy this is sooooooooo cooooooooool!
  7. pellejones

    China - PLA Infantry (Alpha)

    Awesome! These look really cool. We do CAF vs Chinese these days :) Here's a classlist for the uniforms, helmets, vests and caps. //Universal pattern PLA_Uniform1 PLA_Platecarrier_Universal PLA_Helmet_Universal cap_univ //Woodland PLA_Uniform15 PLA_PlateCarrier_Woodland PLA_Helmet_Woodland cap_woodland //Arid PLA_Uniform5 PLA_Platecarrier_Arid PLA_Helmet_Arid H_PLA_Army_MilCap_mcamo //Marine PLA_Uniform25 PLA_Platecarrier_Marine PLA_Helmet_Marine cap_marine
  8. How come the vests are left out of the classlist? Vests: V_TacVest_Pilot V_PlateCarrier1_TW V_PlateCarrier2_TW V_PlateCarrierGL_TW V_PlateCarrier1_AR V_PlateCarrier2_AR V_PlateCarrierGL_AR Uniforms: caf_438_coveralls
  9. How is this progressing :) any news? I am super excited about this!
  10. pellejones

    Trigger "Activated by"

    The side of the unit that enters is the "activated by" side. "Activated by BLUFOR" and the trigger will activate when a unit on side WEST enters the trigger. "Activated by OPFOR" and the trigger will activate when a unit on side EAST enters the trigger.
  11. TPW, we always use your script! But like the others say the default version is quite dark. I ported the old 1.08 version for myself some time ago and changed a few things. There are two new light commands (or more) that affect how the cone of the light looks, also the attenuation of the light. With these values I think I found a pretty nice setup for lights. Note that I do not use flicker and I also ignore the different light settings such as color and different brightness. The brightness will differ anyway since the reflection on surfaces makes light more or less bright. White walls will make the room much brighter than brown walls, using the same settings for both lights. _lp setLightColor [1,0.784314,0.392157]; //Color _lp setLightBrightness 0.05; // Set its brightness _lp setLightIntensity 10; //How bright is the light _lp setLightAttenuation [2, 1, 1, 20]; //[Range, Constant (0.0 = bright and higher value dims), Linear (fade quick with distance!), range (change brightness when out of distance)
  12. pellejones

    Streetlamp upgrade - alpha I

    The darker ones are default ARMA 3 Alpha. The bright are the mod.
  13. Downloading! And will test on Dedicated MP :)
  14. pellejones

    Headgear and Glasses Pack

    Binkowski you are the greatest! Now all we need are caps and hats! And glasses (the raybans :D )
  15. pellejones


    This causes 3d error render and crashes A3 on launch with 0.5.102980 version.
  16. pellejones

    future marines

    So what is the function of this addon?
  17. pellejones

    future marines

    I don't get it. These look exactly like the ones i the apha?
  18. pellejones

    Kegety's Spectating script 1.05 for Arma 3

    There is no unit sounds in spectator on dedicated. You do not hear people shooting.
  19. pellejones

    Development Blog & Reveals

    hey hey hey! Arma 3 Alpha :P http://steamdb.info/app/107410/
  20. shut up and take my money!!
  21. We did a nice mission yesterday with a bit tweaked TPW Houselights (changed light distance in script version) on Zargabad. It looks awesome! Please have a look :) (I'm the guy that gives all the orders all the time, and is on point pretty often)